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(Fark)   Tokyo Fark Party, September 19 at 6pm Tokyo time   ( divider line
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1511 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Aug 2003 at 5:15 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-08-26 05:16:03 PM  
Come in, Tokyo!

/plays with nipples. Not own nippls, another's.
2003-08-26 07:39:13 PM  
anyone who want's to stay over can sleep in the dresser drawers.

cosmo kramer
2003-08-27 05:23:15 AM  
I enjoy martial arts. Wonder if that counts??
2003-08-27 05:33:40 AM  
So what's the spiffy-tag doing here? Am I the only one who thinks this is rather nice?
2003-08-27 05:42:34 AM  
Drat, out of town that weekend...

Clubhouse is a good choice though, and the serve a v. nice pint. Enjoy and post pics somewhere!
2003-08-27 06:04:56 AM  
Blah, I have to go back to the states for classes.
Would be nice to hang out with people who don't do physics for a living. Not that I need more reasons to go into Tokyo and spend all my money! Heh, I should be back in the area in January at least.
2003-08-27 06:44:49 AM  
I'll be there if I can leave my office at a normal white man's hours and not my Japanese office hours!!

2003-08-27 06:46:38 AM  
How about in Jiyugaoka? Shinjuku blah! heh :)
2003-08-27 08:00:34 AM  
So far, this looks as good as the meeting in Portland. Drew, while I appreciate that you make no money from the site, and you're begging for free crap for your newborn boy--I'll only hit you up for food when I'm genuinely hungry.
2003-08-27 08:11:59 AM  
Drat - I'll be in Osaka from the 9/17-10/1... :(
2003-08-27 08:14:36 AM  
Okay, this is a wierd coincedence, but I land in Japan September 19th. I made my reservations last month!

I'll be there. (making sure to print the map).
2003-08-27 08:39:07 AM  
To bad it is a Friday, as I have work stuff then other stuff and I could not get to the area till almost midnight. Thus count me out. FORLORN!!!!!!!
2003-08-27 08:55:00 AM  
Gosh whatever will I wear?
2003-08-27 09:13:51 AM  
Anyone else from Nagoya going there ?
I'm definetly not accustomed enought to go by myself, and don't want to go out of the train in China...

Mad Flyer... In Japan since 27 June...
2003-08-27 09:15:23 AM  
Would love to go, but Tokyo is a bit of a haul from Shizuoka, and 6pm on a Friday is impossible. shoganai. Enjoy and have one for me.
2003-08-27 09:23:15 AM  
Why would it be 6p.m. someplace else's time?
2003-08-27 09:55:23 AM  
Is it also a Bukkake party? Please?
2003-08-27 10:00:01 AM  
welcome Farkyoers
2003-08-27 10:02:32 AM  
ANy out of towners coming in for the party, email me and let me know how you're planning on coming, I'll shoot you back some directions - train lines and transfers and all.
2003-08-27 10:05:15 AM  
Sept. 19?

2003-08-27 10:20:02 AM  
Aww, I'm not going to Japan till febuary to visit my sister teaching in Murayama. But maybe I can talk her and mu brother-in-law into going.
2003-08-27 10:22:38 AM  
and maybe they can teach me engrish too. I need help.
2003-08-27 10:45:13 AM  
I live in Nagoya, and I also avaid foreighn parties like this because of the people it attracts. Ill stick to Japanese parties thank you very much.
2003-08-27 10:50:25 AM  
Way to make some friends Ashta =). The stuck up gaijin who thinks he's yellow and too good for whiteys and non-slant eyed folk.

Hrmmm....I think they call those people Jiggers =)

Ashta of course, you are entitled to your opinion but no need to splash it around and stink up this back to your ninja dojo and green tea lad.

- blanko
2003-08-27 11:03:19 AM  
I'm with blankoboy on this one. That's a pretty lousy attitude you've got there Ashta.

And naive - how long have you been in Japan - 5 seconds? Never been to a party where some undesirable Japanese people were present?
2003-08-27 11:14:33 AM  
Just curious, what made you all decide to move to Japan? Was it family, culture, work, etc.? I just can't imagine packing up and moving to a strange land. Especially when I see how people in the U.S. treat non citizens.
2003-08-27 11:18:18 AM  
Well for me it was supposed to be a stepping stone to the rest of the world...except I haven't yet managed to take that next step...
2003-08-27 11:32:25 AM  
I'm there with the gf...coming from Kawasaki.

Ghent, I want to see the world from an in depth view, which being a tourist for a week doesn't allow. There are going to be idiots everywhere you go so I won't concern myself with those who treat me different based upon the fact that I'm a foreigner.
2003-08-27 11:36:17 AM  
Well, I lived here for a year when I was 10 so I always wanted to come back again...nice to see my relatives and get in touch with this half of my heritage. Originally from Canada. My former employer paying to move me and all my goodies over was incentive enough to come =). Lovin' it here but Tokyo can be a bit much out to climb mount fuji last weekend tho! wheee.

2003-08-27 11:58:21 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-27 12:20:08 PM  
I live just off of Shibuya in Setagaya and would love to come but I have to be driving the gaisensha on that day. Nippon Banzai! Tenno Heika Banzai! Ora! Ora! Ora! You get the idea.
2003-08-27 12:45:50 PM  
As opposed to, what, 6pm EDT?
2003-08-27 05:14:24 PM  
Ashta: Hmmm... so you would, out of hand, turn down an invitation to a party of people who all share a common interest with you on the basis of the race of those attending? Why am I not disappointed that you won't be coming?

Ghent: I originally came here for three months to study a little Aikido and learn a bit of Japanese. Three months rolled around, I still had 3 more months left on my working holiday visa, so I stuck around to make more progress on the language. Then I found out I could extend it for another 6 months, so I stuck around. Got offered an interesting job after the first year... basically every time I've thought about leaving, something has happened to convince me to stay on. Eleven years later, now an official permanent resident.
2003-08-27 05:15:30 PM  
Takogirl: Well, if you're shaped like your namesake, I can probably scare up a bagpipe cover from one of my mates :-)
2003-08-27 09:10:10 PM  
2003-08-27 10:03:31 PM  
Blankoboy: I climbed Fuji-san five weeks ago. Never again. :)

I'm in Yokosuka, it's a non-aikido night and I'll actually be in the country that weekend(!), so I'll be there. :)

2003-08-28 12:36:36 AM  
how do I contact tokenfemale to let her know I'll be there? Do we know if she's reading this?

I land in Tokyo on the 19th at 3:00pm. It's takes at least half a hour to get through the customs and such. By 3:45 I should be on the next Keisei Skyliner to the Sawanoya Ryokan where I'm staying. It takes about an hour and another 15 minutes walk to the ryokan. So about 5:00pm I'll be checking in. Dump the bags, another 15 minute walk back to the subway. IF everything works out, I'll be showing up at 6:30pm. Look for a guy in a black australian cowboy hat.
2003-08-28 05:49:05 AM  
Damn, on a Friday, which makes is harder to travel for those of us that have stuff to do during the day...
2003-08-28 08:36:34 AM  
Don't take the skyliner, take the Narita Express(NEX)...half the price and only an extra 20 minutes.

/tightwad with my yen
2003-08-29 06:44:03 AM  
Is this Tokyo farkparty on for sure? If so, will be there.
2003-08-31 10:07:42 PM  
OK, lets say it differently...

Is there someone from Nagoya, who is not thinking like an Ohio farmer and who go to this Fark party...
2003-09-02 04:51:52 AM  
Count me in, if its happening at all. Someone email me if its still on.
2003-09-03 06:54:48 PM  
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