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4606 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Oct 2001 at 12:58 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-25 01:02:47 AM  
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, loan repayments to loan repayments.
2001-10-25 01:02:54 AM  
And her cunning stunt actually worked.
2001-10-25 01:03:04 AM  
Damn...I should try this.
2001-10-25 01:04:14 AM  
not like she has to pay them anyway........ what forms did she sign? my wife has student loans and if she dies I will not have to pay them.....
2001-10-25 01:06:01 AM  
Feral-kiwi - And her cunning stunt actually worked.

I read a couple of those words backwards at first..."wtf??" case you can't tell, I only got about 20 minutes of sleep last night.
2001-10-25 01:06:27 AM  
You might not have to pay them but what of her estate?
2001-10-25 01:14:37 AM  
what about her estate?
2001-10-25 01:15:27 AM  
Chickens run headless
Cows live even after a stabbing in the atery
Goats are almost immune to cancer

what is the relationship between this story and these facts?

Who gives a fark.
2001-10-25 01:19:13 AM  
Im no lawyer but if she owned money when she died whoever held the loan could make an application to the courtds to have any assets at the time of her death be sold and used to pay the load.

I could be wrong.
2001-10-25 01:20:25 AM  
Back in my day, parents had to pay their childrens school loans if they cosigned the paperwork. AND WE WERE THANKFUL FOR IT!
2001-10-25 01:24:27 AM  
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, If it wasn't for my asshole, my belly would bust:þ
2001-10-25 01:25:57 AM  
By God, I'm gonna write a song:\
2001-10-25 01:28:13 AM  
Wouldn't it have been easier for her just to send the farking death certificate to them? Seems thats all that they needed to discharge the loan.
2001-10-25 01:41:23 AM  
AntiNorm: you aren't the only one to double take on that.
2001-10-25 01:43:16 AM  
The loans are discharged if Sallie Mae or the lender receives an original or raised-seal copy of the death certificate.

The woman was probably too impatient or stupid or maybe just too stressed out to wait for the lender to discharge the debt.
2001-10-25 01:46:40 AM  
my moneys on the one in the bottom right.. go sperm go ! i've got $50 on it
2001-10-25 02:07:06 AM  
I always bet on 34 while playing Roulette.
I got saucy one night in Vegas last year, and plopped down a $50 chip on 34. It came up. Just had to say that.

I suppose gambling is related to higher education these

2001-10-25 02:11:04 AM  
Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it!!!

Oh, wait... the crematorium already took care of that.
2001-10-25 02:14:50 AM  
Yeah, I liked that "cunning stunt" remark, too.

Q: What's the difference between a bunch of pigs in a pen and a bunch of women in a marathon?

A: One of them is a cunning bunch of runts.
2001-10-25 02:37:24 AM  
Between one on five and one in 10 couples are affected by fertility problems.

What does this sentance mean?
2001-10-25 02:37:48 AM  
doh wrong one

2001-10-25 02:49:59 AM  
In some cities, if getting a death certificate is as hard as getting a birth certificate, I could almost understand why this woman would send her son's ashes.

Also, people collecting a debt can be less than polite sometimes. I recall a story I heard about a credit card company that even after receiving a death certificate, refused to believe the person was dead.
2001-10-25 02:59:29 AM  
Ugh. I just saw a Windows XP commercial with people flying around. I need therapy.
2001-10-25 03:17:03 AM  
Whatever gets bureaucrats moving is worth the effort.
2001-10-25 03:45:08 AM  
wow 2 teaspoons is worth 30,000 dollars.have a couple in my belly that i could burn up. i could make a fortune.
2001-10-25 04:34:56 AM  
Well if she co-signed on the loans then the mother would be responsible for them.
2001-10-25 05:01:56 AM  
Does anyone else think that mom might be a little whacked? Sending her son's remains to make a point? I understand her frustration, but I think mailing (part of) your dead son is a bit sick.
2001-10-25 05:34:26 AM  


And when I die please cremate me and share my ashes
with all those I owe, this way I can feel a little farked
in death too

2001-10-25 05:49:15 AM  
I'm sure the mother cosigned on the student loan.. Check Sallie Mae's web site, the fees are much lower with a co-applicant. That makes her responsible for the loan unless there's a loophole, in this case, her son's death.
2001-10-25 06:05:18 AM  
Heh, we got some creditors who refuse to believe we've filed bankruptcy and I still get nasty letters from them--which is against the law. Creditors do get mailed notices, letting them know of bankruptcy, and from that point it's illegal for them to make any further collection attempts--they can get penalized.

When my dad died last year my mom went about cancelling his credit cards, and wouldn't you know, one of them called asking to speak to him! My mom ripped them a new one! I bet if some of these companies saw a body they still wouldn't believe it--they just want money!
2001-10-25 07:08:12 AM  
When my dad died last year my mom went about cancelling his credit cards, and wouldn't you know, one of them called asking to speak to him! My mom ripped them a new one! I bet if some of these companies saw a body they still wouldn't believe it--they just want money!

If people did not try to constanly commit fraud against these companies they would not need to be as brutal when looking for payment.
2001-10-25 07:23:47 AM  
Just because you are three million years into deep space, they will come looking for you! Theres no reasoning with some people!
2001-10-25 07:27:04 AM  
do people on average bother to read the article before posting?
2001-10-25 08:13:01 AM  
Did this woman not think that she could mail them a copy of her son's death certificate?

SallieMae pisses me off. Here I am, paying thousands of dollars in interest on student loans, and what do they do with the money? They send me SallieMae credit card solicitations and GEICO auto insurance offers(not that there's anything wrong with GEICO)! Talk about a waste of money.
2001-10-25 08:35:20 AM  
I got a letter from the government informing me that I'm ineligible for a tax refund because I'm dead. The ear's in the mail.
2001-10-25 09:49:08 AM  
Ears... Yum...

Anyway, don't be pissed at Sallie Mae, you knew the interest rate and the repayment amount beforehand. Could have been worse, you could have barrowed from Bank of America.

Macfrugal - I'm not sure, but I'm considering collecting statistics on people who are apparently 'readers', and those whom make comments that are obviously based on the catch phrase.

Weeee time to go spank the sheep.
2001-10-25 11:44:07 AM  
MacFrugal: No, only about 3% of the farkers actually read the article. Damn idiots just like to comment.

It becomes especially non-interesting when there is a complete bullshiat headline, so the idiots end up commenting/arguing about bullshiat.
2001-10-25 11:44:34 AM  
"People were freaking out and going to the doctor thinking they had handled anthrax"

It's not Antrhax? Just human ashes I handled you say? Phew... that's much better.
2001-10-25 01:57:00 PM  
What's the big deal? It wasn't like it was actual body parts and the ashes are as sterile as any from a wood fire.
2001-10-25 03:45:54 PM  
Why didn't anyone photoshop a picture of the letter to say something about this yet?
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