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(Yahoo)   Microsoft uses Linux to protect its website   ( divider line
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16087 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Aug 2003 at 6:25 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-08-22 11:59:25 PM  
More like Microsoft contracted Akamai to cache their site, and Akamai happens to use Linux (they don't even use Apache, they use a custom, homebrew server).
2003-08-23 01:44:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available] is more like it.
2003-08-23 01:52:38 AM  
This kind of publicity is why Microsoft is usually an asshole to companies it works with that don't use all Microsoft products.
2003-08-23 04:06:55 AM  
Asbestos farksuits at the ready...
2003-08-23 04:21:30 AM  
As cscx has pointed out, this is because Akamai (wisely, IMO) runs Linux:

[wee@localhost wee]$ host is an alias for is an alias for has address has address has address has address

Turns out that Akamai is good armor against the DDoS arseholes. Besides, it's just business, not religion. Seriously: it's only a friggin' computer, not life.

/Die hard Linux user
2003-08-23 06:34:44 AM  
So where are the WMDs?
2003-08-23 06:37:21 AM  
This really isn't that big of a deal.

As it's been pointed out, Akamai uses Linux, not Microsoft.
2003-08-23 06:38:31 AM  
7 posts and no "its/it's" biatching? For shame.
2003-08-23 06:38:48 AM  
This is almost like the equivalent of saying that MS's top manufacturer runs linux...which be reported as MS uses linux in it's production plants...

I seriously doubt there is any version of linux/unix at ms that isnt in the Devel. side, where they try to break it/learn from it.

this article was stupid, and pretty much interpretted a temp solution as a philosophy within MS.

/really stupid article
2003-08-23 06:44:24 AM  
So where are the WMDs?
Worms of Minor Distraction?
2003-08-23 06:58:43 AM  
So where are the WMDs?
Waffles of Major Deliciousness?
2003-08-23 06:59:03 AM  
Very relevant Ku_No_Ichi :)
2003-08-23 07:04:51 AM  
According to a post on the Netcraft Web site, Microsoft changed its DNS settings on Friday so that requests for no longer resolve to machines on Microsoft's own network, but instead are handled by the Akamai caching system, which runs Linux.

Of course, don't let actual information stop anyone from bashing Microsoft.
2003-08-23 07:06:05 AM  
That's just the most beautiful thing ever... Microsoft... having to run crying to Linux when its products just can't handle an enterprise-level responsibility... oh, yeah... needs the "obvious" tag.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-23 07:06:13 AM  
So where are the WMDs?

Wandering Minstrels of Doom?

/bravest of the brave, sir robin
2003-08-23 07:08:20 AM  
Noone else sees a problem with this?

MS works to stamp out every other OS and gets pissed whenever someone 'breaches' their security (i.e. gets remotely in their way), only to use the one that survived (and is used by serious computer users). Not to mention the recent viruses...

I think's that's farking hilarious... I seriously have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.
2003-08-23 07:17:42 AM  
Linuz is to Microsoft as Microsoft is to apple.

If you know how to use it, you can get more done.

But if you just want it to boot up and be easy, just go with the dumbed down version.
2003-08-23 07:27:52 AM  
Is Hotmail still running some kind of BSD?
2003-08-23 07:28:38 AM  
Or is it BSOD?
2003-08-23 07:32:11 AM  
Pseudo Psy

From Netcraft:

The site is running Microsoft-IIS/5.0 on Windows 2000.
2003-08-23 07:38:31 AM  
Thanks malcy. Must be a farking big cluster.
2003-08-23 07:40:23 AM  
it's is not correct usage for the headline!

so a lot of people pointed it out but for those who still don't get it, MS just got Akamai to cache their site because they can better handle the DDOS.......and they happen to use linux. BIG F*CKING DEAL!!!
2003-08-23 07:46:54 AM  
Pseudo Psy

Must be a farking big cluster

Nah, just a couple of PC's and they back it up to a zip drive every night :)
2003-08-23 07:52:44 AM  
This really isn't a big deal.

Here's an analogy:

Lee Iacocca...remember him from Chrysler? Well, he's out driving in his Dodge Ram 1500 and there's a rockslide and it takes out his truck. He calls AAA, who are rescue experts, and they send a wrecker to get his inoperable truck.

Well, the wrecker is a GMC TopKick. A big old GM...not Chrysler.

So what? It's just a tool to do a job in an important situation. Not a big deal at all.
2003-08-23 07:57:30 AM  
NICE!!!! A stable OS of course.
2003-08-23 08:16:37 AM  
2003-08-23 08:17:31 AM  
I like how the CFO's name is John Connors.
2003-08-23 08:21:20 AM  
What I find interesting that the article mentions that linux is running on 20% of small business desktops. I get around a fair amount, and I've never seen linux running anywhere outside of the computer room. Come to think of it, none of my friends, relatives or co-workers are running it either.

I wonder how they arrived at that 20% figure?
2003-08-23 08:27:13 AM  

I get around a fair amount, and I've never seen linux running anywhere outside of the computer room.

Likewise. Figure of 20% seems a bit high ?
2003-08-23 08:31:36 AM  
As a former Akamite, I can tell you that the service they use is called SiteShield, and conceivably use the entire EdgeSuite solution.

The EdgeSuite network is around 8,000 servers.

Funny story - a while back people were worried that someone could (a group called Pink Rabbit or something) could hack the Akamai network and use it to launch a massively distributed DoS attack on every server. I think that one of the weekly news mags did a story called "The Day the Internet stopped"...good read for a Saturday morning.
2003-08-23 08:34:44 AM  

I get around a fair amount, and I've never seen linux running anywhere outside of the computer room.

