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(Boston Globe)   Citizens of Red Sox Nation are indoctrinated at an early age and feel a World Series victory would spoil them   ( divider line
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2257 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Aug 2003 at 2:22 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-08-29 01:42:10 PM  
I saw this full-page article in the Globe before I left for work, just hope no one else wastes twenty minutes reading it. Without a Sox game last night to write about, they had to whip together this garbage. Where's Michael Holley these days? At least his articles are halfway interesting.
2003-08-29 02:02:22 PM  
I can never decide which is worse: Red Sox fans or Cubs fans...
2003-08-29 02:26:29 PM  
Could be worse- you could be a Brewers fan and have no hope for such a calamity.
2003-08-29 02:28:22 PM  
Just think how bad it is for us Diamondbacks fans. It's been almost two years! Oh the pain!

/Sox still better than Cubs
2003-08-29 02:28:38 PM  
Ah... no we don't...
2003-08-29 02:29:38 PM  
This guy is one of the most BORING authors I've ever read. He writes the DRIEST, most mind-numbing drivel in the world under the guise of "American History". Ugh, it figures he's a farking Red Sox fan. The circle of idiocy is complete.
2003-08-29 02:29:52 PM  
I can never decide which is worse: Red Sox fans or Cubs fans

Uhhmm Yankees fans
2003-08-29 02:31:09 PM  
At least Yankees fans have something to brag about, instead of 84 reasons to whine...

/shining Joe Torre's pinky ring
2003-08-29 02:31:47 PM  
I'm goin to the Red Sox - Yankees game saturday. If you see some drunk guy running from the bleachers onto the field to take out Jeter's knees, don't worry, you will find my name on Fark the next day.
2003-08-29 02:32:28 PM  
At least Yankees fans have something to brag about

Very true... They are kinda like that guy you know that claims he has scored with 50 chicks and they were all hookers. Lets buy a championship!
2003-08-29 02:32:51 PM  

Any Philly sport team fan.
2003-08-29 02:33:48 PM  
sheeesh, that was hard to read. had to stop after the 4th paragraph. and i'm a sox fan.
2003-08-29 02:36:42 PM  
2003-08-29 02:37:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-29 02:37:10 PM  
Who cares? NFL season starts next week!
2003-08-29 02:37:19 PM  
"I can never decide which is worse: Red Sox fans or Cubs fans..."
jow about detroit fans? although there may not actualy be any
2003-08-29 02:37:51 PM  
2003-08-29 02:38:41 PM  
who the hell actually read that whole article
2003-08-29 02:38:46 PM  
I was Ten when the BeerMakers lost to the cards in game seven, I was messed up for years.

But hey, "Its Coming Together" !

Ten Straight Baby.
2003-08-29 02:39:26 PM  
Yeah, Red Sox Nation is in great shape.
2003-08-29 02:41:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-29 02:42:06 PM  
By the way, Scott Podsednik should be NL Rookie.
2003-08-29 02:43:08 PM  
Boring, insipid article. Only half decent sports writers in Boston are: Bob Ryan, Jackie MacMullan, Gordon Edes, and sometimes Gerry Callahan when he wants to be.
I'm sick of all these artistic/melodramatic Sox fans waxing poetic about how the Sox failures symbolize some kind of deeper meaning in life.
Screw that shiat, I want a goddamn World Series ring, and I want it this year.
There is no farking curse, the players just have to go out there and win ballgames, it's that simple. Now, it's time to kick some Spankee ass this weekend.
2003-08-29 02:43:38 PM  
2003-08-29 02:43:55 PM  
What is also [image from too old to be available] is that when you search for Bill Buckner on GIS 6 out of the first 10 pictures are him missing the ball. I bet his house gets egged every World Series, Halloween, Xmas, Labor Day, Thursday, etc.

Thanks Uglycicles
2003-08-29 02:46:16 PM  
bark_atda_moon, that was classic...

and as a member of Red Sox Nation, can i just play devils advocate and say when the Sox finally do win the Series (which you have to believe as a member), it will only make matters worse here in New England.. its bad enough we are so damn hung up on all the might haves and could have beens...
2003-08-29 02:47:39 PM  
Curse or no curse, any team that sells Babe Farking Ruth deserves to suffer.

By the way for all of you whinners who cry about baseball links and ask who cares... I do, I LOVE baseball !!!

Go Brew Crew.
2003-08-29 02:50:18 PM  
I usually don't get into Red Sox threads, but here goes anyway: What is the appeal of being a Yankees fan? Rooting for #1 seems like such an easy, boring pastime. How can you get excited about a team that wins all the time?
Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the Harlem Globetrotters.
2003-08-29 02:53:42 PM  
The Yanks are like an all-star team to a Little ole Brewers fan. But baseball is like life and anything can happen. Goliath was felled by David. And Milwaukee will someday bask in the Championship Glow(for ALOT less Money).
2003-08-29 02:57:01 PM  
Seriously I would like to see the Expos win the whole Farking thing. There little story reminds me of Major League... what a great movie.

