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(CBC)   One third of Canada can't access their money - Bank's computers go on the fritz   ( divider line
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2702 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Oct 2001 at 7:21 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-28 07:26:51 AM  
1/3 of the population.... thats like 50 people! hehehe
2001-10-28 07:34:36 AM  
Did the value of their money drop anymore?
2001-10-28 07:45:59 AM  
The value of our couldn't drop less, I mean, shiny and bits of string are a better currency than the Canadian dollar
2001-10-28 07:47:31 AM  
Arrgghh, I left out the word things after shiny, sorta destroys the whole "Canadian money sucks" joke.....bah
2001-10-28 08:12:42 AM  
I love traveling up to Canada, it makes me feel rich when I can trade in $1000, and get $1500 back! (i don't know what the current exchange is, so that figure may be way off).
2001-10-28 08:13:53 AM  
The other 2/3rds were out drinking Molson and couldn't be reached for comment.

BTW, anyone hear of 5/3 bank?
2001-10-28 08:22:04 AM  
Destroyer of the Universe: Yeah, I've heard of 5/3 Bank. I'm pretty sure that was the kind of bank just down the road from where I grew up in Beavercreek, OH. When I was little, I saw it get robbed by a guy wearing a Ronald Reagan halloween mask.
2001-10-28 08:38:21 AM  
CA$1500 for US$1000 is nice, but if gasoline costs you CA80c per litre, and there's 3.78 litres in a gallon, that's CA$3.02/gallon, in turn becomes US$1.99/gallon.. Not much money being saved, at least on gasoline:)
2001-10-28 08:41:54 AM  
Yeah, some of the price diffs even it out, but for the most part beer and boobies cost the same.
2001-10-28 08:42:01 AM  
Yeah, we LOVE it when tourists come up here and exchange cash w/o knowing the current rate. "Let's see...... $109. American...... hmmmm..... That's $128. Cd." -and stand back as a big smile comes over their face when they see that their money's worth more. THEN we head off to the bank for the REAL exchange rate.

Anybody stupid enough to travel to ANY country without first conceptualizing the exchange rate is just asking to get robbed.
2001-10-28 08:43:29 AM  
Gas is about CA 58¢/litre around Toronto. But the bank thing really sucked yesterday.
2001-10-28 08:45:02 AM  
I usually exchange most of the money I'm gonna spend here at the local Chittenden bank where I've been going forever. I'm pretty good about checking the exchange rate before I go too. When I think of it, I try to exchange when the rates are best, then hold onto it for my next trip, though the rates haven't changed drastically in a while that I've noticed.
2001-10-28 08:45:27 AM  
BTW that line about 1/3 of the people not able to access their $$$ was Horse sh!t. It was only related to one financial institution. All people had to do was go to a different ATM
2001-10-28 08:47:10 AM  
Hmm, I live in Seattle, so my prices are all Vancouverish.

Yes, converting your currency without knowing what to convert it to is asking to be parted of your money. Not very smart. Fortunatly, most people are generally honest and don't rip people off though.
2001-10-28 08:58:46 AM  
Ratslapper: It was the TD Canada Trust bank that was on the fritz. This means that TD/CT bank accounts could not be accessed. I was working in a retail store yesterday when this was all happening. We have a CIBC Interac machine. Just because it's CIBC didn't mean that TD/CT customers could access their accounts. They're all networked and TD/CT customers were screwed, assuming they only have a TD bank account.
2001-10-28 09:14:37 AM  
Yeah... I worked thru it too. No big deal. The worst thing that happened to me was that I had to write out a charge slip by hand.
2001-10-28 09:16:05 AM  
Hey, I'm covered: I have an ATM card for my TD Bank account, and my Bank of Montreal account. If both of those are down, I think we've got a serious problem.
2001-10-28 09:27:07 AM  
I just told the customers to go away because their bank sucks...or something like that.
2001-10-28 09:29:05 AM  
So, no one's screaming terrorist attack on this one?

When are the terrorists going to start the online assault? I thought it would have started a month ago.

Is there a follow up on this, is it fixed/what happened?
2001-10-28 09:42:25 AM  
2001-10-28 09:46:47 AM  
2001-10-28 09:49:35 AM  
Better get that fixed soon or the beer and bacon industries will be in real trouble.
2001-10-28 09:56:05 AM  
Prancer: Yes, it's fixed, and as far as I know it was fixed at about 5:30 - 6 PM last night. It was a computer network error. Internal computer glitch, no "hacking" or anything like that. From another news article about it:

"We didn't get hacked, or anything like that." TD customers also haven't been able to use other banks' automatic bank machines, the company said in a news release.
About 10 million of the bank's customers are affected.
2001-10-28 09:59:23 AM  
For all you Americans visiting Canada, if there is a Canadian Casino stop there and exchange your money. They give you a little better deal then the usual tourist stops. The Casinos think they are going to get it all back when you loose.
2001-10-28 10:20:09 AM  
I couldn't get to my money yesterday. It doesn't really matter though, I don't exactly have any.
2001-10-28 10:29:59 AM  
Well, so what? It's not like Canadian money is really money, you know. You can't spend it in real countries. It's shells and beads, eh?

