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12005 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Aug 2003 at 10:11 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-08-24 10:13:38 AM  
If a person refuses to better themself then they really don't have a valid right to complain about their situation.
2003-08-24 10:14:03 AM  
God forbid, Australian postal workers WORKING ?

You'd be lucky if they ever got off their ass from said chairs, I think management picked a good idea this time !

/runs from some postie going Postal
2003-08-24 10:14:11 AM  
So do I - and I've been to college.
2003-08-24 10:18:56 AM  
and some of us weren't born with a silver spoon in our mouths, and had no chance, let alone means, to go to college. just because someone didn't go to college, it doesn't automatically mean that they were lazy.
2003-08-24 10:20:57 AM  
Oh yeah, another messed up headline. I'm not sure if that's a parody of college education though.

"bothered WITH college"

Oh, and thanks for alienating the majority of all adults in just about any country in the world, the ones who have no post-secondary education.

2003-08-24 10:26:02 AM  
They're behind a counter for 8 hours. Let 'em sit.

Standing in one place is harder than actually moving around. I can walk forever, but if I stand in one place for about an hour my back starts hurting.
2003-08-24 10:27:24 AM  
They could always try making a living while laying down.
2003-08-24 10:28:21 AM  
Looks like the headline writer should take a basic composition course.
2003-08-24 10:29:06 AM  
I hear plans are in the works to ban picket lines...
2003-08-24 10:29:07 AM  
George Costanza to the rescue!
2003-08-24 10:31:51 AM  
Um, is it just me or is the latest Fark personal's girl knee-weakeningly attractive?
2003-08-24 10:32:48 AM  
The bewildered herd invading the university in order to mold themselves to the demand of whatever field is paying well at the moment has severely devalued a degree and degraded education. One of the more sucsessful techies i know has a degree in anthropology and having never taken an engineering or computer science class he weathered the bust well.
2003-08-24 10:33:25 AM  
As a computer geek, sitting down all the time working can get old too.

I wouldn't mind switching to a treadmill-powered computer for about an hour or so every day. Just on walk speed, otherwise I'd be bouncing up and down too much to type and sweating in my keyboard.
2003-08-24 10:33:30 AM  
some of my best friends are chairs
2003-08-24 10:35:06 AM  
It's not just you, SherKhan.
2003-08-24 10:35:57 AM  
SherKhan: George Costanza to the rescue!

Yes! Forgot about that episode.

So long as they don't fall asleep...
2003-08-24 10:38:56 AM  
"some of my best friends are chairs"

I seem to recall a comedian having a bit about an occasional table and wondering what it did on the occasions it wasn't a table. Or something. It could have been a song for all I can remember.
2003-08-24 10:39:12 AM  
And.... the higher-ups deciding that standing is best are standing behind their desks all day????

But, I am pleased to see others desiring to have a new underclass of low-paid serfs to perform the grunt work necessary for a society to exist and function.

Those peons are getting too uppity. They MUST learn to serve their betters, the new ruling class of elites who perform specialized tasks who need an army of laborers to ensure the elites are fed, housed, and their environment is maintained to their satisfaction.
2003-08-24 10:40:29 AM  
The "Fark personals" aren't really Fark personals at all. I've seen the exact same people on other sites, all of them portraying the people in the ad as if they were a member of that specific site. The assumption of mine being that it is an ad sold to various sites with the purported person in the personal being portrayed as if they're a member of each of those online communities. Think about it, have you ever actually seen a person who had a "Fark personal" on Fark? I wish I had bookmarked the sites because as it stands right now it sounds like a conspiracy theory that Noam Chomsky would be proud of, oh well.
2003-08-24 10:40:31 AM  
Do you suppose they'll protest sitting down?
2003-08-24 10:42:10 AM  

sounds like something steven wright would say
2003-08-24 10:44:36 AM  
But doesn't their reasoning sound bogus:

"Australia Post in January put into practice a no-chair policy and threw the chairs of retail staff into rubbish bins.

They had chairs until January.

"They told the workers the reason was that they don't believe people should be seated at work.

We don't BELIEVE people should be seated a work, they say, as they go back to their desks and chairs. :P :P

"And they said there were problems with the chairs ergonomically.

ALL chairs have ergonomic problems??????? Get a better chair.

"But we believe it's because they want to force out the full-time permanent staff who are a bit older and have medical conditions," she said.

This is your REAL reason - they want to replace them with temps.

But an Australia Post spokesman said the use of stools behind counters at retail outlets posed occupational health and safety concerns.

"The stools present a tripping hazard to all staff working behind the counter," he said.

Hahahahahahaahaha! Bullshiat! Have a LOT of people been tripping over them in all the years they were used? Come on. Nobody's buying that story. It's WEAK!

"We have been advised by independent ergonomists that the long-term use of stools may contribute to musculo-skeletal problems in the staff who use them."