/Baltimore Orioles = the best Triple-A team money can buy.
2003-08-29 02:59:23 PM  
I can't believe I used the wrong there... THEIR.

/preemptive strike against the grammar nazis
2003-08-29 03:00:20 PM  
The Red Sox have as much of a chance of winning a World Series as a fourth year expansion team. That will never happen.
2003-08-29 03:06:51 PM  
I am pullin' for the expos now too. Hottest team in baseball
2003-08-29 03:07:57 PM  
Go Red Sox!!!

/huge fan
2003-08-29 03:10:23 PM  
George Will is a Cubs fan. Chicago fans are worse.
I can't believe you guys are badmouthing David Halberstam -- he wrote probably the best baseball book (non-memoir) in "Summer of '49." "The Fifties" is a great history book!
And I prefer that old comedian who said that rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for U.S. Steel.
I think that as a Cleveland fan, I deserve more pity than any Chicago, Detroit or Boston fan.
2003-08-29 03:11:06 PM  
What's the difference between Fenway franks and Yankee hot dogs? Answer: You can't buy Fenway franks in October. Haha.
2003-08-29 03:12:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-29 03:16:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-29 03:17:43 PM  
Bosox (I almost said "Blosox") fans whining about the Yanks 'buying' championships is like a high school production of Oklahoma whining about the version being shown on Broadway.

/Only top-notch performers need apply, thank you very much.
2003-08-29 03:20:05 PM  
Its going to be a mighty fine weekend....

since im a yankees fan :-D
2003-08-29 03:22:41 PM it a pre-requisite for some wanna-be funny assjack to insert a picture of Buckner or type in 1918, or make a reference to Ruth EVERY time the Red Sox are mentioned?

Seriously, get some better material people. At least try something relevant to today's team. Make fun of Nomar's nose. Make fun of the (improved) bullpen. Or the traded deadline acquisitions of Sauerbeck, Williamson, and Suppan.
The only joke beaten more to the ground than Buckner is the "best golfer is black, best rapper is white, and tallest basketball player is Chinese" joke.
2003-08-29 03:23:17 PM  
NotoriousW.O.P: I'm very disappointed in you, how could you forget Mike Sowell's "The Pitch That Killed"? Here's the description to refresh your memory:

The single death in major league baseball history from a pitched ball is a dramatic story of an unpopular and ruthlessly competitive pitcher for the Yankees against a cheerful, well-liked shortstop from Cleveland.

And you call yourself an Indians fan? Cleveland won the Series that year too.
2003-08-29 03:24:34 PM  
I have to agree with Don Lockwood. When I meet someone wearing a Yankees cap, I automatically subtract around 10 IQ points. Yankees cap + southern accent = -25.
2003-08-29 03:24:48 PM  
I Am Evil-That was just plain NASTY!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!
2003-08-29 03:28:50 PM  
Optimist: Glass half full.
Pessimist: Glass half empty.
Sox Fan: Waiting for the inevitable spillage.

(say it with me now, with feeling... Yank-ees suck! Yank-ees suck!)
2003-08-29 03:30:09 PM  
I'm a lifelong Sox fan from Massachusetts. If the Sox won the World Series your average cynical Bostonian wouldn't know what to do with himself. If he couldn't fill the talk radio airwaves with ignorant criticism of his beloved Sox, what could he biatch about now? We've elevated overreacting and complaining to an art form around here.
2003-08-29 03:31:36 PM  
I think the motto on the "Welcome to Massachusetts" signs on the highway should be changed to "Welcome to Massachusetts - This Could Be The Year!"
2003-08-29 03:35:29 PM  
I love it when a Yankee is asked about the legendary rivalry with the Sox and he replies, "Which one, White or Red?"

Boston is a great city but it has an inferiority complex the size of Canada. New York must think of us as their annoying kid brother who thinks everything is a matter of life and death.
2003-08-29 03:40:35 PM  
Here's an idea of how Red Sox fans would handle a championship:

Two years ago, I was surrounded by Red Sox fans when the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Almost immediately, some of them started to worry, because it's so hard to REPEAT!.

Even worse, one of them muttered, "Watch their plane go down on the flight home." Un-farking-believable.
2003-08-29 03:41:16 PM  
Jar Jar Binks-Laden:

We'd have to change the sign every september to read "There's always next year" *sigh*

/this *could* be the year :)
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