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(Star Telegram)   'What the $#*A?!" Good article on swearing standards on television   ( divider line
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4897 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Oct 2001 at 5:28 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-25 05:32:22 PM  
Great, now how many newbs are gonna try to be clever and stick bad words in their posts without knowing about the filter?
P.S. As I'm typing this, there are no posts up yet. So my prediction might have come true before I realized it.
2001-10-25 05:33:36 PM  
Like I said, newbs. By the way: YOU ARE STUPID, AND NOW I HAVE THE... WELL, YOU KNOW!
2001-10-25 05:33:39 PM  
Television censorship is downright pointless imo. It destroys shows just so some 9-year-old won't -- *gasp* -- hear somebody on TV say "shiτ" or "fucΚ"! It's not like they don't hear those words every day at school, anyway.
2001-10-25 05:37:22 PM  
Horsefeathers!!! My stapler is out of staples!!!
2001-10-25 05:37:43 PM  
Feh! Not even close Zeez... When will y'all ever learn?

Who cares about language, give me more boobies anf farkin'...

2001-10-25 05:38:19 PM  
I seem to remember the funny thing about TV is that you're trying to show a real life situation without and nudity, cussing, or drugs/alcohol. What world is that?
2001-10-25 05:40:14 PM  
Poot poot?
2001-10-25 05:42:25 PM  
I remember hearing in my sociology class that TV in Britain is uncensored. The professor quoted a sitcom over there as having said something like "Well you're just a MOTHERFUCΚER aren't you?" Call me crazy, but I don't think swearing affects kids the way US censors think it does.
2001-10-25 05:47:25 PM  
hehehe mas boobies!
2001-10-25 05:48:29 PM  
my penis, that article was long!

I believe it could be shortened to a simple, as my esteemed colleague Zeez put it, boobies!
2001-10-25 05:48:51 PM  
I think we'll all agree that words are just words. It's all in the meaning. I had a teacher in 6th grade who used to swear all the time in class, and I turned out just fine (OK, with that small exception of killing my neighbor last week for parking in front of my house.) But when people use bad language on TV just to make a point, then it is just stupid (South Park's "shiat" episode!)
2001-10-25 05:50:06 PM  
holy fark, batman... we've been farked by the farkin goblin again...
2001-10-25 05:53:17 PM  
I get a big kick out of it whenever I see a movie "edited for TV."

and so on...
2001-10-25 06:02:20 PM  
The best (or worst, depending on how you see it) edited-for-TV movie is Casino. So many creative substitutions...
2001-10-25 06:04:16 PM  

(Cussing is a defensive mechanism, a sign of self-perceived intellectual weakness.)
2001-10-25 06:08:03 PM  
you mother-father chinese dentist!
(goes to flip you off but hand is digitally replaced by a "thumbs up" sign)
2001-10-25 06:30:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I can think of ONE person who gets offended by language. And she's an idiot. NOBODY cares.
2001-10-25 06:31:26 PM  
<IKE> donkey-raping shiat-eater! <IKE>
2001-10-25 06:32:06 PM  
err, </IKE>
2001-10-25 06:36:09 PM  
It's true TV in the Britain isn't as heavily censored, after 9PM you'll hear a lot of swearing etc. but there is a limit.

Not as bad as most of Europe tho, there are boobies on TV at all hours... disgraceful
2001-10-25 06:37:00 PM  
"It seems odd to think, in the wake of shocking death and violence, that foul language can still be such a big deal"

Just something that came to mind when i read that sentence.
A few of the comments made by witnesses when the planeshiat the WTC towers was censored out when aired. For instance, one woman screamed "jesusfarkingchrist" when one of the planes crashed. On Swedish tv (and probably on most other tv channels in the world except the US and Britain) they aired it as they got it but on both CNN and BBC they edited away the sound. To me thats totally absurd. You can't here someone saying something naughty when at the same time there's about 5000 people dieing? I mean, if anyone actually would have been offended by that comment at that time they must have had some serious "issues" to put it mildly.
2001-10-25 06:39:32 PM  
In Australia, the censorship laws have never been very strict. I saw my first pair of bare breasts on TV when I was eight years old, watching Jane Fonda in Barbarella.

In recent years, it has even become acceptable to say fark during prime time.

When I moved to the States, I was surprised to find how uptight people were about the whole thing. If sex and swearing have such a negative effect on society, no one told us Aussies.
2001-10-25 06:41:58 PM  
Does this qualify as "obscene" or "vulgar"?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-25 06:45:20 PM  
There are some that say profanity is the crutch of the intellectually challenged. Personally, I find that line of thought to be pompous and narrow minded. Cant language is a wonderful form of expression and those that wince at an expletive "Fark!" should loosen up.
2001-10-25 06:48:07 PM  
"It's a failure, it's a stupid failure to use my brain to find a way that expresses really what I'm feeling instead of using the old standbys, and I use the standbys because when I use them, I know that anybody within earshot will understand what I said."