This story is even WEAKER!

What a load.
2003-08-24 10:45:20 AM  

Yeah, she's amazing. She used to be one of the Stile Project cam whores a couple years ago. I forget her name. This was back When Stile was still a new e/n blog.
2003-08-24 10:46:03 AM  
Quick solution: Buy them all ergonomic chairs. Those things are freaking wierd.
2003-08-24 10:48:02 AM  
"Do you suppose they'll protest sitting down?"

We're not going to take this not sitting down sitting down! Stand up for your right to sit down.

If you write it small, it'll fit on a protest sign.

"The "Fark personals" aren't really Fark personals at all"

Hehe, true dat. If she were a Farker, no doubt she'd already be mightily impressed by my posts and in the process of stalking me. As she isn't stalking me, there's the proof.

/vanity and delusion on a Sunday morning smell like waffles
2003-08-24 10:49:40 AM  
Fark is a biased forum for hate speech.
2003-08-24 10:51:54 AM  
Fark hates France, Fark hates PETA, Fark hates Democrats, Now Fark hates people who didn't go to college.
2003-08-24 10:53:43 AM  
I have to stand and/or walk around my job for about 7 of the 8 hours a day.All their supervisors should try it,too. Break time is such blessed relief,because then I can park my ass for a half hour. Just because these people do not have a degree is no reason to treat them as serfs.I just love people who come out of college with such a sense of entitlement,without actually knowing how to do anything useful. But I do thik that having to get up constantly is much more tiring than just standing all the while. If those post offices are like ones here,I don't know how much good a chair would do,anyway.
2003-08-24 10:57:03 AM  
Whiny lazy asshats. For a minute I thought they were 'mericans, they biatch so much. I guess we've managed to infect the rest of the world with our lazy-ass habits and sue-happy lifestyle.
/people suck more on Sunday
2003-08-24 10:57:08 AM  
"Fark is a biased forum for hate speech."

As a bi-assed person (I've one to sit upon and one for a hat), I take exception to that statement. In fact, I hate that statement. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate.

And now for something completely different, a man with three buttocks...
2003-08-24 10:59:30 AM  
It's not's "Make stuff"
2003-08-24 11:01:21 AM  

somebody woke up on the wrong side of the floor this morning..don't you just hate that?
2003-08-24 11:01:29 AM  
Some people don't have rich daddies with connections that can pay for college and set them up with jobs.

They should make the executives stand all day, and see how they like it.
2003-08-24 11:03:10 AM  
Damn it, that should have read "only three buttocks".

Off to eat.

2003-08-24 11:05:43 AM  

Some people don't have rich daddies with connections that can pay for college and set them up with jobs.

Indeed, and some people like myself join the military and then get student loans afterwards in order to pay for college. Your excuse is null and void.
2003-08-24 11:06:16 AM  
Hey, I couldn't be bothered with college, and I still manage to get paid to sit a nice comfy chair and read Fark all day.
2003-08-24 11:08:13 AM  
Where the fark does it say they refuse to better themselves? BobTheBuilder, military or not, you are still an asshat. All the fancy schoolin' in the world will not help people with closed mind, holier than thou attitudes.
2003-08-24 11:10:32 AM  
But yeah, if you want to go to college, you can. Where I live you don't even have to do the whole military/loans deal, you can work at UPS 20 hours a week and they fully pay your tuition at U of L and even reimburse books and whatnot. It probably won't be the college experience the rich kid has off at his party school, but I also don't think people can claim there's no way they could have gone to college.
2003-08-24 11:12:29 AM  
Obscure Job Description #7,822 - independent ergonomist
2003-08-24 11:22:50 AM  
>Laughing Buddha
Do you suppose they'll protest sitting down?

And if they do, will it merit the ironic tag?
2003-08-24 11:25:25 AM  

Where the fark does it say they refuse to better themselves?

Generally speaking if a person refuses to take advantage of an opportunity then they are refusing to better themselves, with the opportunity in this case being going to college. Sure, a lot of people (myself included) could have never afforded college on their own nor could my father have paid for it. If I never went to college because I refused to take advantage of the numerous opportunities out there and instead got stuck in a job which had a high degree of manual labor then who would be to blame for that besides myself? The answer to that question would be nobody, I would be to blame, the only one. By and large if a person is stuck in a job with a high degree of manual labor then the only person they have to blame would be the person they see when they look in the mirror.

BobTheBuilder, military or not, you are still an asshat.
Please dispense with any personal insults, Im sure we can both agree that they arent necessary and have no valid reason for being here.

All the fancy schoolin' in the world will not help people with closed mind, holier than thou attitudes.
Indeed, that is true, though I should mention that Ive received no fancy schoolin, unless a community college and a police academy would be what could be defined as fancy schoolin. Im sorry that you feel I possess a closed mind, I assure you that such a thing is not the case.
2003-08-24 11:28:06 AM  
Some people don't have rich daddies with connections that can pay for college and set them up with jobs.

