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8944 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Oct 2001 at 12:09 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-27 12:12:47 AM  
Way slow already...
and the hits haven't started yet!!
2001-10-27 12:14:13 AM  
Frustratingly slow to get back here!

Interesting article.. but I don't even know how I sleep! Guess I'll have to pay attention tonight.
2001-10-27 12:15:20 AM  
What about the "pitching a tent" posture?
2001-10-27 12:16:40 AM  
yuck! male-centered, stupid transition, no relevant info given. HORRIBLE LINK!
2001-10-27 12:20:09 AM  
Man, it can't already be farked . . . wimpy server.
2001-10-27 12:26:16 AM  
That sucked donkey balls.

They didn't have anything for people that sleep while sitting at a desk at work.
2001-10-27 12:27:39 AM  
what about "draped over a $20 crack-whore prostitute, still half-in the backdoor"
2001-10-27 12:28:59 AM  
My sleeping posture reveals that I'm farking tired. G'night.
2001-10-27 12:29:39 AM  
In the words of the Simpsons comic guy, *worst server ever*
2001-10-27 12:44:42 AM  
My sleep posture varies greatly with the temperature. And is it how you lie when you fall asleep, or when you wake up? Most people move around quite a bit while sleeping.... don't they?
2001-10-27 12:45:33 AM  
I don't know what position I assume (heh, that sounds really bad) while I sleep, but I know which ones I use to fall asleep. And the "personality profile" that they have for those is WAY off the mark, at least for me. In the words of Transactoid, in the words of Comic Store Guy "Worst Server Ever."
2001-10-27 12:46:40 AM  
It said that they took an excerpt from a guy named Terd Kiatipoom!
2001-10-27 12:53:38 AM  
I usually sleep completely curled up and submerged under the (always heavy) blankets. I doth like the warm and thine smell of my farts.
2001-10-27 01:04:28 AM  
To all of you just waking up in a few hours and reading this: Happy Saturday Morning to Ya! And now, back to $20 crack whores, backdoors, fart stench, and the Simpsons' comic store guy.
2001-10-27 01:27:37 AM  
darn, it is all farked up already!
i was sleeping on my side with a leg up when i got the news!
2001-10-27 01:31:18 AM  
Sleeping on side reveals confidence. Sleeping on side with one leg up says you're a complainer. Sleeping on side with arm up reveals a lack of self confidence. So, if your leg is halfway up you're a confident complainer? Sorry, not buying this site.... yawn... I need to go sleep on my side with either or both arms & legs arranged in random positions.
2001-10-27 01:35:38 AM  
My (recent and short-lived) ex: "He is lonely and depressed because he is obsessed with his past failure or disappointment. He is hesitant and indecisive, giving us an impression that love has been missing from his life."

Me: "Contrary to the previous ones (Curling up), you are gentle, polite, sincere, and loving. Well, nothing is perfect. What you lack are self-confidence and happiness in life."

Whoa. suddenly farking everything makes sense. Better than Calling Miss Cleo.
2001-10-27 01:43:18 AM  
Miss Cleo will answer all your questions, Baby!

Sleeping postures reveal that 99% of people in one, are tired.
2001-10-27 01:44:31 AM  
"If he sleeps facedown all night, suspect it first that he is narrow-minded. He is self-centered, always forcing people to comply with his own needs. Moreover, he is reckless and desultory. Jab him into changing his posture!" bah! I'm hardly self centered.

"Eyes open. Watch out for any false accusation or accident. Just be on guard." I'll agree with the "be on guard" part. I don't trust anyone who sleeps with their eyes open, especially me.
2001-10-27 01:59:59 AM  
Confucious sez: He who sleep face down all night suffocate.
2001-10-27 02:05:54 AM  
Confucious says: he who go to sleep with itchy butt, wake up with smelly finger.
2001-10-27 02:12:52 AM  
Confucious says:

Quick wits like masturbation. Come in handy.

Man who lives in glass house change clothes in basement.
2001-10-27 02:12:58 AM  
Confucious speaketh! He who be drunk, will have a hard time typing his password into Fark and typing correctly, and will need to drink some more.

