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4057 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jun 2011 at 5:03 PM (6 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2011-06-01 04:49:03 PM  
In Soviet Union, Fark ruins Drew
2011-06-01 04:49:32 PM
2011-06-01 04:49:34 PM  

smells_like_meat: honeygrl: This should be a fun thread to watch.

basemetal .... will customer in the store basemetal please report to the service desk.

Someone's gonna get cut.

2011-06-01 04:49:37 PM  

/not really
2011-06-01 04:49:38 PM

There is no way modern day kids would fit under those desks.
2011-06-01 04:49:44 PM  

basemetal: I am here to mock the outrage!

What if I have no outrage? Will you still mock me?
2011-06-01 04:49:47 PM  
bunch of damn bastards, just try and get me to use a completely free service that you redesign. I'll show you!!!
ecl [TotalFark] [BareFark]
2011-06-01 04:49:52 PM  
Why does the site have to be ruined a little more every year or so? Will this finally be the year trolls just get their own tab to shiat all over eachother in? Why do the tides go in and out?
So many questions, only one redesign.
2011-06-01 04:49:53 PM  

likefunbutnot: I'd like to use this thread to let all the liters know that Totalfark is a non-stop orgy of booze and tits. And also a great place to get a mind-bending yet tender introduction to pegging.

And it will be that way no matter what happens to the Showbiz tab.

So ... my bedroom is TotalFark? Cool. I'll be right back with my strap-on.
2011-06-01 04:49:55 PM
2011-06-01 04:49:56 PM  

Sentient: Changing the layout again? That's it, I'm leaving forever. Good luck carrying on without me.
2011-06-01 04:50:02 PM  

2011-06-01 04:50:05 PM  

cookiefleck: donka do balls.

Embiggened because it should be.
2011-06-01 04:50:09 PM  
I designed a custom webpage that queries for the headlines, articles, and comments, and then displays them in the current format. Sure it took 300 hours of programming, I lost my job, my girlfriend, and I now live in a cardboard box behind a starbucks that I steal wifi from, but I think it was worth it.
2011-06-01 04:50:10 PM  

2011-06-01 04:50:13 PM  
Has anyone seen my mind? I was told to look for it in here.
2011-06-01 04:50:13 PM  
Will it actually work? Is this some sort of sick threat? Go ahead, make my day! And, thanks for all the fish.
2011-06-01 04:50:23 PM  
I only ask because 5:00 EST is an hour and 10 minutes from now, whereas 5:00 EDT is in 10 minutes.
2011-06-01 04:50:25 PM  
Has anyone mentioned that the redesign sucks yet? Shame on you, Drew. I want my money back.
2011-06-01 04:50:25 PM

2011-06-01 04:50:25 PM  
You guys, I am totally cool with this and not even scared.
2011-06-01 04:50:32 PM  

Okay. The headline made me laugh.

Bring on the new OMGWTFBBQ!
2011-06-01 04:50:36 PM  
"...but some people aren't on Fark daily"

NO. You get a life!!!

2011-06-01 04:50:40 PM  
T-minus :10 and counting. I just switched back to the old Fark so that I always remember where I was when this happened.
2011-06-01 04:50:55 PM  

damn thats hot
2011-06-01 04:50:59 PM
2011-06-01 04:51:00 PM  
is there a drinking game? A badge? Boobies?
2011-06-01 04:51:18 PM  
Hey if you aren't constantly changing things then can't constantly fark things up.
2011-06-01 04:51:20 PM
2011-06-01 04:51:23 PM  

basemetal: I am here to mock the outrage!

You're late!
2011-06-01 04:51:28 PM  
wow, thought I was Ok, but now I just want to be held.
2011-06-01 04:51:38 PM  

atlfarkette: There is no way modern day kids would fit under those desks.

I'm sure there's some kind of shoehorn-like device that can make it work.
2011-06-01 04:51:42 PM  

Timanous: let's not get frenchcheesemuseum in here with her slew of bifurcated penis pics.

My new thing is pumped up pussy hot cross buns.
2011-06-01 04:51:51 PM  
This is Obama's Katrina.
2011-06-01 04:51:58 PM  

Deamos: basemetal: I am here to mock the outrage!

What if I have no outrage? Will you still mock me?

Of course!
2011-06-01 04:51:59 PM  

meat0918: //alcohol will help.

damnit and I can't drive yet! GAH~!
2011-06-01 04:52:17 PM  
I like that they went with the Seattle area weather theme, all gray and depressing as fark. I think this is an attempt to make the politics tab more calm, but I think will result in more suicides.
2011-06-01 04:52:24 PM  
people don't read FARK every day?
oh how do they survive?
2011-06-01 04:52:25 PM  

cookiefleck: donka do balls.

2011-06-01 04:52:35 PM  
RIP Old Design
2011-06-01 04:52:43 PM  
Should we ceremoniously shave our scrotums?
2011-06-01 04:52:44 PM  
So does anyone at FARK know how to tell time?
2011-06-01 04:52:46 PM  
Can we just get on with it already.

/Moved over this morning. It's nice, I think I'll stay.
2011-06-01 04:52:47 PM  

honeygrl: basemetal: I am here to mock the outrage!

You're late!

I'm working.
2011-06-01 04:52:52 PM  
As honorary chairman of the welcoming committee, it's my privilege to present a laurel and hearty handshake to our new...
2011-06-01 04:52:54 PM
2011-06-01 04:53:09 PM  

basemetal: Deamos: basemetal: I am here to mock the outrage!

What if I have no outrage? Will you still mock me?

Of course!

All is right with the world again... for another 8 minutes anyway.
2011-06-01 04:53:19 PM  
Is there a way for us to spit on the grave of the music tab?
2011-06-01 04:53:20 PM  
What the hell!

I'm still getting used to the preview button working backwards.
2011-06-01 04:53:29 PM  
I was off testing a new line of taint fragrances.. What did I miss?
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