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1911 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Sep 2003 at 12:37 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-09-04 12:40:48 PM  
Help! The human's about to escape.

Get your paws off me, you dirty ape!

He can talk!

He can talk! He can talk! He can talk!
He can talk! He can talk! He can talk!

I can siiiiiiiiiiing!

Oooh! Help me, Amadeus!

Orangutans: Amadeus! Amadeus!
Amadeus! Amadeus!
Amadeus! Amadeus!
O, Amadeus!
2003-09-04 12:41:08 PM  
Any time I hear the words "ape", "chimp" or "monkey" used in a phrase, I unexplicably say "that would be a great band name." Every time.

Ladies and gentlemen......Celebrity Ape

See, it works.
2003-09-04 12:43:23 PM  
He was a superstar, he was dynamite and whatever he did (it)
Seemed to be alright.
And he drank (and) he cursed and he fooled around
But when the women would shout:
Rock me Amadeus,
Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus,
Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus,
Oh oh oh Amadeus.
2003-09-04 12:44:32 PM  
skinink: I beat you, with a simsons ref to boot ;)

Wait, you mean it's Dr. zaius?
2003-09-04 12:44:43 PM  
Better headline:

Amorous Amadeus acquiesces to Ebbas Advances,
2003-09-04 12:46:19 PM  
"skinink: I beat you, with a simsons ref to boot ;)"

D'OH !

2003-09-04 12:51:20 PM  
Ebba from Sweden? Is she a dancing queen?
2003-09-04 12:58:00 PM  
the Rians were considering putting Amadeus to sleep because the strain on his hormones was becoming too extreme...

Geez, give him some privacy and a copy of "Barely Legal" already...
2003-09-04 01:00:35 PM  
Ebba "Thanks Gibbon"
2003-09-04 01:02:41 PM  
It's a gibbon that he's happy.
2003-09-04 01:05:06 PM  
Wang Dang Sweet O Ran Gu Tang!
2003-09-04 01:05:46 PM  
"the Rians were considering putting Amadeus to sleep because the strain on his hormones was becoming too extreme.

wow, now that's a bad case of gorilla-blue-balls
2003-09-04 01:08:45 PM  
Sex or Death? Sex or Death? Sex or Death?
2003-09-04 01:08:52 PM  
I think I'm gonna use that on the wife tonight

"but Honey, my hormones are straining so much that I might die if we don't get it on!"

I'll report back and tell you how long she laughs when I say that.

And if it works....
2003-09-04 01:15:04 PM  
Maybe if they stopped throwing poo at each other they might actually get it on
2003-09-04 01:15:27 PM  
Heres Amedeus & Anne [image from too old to be available].
Would be a tough choice between having her relieve me or being put to sleep.
2003-09-04 01:19:47 PM  
Just teach him how to wank, sheesh
2003-09-04 01:20:12 PM  
Come on, who doesn't feel like they could die if they don't get some.

I'm right, aren't I? Its not just me...right...?
2003-09-04 01:20:19 PM  
Who knew Rogers was in on the action as well.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-04 01:25:08 PM  
Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp
2003-09-04 01:33:17 PM  
Sweet monkey love...
2003-09-04 02:07:28 PM  
What's an ape closer and why does monkey love need rescuing?
2003-09-04 02:09:47 PM  
Why are they trying to find a girlfriend for an 18th-century English historian?

"The first moment of the public safety is devoted to gratitude and joy; but the second is diligently occupied by envy and calumny."
2003-09-04 03:22:29 PM  
Can I play the piano any more?
Of course you can!
Well I couldn't before!

/More Simpsons
2003-09-04 03:25:36 PM  
Celebrity ape closer to rescue by monkey love

Waitaminnit- I read the article and there was absolutely NO mention of Al Sharpton OR Jesse Jackass... What gives?
2003-09-04 09:00:06 PM  
For the time being Amadeus can only look at his new partner, and they won't live together until he has calmed down a bit. For one thing, Ebba is not yet sexually mature.

The poor guy's suffering from terminal blue balls, and the girl they fix him up with is underage? What's WRONG with these people???
2003-09-04 09:09:20 PM  
I really like the phrase 'celebrity ape'.
That is all.
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