Man, they're looking at it the wrong way. Don't limit your vocabulary by confining yourself just to the words in the dictionary, expand it and show creativity by conjugating and compounding swearwords in previously unfarkingimaginable ways.
2001-10-25 06:57:22 PM  
Its not JUST TV we are talking about here but the narrow bandwidth called NETWORK TV. Everybody else just tosses the language about like a bunch of trailer-dwelling springer-watching beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
2001-10-25 06:59:56 PM  
I think swearing has a place, it can sometimes express a feeling or point like no other words can.

But I do find it annoying when people rely on farkin', farker, motherfarker, etc..and can't vary the vocabulary. Just like most things, too much of it can get old and/or can sometimes be a bad thing.
2001-10-25 07:06:55 PM  
"After the World Trade Center was attacked, the San Francisco Examiner ran a front-page photo of the twin towers on fire, accompanied only by one very angry word addressed at the attackers."

Anyone know what that was?

Also, I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong, a lot of our swear words are what the common folk in England were using when some German/French/Whoever took over and had their different (and royal) way of talking about body parts, functions and of course, farking.
2001-10-25 07:10:06 PM  
Swearing can sometimes be so much more expressive than regular language. Compare the following two phrases (even allowing for the filter) and tell me which give you a better idea of how the person involved was feeling when they realised they were about to miss their internsational flight for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday on a boobie infested, free-alcohol, tropical island paradise:

"Oh gosh, my car has broken down."

"Oh fark, the farking farker is farked."
2001-10-25 07:10:52 PM  
I don't mind swearing. They are just words, get over it. Sticks and stones, you know...

On a related note, let me try to get by the filter...

2001-10-25 07:11:07 PM  
2001-10-25 07:11:12 PM  
Curses, foiled again...
2001-10-25 07:11:25 PM  
ArmyOfFun, I believe that was "BASTARDS".
2001-10-25 07:13:34 PM  
2001-10-25 07:15:26 PM  
There's a difference between using curse words in context or just blatantly using them. I don't think the writers of American sitcoms know the difference.
2001-10-25 07:17:46 PM  
Obscenity is the crutch of inarticulate cocksuckers.
2001-10-25 07:42:29 PM  
2001-10-25 07:58:40 PM  
Wynne says that after her daughter asked her why she can't swear, the two started coming up with substitute words and phrases for well-known epithets: "Horse feathers," for instance, or "gosh."

I've always liked "fudgesicles" myself. "Ahhh, fudgesicles!"
2001-10-25 08:00:10 PM  
"fark" "shiat" "biatch" "motherfarker" "bullshiat" "pussy"
"cock" "damit" "asshole"

fark shiat biatch motherfarker bullshiat pussy
cock damit asshole

Just a little filter test for my amusement and information.
2001-10-25 08:02:16 PM  
The "quotes" worked for AntiNorm (3rd post) but not for me?? How did you do that AntiNorm?
2001-10-25 08:12:17 PM  
I think that guy who was relaxed about his stapler being out
of staples has never been 20 feet up a ladder using a
pneumatic staple gun on something he can barely reach when
he runs out. That will make you spew a few expletives.
2001-10-25 08:25:34 PM  
"So for instance, one person might be reading `The man put his head on the table,' while another might read, `The jerk put his head on the table.' When they read the one that used the stronger language, they judged that person to be less intelligent, less educated, less employable."

Well, duh. You called him a jerk!
2001-10-25 08:29:02 PM  
Yippie-Ky-YA-Motor Scooter! </censored Die Hard>
2001-10-25 09:09:40 PM  
He who predicted the rampant use of filtered words in this thread was indeed wise.
2001-10-25 09:33:39 PM  
Rilos, the quotes had absolutely nothing to do with Anti-Norm's "fucΚ" and "shiτ" post.
2001-10-25 09:58:51 PM  
2001-10-25 10:28:37 PM  
I am working in another office this week on a project that is in jeopardy. (Not the TV show, but telco-ese for way behind schedule).

The dude in the cube behind me is the project leader. He uses fark every third word. Entire conversations he utters may contain only only one or two words that aren't fark, or related to fark, or his mother (who apparently farks a lot), or his ancestory (or lack thereof).

I've concluded that he's one of the reasons the project is so far behind schedule, since no one he talks to on the phone, or in person, can understand what the hell he's thinking, since everything is fark the farking farkers and the whole farking thing.

Everybody else on the project has has literally had enough. People in other companies won't even talk to him on the phone. (One of the order centers is in Texas, and you'd think they could tolerate his language.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to have to give a status report on the project. I'm still thinking about what to put in the report. I was sent to find the problem and fix it. I can do both in one step.
2001-10-25 10:47:03 PM  
FucΚ that!
2001-10-25 10:49:43 PM  
2001-10-25 11:07:50 PM  
Who's heard George Carlin on the seven words you can't say on TV? Now THAT my friends is a laugh riot! :)
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