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(Some Guy)   Man chases naked masturbator from his property ... naked man falls and dies ... homeowner on trial for his death   ( divider line
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10344 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Oct 2001 at 5:14 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-24 05:17:47 PM  
"The prosecution say this was no have-a-go hero but simply a man having a go."

simply a man having a go.
i think we can leave it at that.
2001-10-24 05:17:59 PM  
What a way to go...and then have it posted all over the internet. By "partner and baby", were they saying he was gay?
2001-10-24 05:18:19 PM  
i guess it did make him go blind....
2001-10-24 05:22:07 PM  
Kinda makes your troubles of hiding it from your parents seem insignificant.
2001-10-24 05:24:38 PM  
some of these laws need a few exceptions written into 'em if you ask me
2001-10-24 05:26:46 PM  
Where is the justice in prosecuting a man for chasing-off a pervert?
2001-10-24 05:28:26 PM  
just WHAT THE BLOODY HELL is a naked man doing beating himself for in a well-ventilated public area? I mean...Jeebus, did he lack the foresight to see some potential problems with making love to his hand right in front of a guy's house???
2001-10-24 05:30:55 PM  
yet another prime example of the degeneration of the western civilization.
2001-10-24 05:31:03 PM  
You understand the potnetial problems, but you learn to get on(off) regardless.

Uhm, that is if you do that type of thing.
2001-10-24 05:31:49 PM  
I hope he gets off and beats the rap.
2001-10-24 05:32:58 PM  
So is he he cute?
2001-10-24 05:33:42 PM  
Darwin's Evolution of Species

an example of us becoming a better population has never been so true
2001-10-24 05:34:07 PM  
He didnt just chase him off. HE was beating him a few times.
2001-10-24 05:35:33 PM  
The guy deserved a beating.
"You play, you pay."
2001-10-24 05:36:20 PM  
Barrett said later he had struck Mr Williams, a Big Issue seller who lived in another part of East Dulwich with his partner and baby.

Wow, I'd forgotten all about the guys selling the Big Issue when I lived over there. Strange.

Anyway, the real question is this: according to the above, did Mr. Williams simply live with his partner and baby, or was he struck with Mr. Barrett's partner and baby?
2001-10-24 05:36:29 PM  
say, would he get a Darwin Award?
2001-10-24 05:38:51 PM  
"Barrett said he was particularly angered because .... it followed a similar incident involving another man the week before."

What kind of neighborhood does this guy live in??
2001-10-24 05:38:52 PM  
K: I think the guy should receive a Darwin Award. I also think we need a "Darwin" tag.
2001-10-24 05:40:26 PM  
He would not get one. He did not take himself out of the gene pool. someone did it for him..

no award.
2001-10-24 05:40:29 PM  
is there a special reason britain does not respect a right to defend self or property?
2001-10-24 05:41:27 PM  
"Barrett said he was particularly angered because his wife and 10-year-old daughter had been home and it followed a similar incident involving another man the week before."

I think Barretts wife is a slut that was banging Mr. Williams when her husband walked in and then she kicked Mr. Williams out the window. After that Mr. Williams was just finishing up the job that Barrett so rudely interupted.
2001-10-24 05:43:29 PM  
What's "The Big Issue"?
A magazine or something?
2001-10-24 05:43:35 PM  
Defending self/property is only good if the property is in imediate danger. what danger was he in from a masturbator...
Ever hear of calling the cops? Or in england is that the BOOBIES he calls?
2001-10-24 05:49:38 PM  
A Darwin Award tag? That's genius! Somebody with computer skills MAKE ONE NOW!
2001-10-24 05:49:48 PM  
Technically speaking, is this considered a Rusty Trombone or a donkey punch?
2001-10-24 05:53:08 PM  
Somebody quick...Call one of OJ's lawyers!!!

I have to agree with Erogenous_j....It sounds like a case of "bang and run"...
2001-10-24 05:54:34 PM  
"Barrett said he was particularly angered because his wife and 10-year-old daughter had been home and it followed a similar incident involving another man the week before."

2001-10-24 06:03:48 PM  
Hmm naked man in my back yard... I'd throw him a shot... from my .357
2001-10-24 06:03:50 PM  
Seeing that would leave me a bit conflicted. I would probally want to punch the guy, but do I really want to chase after a naked dude that was whacking off?
2001-10-24 06:08:03 PM  
Oh, for shiat's sake. Freakin' pervert got what he deserved. Who in the fark wouldn't have chased that freak off of their property? That's what I'd ask the judge. Dumb shiat.
2001-10-24 06:08:22 PM  
*Yawn* naked potentially gay person gets chased and electrocutes himself to death.

Just another day in the hood...
2001-10-24 06:09:27 PM  
England's going to sink into the ocean if they keep going the way they are.
2001-10-24 06:10:06 PM  

Well ventilated? LOL
2001-10-24 06:11:11 PM  
I can see it now. "...The victim, Freddie FudPucker fell against an electrified rail and got the shock of his life..." Well, D'uh! wasn't he ever told don't play on the train tracks? Is this a candidate for the Darwin awards? maybe!
2001-10-24 06:20:02 PM  
Don't whiz on
The electric fence
2001-10-24 06:22:59 PM  
Have a go, man.
No, have a go Hero.

Was this in Pratt's Bottom or East Molesey? No, not Bushy Park. How un-ironic.
2001-10-24 06:32:39 PM  
In other news Jelloboy was reported dead following an electrocution in mysterious circumstances. More news at 11.
2001-10-24 06:33:34 PM  
Nanookanano: LAF- Truly a Ren moment if I ever heard one....

WTF? Why run towards the electric rail? I mean, he wasn't even wearing rubber-soled shoes!
2001-10-24 06:37:05 PM  
the "big issue" is a magazine about homeless sold by the homeless.... The guy was naked near the train tracks, and homeless.... yet he had a home? wtf.... There are too many unanswered questions here, but he sounds guilty here, and he should maybe get a darwin, because he DID to a degree cause his own demise, even if the other guy hit him.....
2001-10-24 06:47:27 PM  
That guy is gonna get railroaded in the British courts...
[could not resist]

2001-10-24 06:50:14 PM  
Good shot Botsuraku_Hato
2001-10-24 06:52:35 PM  
LOL. I am with the wife's infidelity theory. Explains why there is a naked guy in his yard every week.
2001-10-24 06:58:03 PM  
Speaking of naked guys masturbating near gardening equipment, there was something on that in Savage Love this week. (Check out "Masturbation Horror Stories" via the Savage Love A/V link at the Onion. And that last one will make you double over... in pain, not laughter.)
2001-10-24 07:04:11 PM  
gr00vey: big issue can also be sold by people in "vulnerable" housing or those who have been homeless in the past and are trying to get back on their feet.
2001-10-24 07:08:58 PM  
What a wanker.

BTW - I hope no Americans are poking fun at the British for this dumb-ass lawsuit. We have enough of our own. Then again, they call us out for ours, so enjoy the moment!
2001-10-24 07:10:39 PM  
This definitely deserves a [image from too old to be available] tag...
2001-10-24 07:11:40 PM  

Defending self/property is only good if the property is in imediate danger. what danger was he in from a masturbator...

Would you want to clean that up? Then again, maybe it's good fertilizer...
2001-10-24 07:12:01 PM  
Oh, fark....
2001-10-24 07:12:52 PM  
Ah, nevermind. It closes tags automatically now. When did Fark start becoming sentient?
2001-10-24 07:17:57 PM  
I just love those wacky Brits! I could just pinch their little cheeks!
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