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(AP)   Presenting Afghanistan's national sport: Goat grabbing (with pics)   ( divider line
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2001-10-24 03:18:03 PM  
Also popular in Alabama.
2001-10-24 03:18:29 PM  
And PETA's position on this is....?
2001-10-24 03:19:23 PM  
I think that they need more bombing.
2001-10-24 03:21:01 PM  
Make that "DEAD goat grabbing"
2001-10-24 03:22:15 PM  
These people are savages. farkin' rock-chuckers
2001-10-24 03:22:31 PM  
I can easily see this in the Olympics. What would you rather watch, goat grabbing or synchronized swimming? The choice is easy, folks.
2001-10-24 03:22:47 PM  
... Hmm... I could go for that...
2001-10-24 03:25:01 PM  
San Dimas High School Goat Grabbing rules!!!!
2001-10-24 03:25:17 PM  
Sounds like fun.
2001-10-24 03:26:24 PM  
But Dari is not spoken "all over" Afghanistan. It is near as I can tell one of dozens of dialects you will there encounter.
2001-10-24 03:26:31 PM  
It's like polo, but without mallets and with a dead goat instead of a ball.
2001-10-24 03:26:32 PM  
damn I had odds on the goat
2001-10-24 03:28:08 PM  
This guy in the crowd looks like he's wearing a fake beard:
[image from too old to be available]
Guess he sneaked in or something. Must really like that goat grabbing.
2001-10-24 03:28:26 PM  
in alabama they play with a keg of natural light, there's a lotta mullets and they chase each other in camaros.
2001-10-24 03:29:20 PM  
Ruprikt - "These people are savages. farkin' rock-chuckers"

I beg to differ. These are brave people who live in a savage land. You think they play dangerous, brutal games. I think they live a dangerous, brutal lives in a place where there is no other life to live. These are rural herdsman who make their way in a place where few of us could survive. If the technilogially advanced world would have left them be they would be a whole lot better off. I have nothing but respect for these people.
2001-10-24 03:30:15 PM  
Goat grabbing just ain't no good however you look at it.
2001-10-24 03:30:45 PM  
Skywalker: I think that's Harry Carey. I guess he isn't dead after all.
2001-10-24 03:31:44 PM  
Pretty rough for the goat - or what's left of it.
2001-10-24 03:32:49 PM  
I heard the GGL is big over there. Last year the XGL tried to spice the game up by legalizing swiping of opponents' turbans but alas, it folded. They couldn't draw enough talent from the big-time goat grabbing schools.
2001-10-24 03:35:25 PM  
Is is me or is the guy in the red circle above Larry "Bud Melman (or Calvin Deforest, his real name) from the David Letterman Show?
2001-10-24 03:35:39 PM  
And there's no mention whether you get a penalty for excessive celebrating, such as spiking the goat after a score.
2001-10-24 03:37:04 PM  
Hassen_Ben_Sober -

So you have respect for them because they play brutal games because they live brutal lives because there is no other way to live ???
Logical, I suppose.
Then do you allso respect the people who are starving in third world countries because of over-population because they're too stupid not to fark because that's the only way to live???

So we're doing them a favor by blowing the fark out of their country. Looks like a shiatty place to live anyhow.
2001-10-24 03:37:47 PM  
Skywalker: Isn't that Larry "Bud" Melman?
2001-10-24 03:39:16 PM  
Does anyone remember when Letterman sent LBM on a road trip to Tierra Del Fuego? I still bust a gut just thinking about his send off party, when Dave gave Larry a wad of cash and a pistol.

Maybe LBM is on assignment there for Letterman
2001-10-24 03:39:56 PM  
2001-10-24 03:44:26 PM  
And if you catch the goat, is she still your sister???
2001-10-24 03:46:02 PM  
No she is yout mother. See the beard?
2001-10-24 03:46:52 PM  
Your God Damb right I respect them. What kind of games do you think come out of a place as rugged as Afghanistan, field hockey. You think their children will learn the survival skills they need playing D&D. Like I said they live where few of us can survive.
2001-10-24 03:48:42 PM  
Where has ESPN been all these years?

To h-e-l-l with watching the Yank-mes and the Dull-backs in Yawn-fest 2001 -- er, I mean, the World Series.

I want my goat-grabbing!
2001-10-24 03:49:28 PM  
I think FARK needs to put together a team and chalenge these dudes. Or maybe I'll start my own league.