I worked and borrowed (student loans) my way through college, just like the vast majority of people who attend universities across the nation. And when I finished college, I went into the military because I owed them some time for scholarship money. Just because someone goes to an institution that costs a lot doesn't mean 'daddy is paying for it.' That's got to bet he most moronic thing I've read today (granted, it's early). Your hatred for the privileged is pretty evident in your post. Someone is less-deserving because they were born with money? Like you get a choice in that matter. God, you're an farking idiot. Lemme guess, you're a liberal? (flame bait)

in no way does this post intend to belittle those people who choose/are not able to attend college. this post only serves to demonstrate what an incredible asshat dreammuffin is for his incredibly slanted view of the world

2003-08-24 11:33:14 AM  
some of us simply didn't have the option to go to college. i'm happy for those of you that were able to sign up and get college paid for by the military, or were able to work their asses off and get scholarships.

not all of us have even that option. in the early 90's, due to a seriously f'd up confluence of events, i ended up having to support my parents. there was no way in hell that i could have gone to college... it was a choice between seeing my parents on the street and getting a "higher education", or taking care of my parents.

the particulars of my story may be unique, but overall, it's not uncommon. anyone who makes the broad generalization that people who didn't go to college are lazy, period, clearly didn't learn much with that college education.

seriously. get the f*ck over yourselves, people. admit that even with your hard work, you were lucky enough to have the right confluence of events to go to college, and stop looking down at people who might not have had the opportunities you had.
2003-08-24 11:36:34 AM  
If you truly want to go to college, there's ways to do it. The excuse that "my parents couldn't afford it" is lame. Look at the options: Financial Aid, Loans, ROTC, Any real army/navy program to get money for school, working full time as a part time student, etc. It can be done, you don't need rich parents, and state schools are usually cheaper. If you're used to having everything handed to you then of course you're not going to choose any of these options.
2003-08-24 11:37:12 AM  
Assume all of us go to college, what happens?

We get of overeducated people that have to still work standing up. Not everyone can go, and it would be bad if they did. But, that doenst mean those that did can be pompous pricks because its the working class that holds everything together.
2003-08-24 11:37:17 AM  

and it should also be pointed out that the converse is true:

just because someone went to college, it doesn't mean that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and had all of life's opportunities handed to them on a plate.
2003-08-24 11:39:32 AM  
Oh man, I can really tell re-reading my post that I am running on 2 hours of sleep.
2003-08-24 11:43:24 AM  

...and stop looking down at people who might not have had the opportunities you had.

Good post.

Also, I dont necessarily believe that any views expressed in this thread by myself or fellow posters could be properly interpreted as people without such opportunities being looked down upon, my apologies if that has been inferred.

I think what is generally being said here is that there is a portion of society in America (and elsewhere to be more fair) that believes they deserve something simply because they exist, they believe that whatever they want is their inherent right to have, regardless of whether theyve worked for it or not. Obviously, any reasonable and prudent person can see that such a notion is utterly false. I think that is the overall summation of what is being said, at least in my opinion.
2003-08-24 11:46:47 AM  
Amen to that KingVolcano. Ever notice the jobs nowadays that require a college degree could be done by anyone with a little training. My sister found this out the hard way. She applied for a job that she has 10+ years experience in that paid 13-16 dollars an hour. But that was for someone just out of school. She was offered the job, but since she didn't go to school she was offered 6.50 an hour.
2003-08-24 11:56:22 AM  
Ok, given that these people are probably around 45 years old lets look at the facts. When they were college age, going to college wasn't really an option for most people. For many, it was time to get a job and make some money.

Plus, they are probably supporting two or three kids. Who, at around 120,000 each they might be looking at sending to college. That's almost $400,000 dollars that they need to come up with some place. We'll assume that the kids will pick up at least $100,000 in grants and scholarships, and another $200,000 that the kids themselves will pay off in loans themselves, but they'll still need things like housing, food and other expenses that parents typically would provide.

Ok, so they probably are making around $35,000 a year at the post office. They could quit school, and go to college. That will cost them at least $140,000 over a four year period. Not to mention the cost of tuition. Assuming they get done in four years (which is absurd, considering that they are 25 years removed from going to classes, it would take a year to even get going), they'll probably be around 50 years old. They'll get a job with their new found education, but with their lack of experience they are only bringing in $28,000 a year. $7000 less than they would be making now.

In ten years they are making $45000 a year. Finally the college education is paying off and allowing them to advance higher in the work force than ever. Now that they are making $7000 a year more than they were when they started, they only need to work 20 more years to pay off the loans they took when they quit their jobs and went to school. So they'll have to work until they are 85 years old just to cover new debts they've created for themselves.

Yeah, fark these people for not bettering themselves. Make them stand.
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