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(NewsNet5)   Parents suing hospital; Say infant fed stranger's breast milk during hospital stay   ( divider line
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1498 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Oct 2001 at 11:08 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-25 11:10:28 PM  
Mmmmm...breast milk...
2001-10-25 11:13:17 PM  
Hmmm - a dilemma.

Unfortunately, AIDs is one of the very few nasty things that may be transmitted via breastmilk. If the mom wasn't HIV positive, well - feh...

Be glad the baby RECEIVED ANY breastmilk.
2001-10-25 11:14:03 PM  
It's not stupid, I'd do the same thing if it were my kid. Who knows what diseases could have been passed onto the kid just cause some idiot orderly didn't label things properly.
2001-10-25 11:14:41 PM  
breast.... mmm..
2001-10-25 11:15:35 PM  

I am thinking of getting sick and moving to akron for the hospital stay...

2001-10-25 11:16:46 PM  
I don't think this is stupid at all.
2001-10-25 11:17:55 PM  
Breast milk is overrated, give the kid Mountain dew.
2001-10-25 11:18:09 PM  
How could it ever be proven, unless the kid did contract some disease the mother didn't already have? Is one person's word enough to convince a judge/jury?
2001-10-25 11:19:26 PM  
I will volunter to test the milk straight from the source.Count me in
2001-10-25 11:19:39 PM  
Ah the eternal question: Coke or Pepsi...?
2001-10-25 11:25:01 PM  
9/10: Read the article. The physician and hospital already fessed up.
2001-10-25 11:27:59 PM  
Aids, herpes...all those diseases are a concern...also, the breast milk carries certain antigens and lymphocytes that are passed from the mother to the child. The antigens could interact negatively with the childs blood, causing agglutination, which could essentially kill the child unless he has a total blood replacement. It all depends on the blood type of the child vs. the mother the child drank the milk from. Its unfortunate that the only news we hear of hospitals is on the rare occasions that they screw up...
2001-10-25 11:28:36 PM  
Got boobies?
2001-10-25 11:36:19 PM  
i am reminded of the friends episode where everyone is drinking breast milk (yeah.. i know that show sucks)
2001-10-25 11:39:30 PM  
pretty soon, there's not gonna be anyone left to sue
2001-10-25 11:53:34 PM  
Did the woman not notice she had someone else's child sucking on her tit? This is why the US should have never gotten involved in the Great European War of ca. 1915. Women's Lib! If it wasn't for that war, women would never have thought of getting jobs. They'd still be nursing their children the way God intended, strait from the source! All kidding aside, am I the only one who thinks women are wacked when they want to be both full time worker and full time mother? I think it's fine to do both, just not at the same time; there aren't enough hours in a day.
2001-10-25 11:59:24 PM  
Hasn't anyone here ever heard of the concept of a wet-nurse? (No, not the sort you might find starring in a porno flick).

There are about a zillion things more dangerous than a strangers' breast milk that this kid is gonna face in its life (and at least two of them are its parents).

Milk is milk. The kid got a free feed and the actual mother didn't have to put up with it it chewing on her tit. BFD. Get over it.
2001-10-26 12:40:25 AM  
These people need to GET A LIFE... STOP blaming others and looking for HANDOUTS... come on WAKE UP, and smell what you are shoveling!!!!!!!
2001-10-26 12:44:26 AM  
Let me guess...both parents are shysters.
2001-10-26 01:00:21 AM  
I need my own private wet nurse...
2001-10-26 02:32:27 AM  
guess it depends on how strange she was
2001-10-26 03:59:17 AM  
Lawsuits. Its the american way.
2001-10-26 10:20:03 AM  
Well, the real crux of any lawsuit -- even if the physician and hospital admitted error -- is actual HARM. Was the baby harmed in any way whatsoever? This story doesn't say. If no harm, then no case. It would be kind of like me suing you for damages for *almost* rear-ending my car.

Better example: I have a very serious allergy. I always let my doctors and their staff know about it. I go out of my way to point out how severe this allergy is. I make sure it is marked in my files (yes, they have to let you look at any document with your name on it if you ask). Yet even with all that precaution, a doctor prescribed a drug for me that contains this specific allergen. Fortunately, I read the product literature very carefully after picking up the prescription, and I didn't use any of it. Had I used the medicine, and had the severe anaphylactic reaction, then I could have sued the doctor (who would have quickly settled, I'm sure). But since I caught it, and I wasn't harmed, there is no basis for a suit. Sure, I was shocked and temporarily alarmed. But I wasn't harmed. And only an over-emotional dramaturge would be "emotionally harmed" by the incident. Pah, get on with life.

Besides, we should expose more kids to more bacterial & viral diseases early in life, and let the weak ones go. Better than using antibiotics.
2001-10-26 11:48:59 AM  
Flibbertigibbet: I did read the article. One physician 'fessed up. That does not automatically make the hospital guilty.
2001-10-26 01:00:39 PM  
"Parents suing hospital; Say infant fed stranger's breast milk during hospital stay"

No wait, the baby fed other people breast milk. See, the infant fed strangers breast milk. Not a stranger fed the infant breast milk.
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