Hey, who am I to argue with Confucious?
2001-10-27 02:22:32 AM  
I sleep usualy(in summer) with one leg in, one leg totaly exposed. This helps balance heat, since I'm a frickin' furnace.
2001-10-27 02:22:40 AM  
What about sleeping while standing on all four legs completely naked in a barn???

(notice my name, I'm a cow...)
2001-10-27 02:25:21 AM  
BE CAREFUL D. P. Roberts :
The absolute worst position is the " Bon Scott " aka the "John Bonham "
2001-10-27 02:28:38 AM  
Okay, here's a problem with the website. It does reloads of the banners weird, so if you leave the browser window open for an hour, you have to hit back for EACH banner it showed. Real lame.
2001-10-27 02:57:35 AM  
those are the same lameass vague bullshiat that you get from palm readers and seers etc...
you read any of those randomly and you think 'OMG, thats me!' weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2001-10-27 03:03:29 AM  
My dog sleeps on her back with her back legs spread apart and her front legs pointing up. Is there a category for that?
2001-10-27 03:23:21 AM  
Stebain: Why light gray? Why not just come out and say weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ?
2001-10-27 03:38:13 AM  
Going with the majority here. How lame. This guy doesn't seem to realize, like Wulf said, people move when they sleep. I'm the farking tornado of death. Where is the profile for that "habbit?"
2001-10-27 04:11:44 AM  
Excerpt from How to Read from personal Outfits and Mannerisms by Terd Kiatipoom. ISBN 974-89540-4-8 (Thai language)

Funniest name EVER.
2001-10-27 05:09:08 AM  
They forgot

16. Wanker
17. Drunk (passed out)
18. Dead
19. Pissed off Spouse (on couch, or worse: ie. in dog house)
2001-10-27 06:59:45 AM  
What sleep positions REALLY reveal about you...
2001-10-27 08:21:41 AM  
Mine reveals I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant and cannot sleep on my stomach--much as I'd love to! I get a kick out of sleeping on my side, cuddled up to my husband--and letting him get kicked by the baby! :) I can't sleep, neither can he! Muahahahahahaaaaa....
2001-10-27 10:20:33 AM  
I fell asleep waiting for the page to load. What does that mean?
2001-10-27 10:47:11 AM  
It means this page sucks and we should Fark © it like people did to the Afghan sites.
2001-10-27 10:59:25 AM  
I'd really be interested in an actual piece of research donee in this area. I probably could have made up the content on this stupid site myself. Let's see, sleeps on back, this is normal, choose a relatively normal personality type. Then vary: arms supporting head.. inteligent. That was easy. Sleeping on side, again relatively normal. Sleeping with knee or arm out? You need support, you're a weirdo. Done. Stupid web site. Besides, they forgot 'sprawled on the couch with the test pattern on TV.'
2001-10-27 01:34:42 PM  
What a bunch of stupid bullshiat. Makes me want to curl up and take a nap.
2001-10-27 03:38:04 PM  
This site is just too stupid to take seriously.
2001-10-27 03:40:26 PM  
oh yeah, not to mention the constant male bashing, and the fact that it is completely wrong. the description of my sleeping posture had nothing to do with me at all.
2001-10-27 04:00:46 PM  
who in the world sleeps with their eyes open?
2001-10-27 04:19:43 PM  
I lie on one side but tell the truth on the other....but maybe I'm lying.
2001-10-27 05:11:55 PM  
I know two guys that sleep with their eyes open. Not wide open, but enough to see the pupils.
2001-10-27 05:28:30 PM  
K: I do [sleep with my eyes open]. I've done it since I was a little kid. It used to freak my mother out. It pisses me off, too because I always wake up with dried out, sore eyes.
2001-10-27 09:48:37 PM

Wow. That's scary how accurate that is, that pretty much descibes me to a tee.
2001-10-27 11:41:11 PM  
i'll be damned if i'm going to read anything on a site that takes so damned long to load and back up... i don't need the gay-ass sounds! what a sorry layout!

i hate that site!
2001-10-28 06:00:55 PM  
This stuff sounds about as factual as farking horoscopes.
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