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(LaCrosse)   Moron plays a prank on his friend by running around his house naked. Next time he may want to find the right house first.   ( divider line
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4200 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Oct 2001 at 7:16 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-26 07:23:17 PM  
"McCain said his friends live on the 2100 block of Vine Street."

Brilliant. Gee, I wonder how many drunk naked people will show up on Halloween night.

P.S. This dude is lucky there were no electric train tracks nearby!
2001-10-26 07:28:15 PM  
That is the last time I play a joke nekked....
2001-10-26 07:29:55 PM  
2001-10-26 07:35:29 PM  
Beer+Red Neck = Arrest
2001-10-26 07:38:14 PM  
Running around without clothes on. What'll they think of next. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz
2001-10-26 07:51:15 PM  
Classic! Hahahah! You know, this sort of thing wouldn't be a problem if our society wasn't so hung up on nudity..
2001-10-26 07:57:05 PM  
Doncha love it when these smaller towns put the poor bastards name AND address in the story?

I mean... if you were some Farkin' bastage... you might be inclined to use the resources of the Internet and get this jerkweed's phone number.

Once you got that... God knows what kind of horrible person would call this sap up and harrass him?
2001-10-26 07:57:37 PM  
Oh like we havn't all ending up running around the wrong house naked. sheezzz.
2001-10-26 08:04:56 PM  
wasn't so hung up on nudity

classic pun
2001-10-26 08:16:11 PM  
if i was some stalker who was also a pervert, id probabbly make shot shiat up too. party my ass.
2001-10-26 08:16:48 PM  
some, not shot. the hell did i do that?.....
2001-10-26 08:34:44 PM  
classic pun

Hahaha! i didn't even catch that LOL

2001-10-26 09:00:22 PM  
As long as I stay out of LaCross for the next few weeks then he mite forget about the $20 I owe him... Thats the last time I tell that bastard to run around naked...
2001-10-26 09:22:01 PM  
I find the notion that it's illegal to go about naked, quite absurd. When you think about it, I mean.
2001-10-26 09:35:42 PM  
2001-10-26 11:30:12 PM  
Uhhhh, no really officer, I was trying out my 'Invisible Man' outfit for Halloween. You can't really see me, can you? You can, really? Sh*t, damn
that malt liquor anyway. "Pssssst....CIA. Identification?
Well what do you think Officer??"
2001-10-26 11:47:58 PM  
3m tA3

lol - you've been to my parties?
2001-10-27 08:02:41 PM  
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