Just kidding.
2001-10-28 10:38:01 AM  
I went to Halifax for a port visit on the USS G. Washington
I cashed in scads of american and got tons o' that funky Canada money problem is I am now stationed in Hawaii and the exchange rate really sux plus the fact that people in Hawaii have never heard of Canada......The point to this I don't know
2001-10-28 10:52:33 AM  
And certain CIBC machines have been eating ALL TD cards lately, no doubt as part of this problem. It's pretty funny. I open one of those things up lately and there's like 50 cards in there, when usually there's one or two.
2001-10-28 11:03:05 AM  
Very cute Fb- (Fb+)
2001-10-28 11:23:20 AM  
They should have called me. ;)
2001-10-28 12:30:09 PM  
Dammit! no wonder, i was at the club yesterday and the stupid thing wouldn't give me money to buy beer
2001-10-28 12:44:04 PM  
uh, maybe go to bank of AMERICA and we would give you the money - might cost ya a $3.00 processing fee, $2.00 that isnt my bank card but use it here fee, $1.50 you are on my property fee, and a 50 cent thanks for switching to french on the atm screen maybe its better to just go home and drink a brewskie and forget about it lol
2001-10-28 12:46:48 PM  
The point is, Farking Lurker, that Halifax rocks!!! Woo Hoo go Halifax.

Um, anyway, I had to deal with that shiat yesterday (at a grocery store, my life sucks) for an 8 hour shift. My bosses only thought it neccessary to announce the problem 7 hours in.
2001-10-28 12:49:08 PM  
Good thing I'm with the Bank of Montreal (Headquarters in Toronto).

Seriously though, this can happen to any bank, anywhere. If my ATM card doesn't work I'd be royally screwed. If fark can stay up, so can banks.
2001-10-28 01:07:08 PM  

I work for TD Canada Trust. Am I ever going to hear about it on Monday. Because y'know why? 1/3 of all Canadians are somehow gunna find a way to blame me PERSONALLY for them not being able to access their money. "Stupid biatch musta pulled some sorta plug out, or something, broke that inter-web thing, Goddamn freak, I missed Law & Order last night!"
2001-10-28 01:42:45 PM  
Those poor Canadians. Let's start a beer fund for all the little toque wearers.
2001-10-28 01:45:24 PM  
It is a farking sad state of affairs we have gotten ourselves into...When we DEPEND on computers to live our lives.......PATHETIC
2001-10-28 01:52:30 PM  
Everyone making fun of Canada is mean. Canada is trying to help you guys with electricity and stuff.
2001-10-28 01:59:24 PM  
Electricity, hell Texas makes too much as it is.
2001-10-28 02:14:17 PM  
Yeah, my mom had to pay with a cheque at the 1 hour photo yesterday because the computers were down.
2001-10-28 02:21:55 PM  
rofl.. 1/3 of canada my ass.. here in vancouver, TD users are a running joke.. so we didnt even hear about that until fark. and NiFu is right.. we do power california's lights with our hydro dams :)
2001-10-28 02:35:54 PM  
Nova Scotia as a whole rocks!
Buddy & Natalie McMaster, Ashley MacIsaac, Leahy, MacCrimmon's Revenge, The Rankins, Great Big Sea (even though a couple of the guys are Newfies)... the list goes on....
All of them are excellent musicians (even Ashley, when he's not shooting himself in the foot by acting stupid).
2001-10-28 02:43:39 PM  
would you believe i got injured at an Ashley MacIsaac concert years ago? i have a concert curse.
2001-10-28 02:47:08 PM  
By Ashley himself?
2001-10-28 02:47:37 PM  
yesterday was so farking ghey..
2001-10-28 03:01:13 PM  
There was a ripple effect that was not reported.

BMO ( means nothing to y'a yanks ) was reduced to a crawl Saturday also. Guess it was all us dual card carry folks doing a switcher'o. A couple of my local merchants were complaining about BMO but didn't mention TD. Maybe in my area TD was working.
2001-10-28 03:13:44 PM  
What? The TD bank went down for a while?

I hadn't noticed. Here in Alberta, we seldom use more than beaver pelts and petrified wood to make our transactions. We are a poor poor land. Maybe if the states could help us out with some oil at a good price? ... Help our starving land, please.
And also, I really like the beer fund idea. But please... no budweiser.
2001-10-28 06:04:41 PM  
FlibbertGibbet? As in, like, from the Sound Of Music?

All you Canadians - you do know that your just enabling California when you let them have more electricity.
2001-10-28 07:24:45 PM  
Something the Americans might not understand is that your average Canadian doesn't carry around cheques (or checks, for you freakish bastards). We use Interac here a LOT. So if you're low on cash, and the bank machines/interac is down... you'd better pray the merchant takes your credit card. (I held out as long as I could without getting a credit card, but I had to get one so I could do online purchasing).

And many places will not even take cheques anymore.

I used to only use Interac, and would take out $40 in cash about every two months. I'd pay rent and utilities by cheque. Now, instead of my bank card (for Interac), I use my credit card all the time because I get extra stuff with the more $ I put on it. Plus, stuff on my credit card is protected if I have any problems, and some stuff gets an extended warranty.
2001-10-28 07:47:11 PM  
I paid for my dinner on sat. night with no problems. Either that, or the card wasn't working and i got a free dinner, which would be even better.
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