Likewise. Figure of 20% seems a bit high ?
Recipe for 20% Linux Saturation
Take 1% Linux Saturation
Add legal team who is dead tired from fighting district attorneys re: monopoly lawsuits
Add crack PR team
Mix in bad reporting
Sift out any valid facts

Bake for 30 minutes at 350.

Remove and post.
2003-08-23 08:41:45 AM  
2003-08-23 07:46:54 AM malcy
Nah, just a couple of PC's and they back it up to a zip drive every night :)

That explains a lot. The service is more and more unreliable. Maybe they should buy this third pc and upgrade to a Jazz drive.
2003-08-23 08:51:33 AM  
Oddly enough, Microsoft is bankrolling SCO's asshat crusade against Linux. That's a heapin' helpin' of chutzpah in my book.
2003-08-23 08:52:37 AM  
So Microsoft hires a 3rd party vendor to reroute their servers to avoid a possible problem due to SoBig.F. The outside vendor implements that task using an application that happens to be running on Linux. So the Linux fanboys bash Microsoft for "running" Linux even though they aren't. If Microsoft had done nothing and windowsupdate was unreachable for any period of time, the Linux fanboys would jump all over this as another reason their hippie OS is better. Microsoft will never win these situations. Of course who actually cares about a product that only 1% of the computing public uses and their undersexed geek fans.
2003-08-23 08:53:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-23 09:09:30 AM  
bonoriffic:Microsoft will never win these situations.

And now to focus on what puts them in these positions to begin with ... that's the point

/still a die-hard Win2k AND Linux user

BUT... anyone with a bit of cognition realizes that Linux is just as susceptible to attacks (especially of the buffer overrun variety), but because there are less users of Linux, there are less people to write viruses for it ... moreover, less people to hurt with them and therefore less motivation to do so

2003-08-23 09:13:29 AM  
Why don't the Amiga people ever chime in on threads like this?
2003-08-23 09:18:07 AM  

Spoken like a true lemming. You gotta admit that even though Microsoft may not be running Linux, they are relying on someone who is. That is not going to sit well with Bill Gates, I can assure you.
And "hippie OS"? That's hysterical! Are you Republican?
2003-08-23 09:19:23 AM  
mikemir, also, Linux users are most likely computer geeks, and thus are more aware of the need to protect computers from worms/viruses/intrusion and have the know how to do it correctly.
2003-08-23 09:24:46 AM  
I wish that people would learn the difference between it's and its, especially before putting it in a headline.
2003-08-23 09:43:06 AM  
Most windows haters are kiddies who run *nix in X to surf and complain how windows sucks. Same kiddies who like to show off how they run *nix in front of everyone and tell them how hard it is to operate red hat (haha) please all of you windows trolls go away *nix was made to be used as server and for serious people not kids who run X and feel "leet". FYI for all "windows is unsecure" stfu already your little RH has more up2date security patches released per month then all windows oses put together.

Oh and before I get "I run slackware omg omg etc" I dont care what you run my dog can install Linux.

P.S its not the OSes fault its how you use it
2003-08-23 09:50:16 AM  
So where are the WMDs?

Windows Machines Deposited?
2003-08-23 09:55:59 AM  
Minor victory for the underdog, disproportional enthusiasm... this might as well be a Green Party, Libertarian or Red Sox thread.

Countdown to Bill Gates/Lizard People/Illuminati in 3...2...
2003-08-23 09:58:15 AM  

Spoken like a true lemming. You gotta admit that even though Microsoft may not be running Linux, they are relying on someone who is.

So, if you run Linux, you never visit a website running IIS. Or play a game who's server is hosted on a Windows machine?

Are you farking retarded?
2003-08-23 10:10:35 AM  
The argument that Linux is as susceptible to hacks as Microsoft products forgets one thing -- Linux technology has been around for 20 or more years in some cases, and has gazillions of person-hours working to refine it.

Microsoft technology has been around at most 10 years, in most cases a lot less, and has at most a few 1000 working to refine it. True, they are more focused and have more management.

But the argument that if Linux were popular it would be more hackable is ridiculous -- Linux was already hackable -- in 1994. Linux has had already fixed many of the mistakes in coding practices that Microsoft only now is catching up to. And in many cases, avoided the problems Microsoft has entirely with better coding from the get go.

Linux (and BSD, and Solaris, and OS/X) all have smarter design, with more people working on it, with more peer review of the results. Microsoft is one closed shop with one philosophy that only recently even thought the network needed to be protected against. Linux and the Unix's grew up on the network, and have multitude of intelligent design decisions based on that.

Linux and Unix will never be as hackable as Microsoft unless you revert back to how we were configuring machines 10 years ago. And even then I have my doubts.
2003-08-23 10:12:52 AM  
This could be pretty damaging to linux. What better way than to discredit one of their 'enemys' than to use their product, deliberately not secure it properly, and then claim that it sucks after it gets rooted.
2003-08-23 10:22:57 AM  
Well, the wrecker is a GMC TopKick. A big old GM...not Chrysler.

So what? It's just a tool to do a job in an important situation. Not a big deal at all.

If Lee had the choice of any of a dozen wrecking companies to call that provided the same service, you can bet he'd use the one that used Chrysler products.

That's the point. MS could have used any number of choices. What they considered their best option was a vendor who uses Linux to make things work.

You can bet someone at MS is getting grilled for this.
2003-08-23 10:23:43 AM  
and now that I've read the article, I'd like to say, please disregard my previous ignorant comment.
2003-08-23 10:26:49 AM  
rubeoni: I am an Amiga user, and I'm telling you that this is an Urban legend.
2003-08-23 10:28:27 AM  
no farkin big deal....they don't use it...they are just using linux for resolving dns...not to "protect them" WOOOOOOOO ooohhhhhh!!!!!
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