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(Newsweek)   BJ? No thanks. Got one already. Welcome to the United States-- new citizen Simon Winchester   ( divider line
    More: Cool, United States, Irish Catholics, Order of the British Empire, House of Lords, Kirk Douglas, hostilities  
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2011-07-04 12:43:20 PM  
Welcome aboard, friend.
2011-07-04 04:01:33 PM  
I'm not sure name-dropping as you masturbate counts.
2011-07-04 04:03:24 PM  
Wait, he's been to Montreal and Vancouver, yet he loves the U.S.? I call B.S.
2011-07-04 04:06:19 PM  
I missed the part where he skated into the states, dined and hung out with celebs, etc - and did it all w/o spending any (much) money...
2011-07-04 04:07:15 PM  
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I told him we already got one.
2011-07-04 04:08:50 PM  

Whiskey Dickens: Wait, he's been to Montreal and Vancouver, yet he loves the U.S.? I call B.S.

Sorta this.
Not impossible, but improbable.
2011-07-04 04:35:45 PM  
He's a very good writer. I recommend his book on going down the Yangtze, it combines history, travelogue and politics brilliantly.
2011-07-04 04:36:11 PM  

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2011-07-04 04:56:02 PM  

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RIP Simon Bar Sinister

2011-07-04 05:01:56 PM  
i25.photobucket.comView Full Size
2011-07-04 05:18:07 PM Wheeling, W.Va. (where at 2 a.m. one frightening night a young man of lustful intent asked me if I wanted a b.j. to which I, quite innocent of such matters, spluttered thanks, but I already have one at home)...

Wheeling: making a lasting impression on unwary visitors since 1770.

2011-07-04 05:26:28 PM  
You are white. You were young and handsome. You were going up to Oxford. You have an English accent. It was 1962. You could go anywhere.

Now, you've relegated yourself to the true American middle class of entropy. But we're middle class because we worry about paychecks, insurance, health care and our aging parents. You shamble, without de Tocqueville's sense of wonder, as if this were an amusement park. You are glib and condescending, like the boffins who super-saturated American technological life, who we trusted because, like Phliby, spoke with accents we liked.

I know who you are; I like you. I've read Krakaota, A Crack in the Edge of the World, The Man Who Loved China--and heard your superb Stanford lecture (on a podcast). Pacific Nightmare: How Japan Starts World War III is still on my bookshelf.

You have your passport, Mr. Winchester. Now earn it. Write another Fracture Zone or In Holy Terror Or fiction.

Douglas Fairbanks: Charles, you're a foreigner; you're still an outsider. You've never understood this country.
Charlie Chaplin: It's a good country underneath, Doug.
Douglas Fairbanks: No, it's a good country on *top*. Underneath, that's what starts showing when we're scared.
- Chaplin (1992), pasted from IMDB
2011-07-04 05:47:33 PM  
Simon + Winchester =

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2011-07-04 05:56:21 PM  
I am currently reading The Map That Changed the World. Already read The Professor And the Madman. Not much of a nonfiction reader, but they're interesting reading.

Welcome aboard, Simon.
2011-07-04 06:27:02 PM  
No no. RIVER said "My turn", not Simon.
2011-07-04 06:54:48 PM  
Welcome home, sir. We should be so lucky to have more like you. I cringed a little at the name dropping, but the man can write like a dream so he gets a pass from me. I loved Krakatoa, the Meaning of Everything, and the Professor and the Madman. The events in the latter two titles overlap nicely. I liked A Crack in the Edge of the World and The Man Who Loved China was okay.

Has anyone read the Atlantic book?
2011-07-04 07:49:16 PM  
Welcome, Mister Winchester. Remember and cherish your past, look forward to your future.

And keep writing, I've got four of your books.
2011-07-04 08:06:43 PM  
If she stills wants your cock in her mouth, subby fails for not wanting to stick it out. Head sensitivity lasts what 2-3 minutes? Take 2 blowjobs, 1 for the nut, 1 for the dead homies who aint had a blowjob since death.

/Pours out some ice water in remembrance
//Gives up on joint that keeps going out and smushes it into the ice water
2011-07-04 08:29:32 PM  
He's trying to get to 1776 followers today on Twitter for some reason. He's pretty close now at 1749.

Put him over the top: Simon Winchester on Twitter (new window)
2011-07-04 10:19:18 PM  

Somacandra: [ image 287x399]


-1 for Lame RIP meme where it has no point.
2011-07-04 11:54:56 PM  
Welcome aboard, Simon. Be sure to treat yourself to a personal firearm, as they're heaps of good, American fun.
2011-07-05 01:07:56 AM  
Wait till he has to pay $3,000 dollars to get an MRI. Then he'll change his mind.
2011-07-05 04:44:21 AM  

ACallForPeace: Whiskey Dickens: Wait, he's been to Montreal and Vancouver, yet he loves the U.S.? I call B.S.

Sorta this.
Not impossible, but improbable.

Late to the party but both of those places were probably a Lot different in 1963. Not impossible OR improbable; the man already was familiar with Britain and her possessions.

D_Evans45: If she stills wants your

put out the joint, you (not sure which, you pick) stoner, troll, idiot.
Stoner isn't a putdown, just an observation. The other two you may take as you please.

it's late and i'm deafish and tired - happy 4th of july to all of You and a very happy 35th anniversary of my first 420 to me!
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