Who gets the Goat's head? I wonder why they cut the head off anyways. Can you puch the other players and kick the other peoples horses?
2001-10-24 03:52:22 PM  
Ok, who's talkin' shiat bout good ol Alabama!
2001-10-24 03:53:05 PM  
In Alabama they stump-break their goats. Damned few stumps in Afghanistan, so they have to back them up to a big rock.
2001-10-24 03:55:12 PM  
I'd watch this every single day on if it were on TV.
Best sport ever!
2001-10-24 03:58:22 PM  
To those who dismiss goat grabbing as savage and brutal, and try to use it as another reason to bomb innocent citizens (let's clear this up before the flames fly- I'm not against bombing terrorists and the Taliban who support them- just that we need to be careful with our bombs!) look at other nations and cultures. we all have some sport or pastime, be it a major, high- dollar thing or a minor, amateur event, that appears silly, primitive or barbaric to observers who are not familiar with local customs. Here in the USA we have football- fairly violent, I'd say. Perhaps not to the extent of routinely killing animals for it, but people and animals alike have died in this game. We also still have cockfighting, even though most states and localities have banned the practice. In Englan, they have Rugby, which is essentially American Football- without the protective gear and silly rules designed to minimize injury. In the category of primitive and/or silly- in either England or Australia, they have the Toilet toss, in which participants attempt to heave a porcelain throne the longest distance. Several people have made references to Alabama. While I doubt that Goat grabbing is actually played there or anywhere else in the USA, at least, not in a large, organized group, we all have our little local wierdnesses. Let's not bash and condemn other cultures for their "strange" customs, until we take a look at our own. Actually, my take on goat grabbing is that it's essentially polo with a REEEEALLY BIIIIG ball.
2001-10-24 04:03:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-24 04:04:43 PM  
Didn't they play this game in Rambo III?
2001-10-24 04:10:35 PM  
It's important to wear loose robes when goat grabbing. A goat can hear a zipper a mile away!
2001-10-24 04:15:16 PM  
Wouldn't a goat be a hugely valuable asset over in that part of the world? What's the deal with killing them and using them for sport? hehe.
2001-10-24 04:16:11 PM  
Personally, I'd rather watch this than baseball.
2001-10-24 04:19:34 PM  
If you'd like a relatively painless way to learn more about Afghanistan (complete with an interesting first-person-participant description of this game), read the novel "Caravans" by James Michener.
2001-10-24 04:36:06 PM  
People, don't just look at the pics. Read the words. The taliban is probably not a big fan of GG because it's part of the Afghani's native cultural heritage. Afghani's who defect play the game. Goat grabbing is to Afghani's as Browns beating the Ravens is to the Dawg Pound.
2001-10-24 04:36:59 PM  
weren't footballs originally made out of pig skins? how many actual balls are used in a game? if we kill a few pigs for a game of football, aren't we savages too? just cause we sew it up all weird and put laces on it doesnt change the fact that it used to be a pig.
2001-10-24 04:37:47 PM  
I bet they use the goat who refused to "give it up" to the lonely herdsmen.
hehe I was just kidding.

This looks like fun!
2001-10-24 04:54:09 PM  
Hehe.... did anyone notice it said "winner receives prizes ranging from cash to fine turbans or cloth that are donated by sponsors". Sponsors??? This game is brought to you by the fine folks at Abdul's Linens and Swords. Come see Abdul for all your buzkashi needs.
2001-10-24 04:56:20 PM  
What's the point of using a goat carcass? Most nations use some sort of a ball or other object in sports. These people use headless animals. How far removed are Afghans from Neanderthal man? Not very far.
2001-10-24 04:56:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Where's Bin Ladin!!
Sorry people just could'nt resist
2001-10-24 04:58:32 PM  
Now I know what special event I want to have at my wedding!

You know, I'd rather be at war with these people than the finest people in the world.
2001-10-24 05:00:14 PM  
Epsilon - "How far removed are Afghans from Neanderthal man? Not very far."

That is some pretty bigoted shiat if do say so. You do realize that all modern people are very far removed from Neanderthals since their evolutionary cycle ended in extinction.
2001-10-24 05:10:37 PM  

I was waiting for someone to mention that scene. God, that was so awful. For all the distance shots it looked like they used a real beat up carcass. That thing was a pulp. But when Rambo picked it up and everything went slo-mo, it was a big fluffy teddy-goat.

That scene really sticks out in my mind for some reason...
2001-10-24 05:12:30 PM  
'k Bin Laden in that pic looks waaaaay too much like Harry Potter.

I would argue grabbing a dead goat is lot less savage than games whose intent or requirements is to injure other people (i.e. your precious hockey and football)
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