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(I saw nothing)   Indian blind cricket team to tour Pakistan, play against other sight-impaired teams. First match is against the Pakistani intelligence team tasked to find Bin Laden   ( divider line
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2011-05-18 10:52:44 PM  
+1, submitter.
2011-05-19 12:09:23 AM  
Wicked googly subs.
2011-05-19 12:13:03 AM  
nice one subby
2011-05-19 12:15:06 AM  
Good work subby.

Sports HOTW for sure
2011-05-19 12:18:18 AM  
Do the guys officiating this game get hazard pay?
2011-05-19 12:33:28 AM  

BlazeTrailer: Do the guys officiating this game get hazard pay?

Dammit...I don't think Koman Coulibaly reads cricket threads.
2011-05-19 07:21:00 AM  
I don't see what you did there.

2011-05-19 07:43:35 AM  

BlazeTrailer: Do the guys officiating this game get hazard pay?

I'd say that they do.

Let's look at what the umpires from the last tour of a visiting team to Pakistan (2009, the Sri Lankan team got attacked with machine guns) have to say:

"Match referee Chris Broad was also critical of the security provided. He stated that he and his colleagues were left like 'sitting ducks' in the trailing minivan during the attack. He also accused the security personnel of fleeing the scene. He questioned why the Pakistan team which usually travelled with the Sri Lankan team was delayed by seven minutes that day and avoided being attacked.

(Former Pakistan player) Javed Miandad was critical of Broad's comments and demanded that International Cricket Council ban him for life. Pakistan Cricket Board lodged a formal complaint against Chris Broad with the International Cricket Council on March 9, 2009. Ijaz Butt, the head of Pakistan Cricket Board accused Broad of lying.

Umpire Simon Taufel also said that the umpire's minibus was abandoned while the players' bus was moved to the ground to evacuate the players. Slamming the security entourage for abandoning them and inability of the police to arrest the attackers Simon said,"You tell me why no one was caught. You tell me why. Supposedly 25 armed commandos were in our convoy, and when the team bus got going again, we were left on our own."

Co-umpire Steve Davis said "he felt let down" by the security. International Cricket Council umpires performance manager for East Asia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, Peter Manuel told Dawn that the minivan carrying the umpires was basically abandoned by the security personnel. 'It was unbelievable. Bullets were raining on us and not a shot was fired in our defense by the Pakistan security officials,' the outraged Manuel said."

Link (new window)

/still hopes Pakistan continues to outperform India at cricket, because 99% of Indian cricket fans are complete and utter assholes, whereas Pakistani fans are genuine fans.
2011-05-19 07:47:02 AM  
"do" in that first line= "should".
2011-05-19 09:15:04 AM  
Now that was a great headline.
2011-05-19 10:30:31 AM  
Last match was played against Sgt. Schultz lookalikes.
2011-05-19 12:11:09 PM  
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Seriously, this is HOTW material.
2011-05-19 02:05:03 PM  

Trapper439: still hopes Pakistan continues to outperform India at cricket

I take it you didn't watch the 2011 World Cup then?
2011-05-20 07:58:28 AM  

PowerSlacker: Trapper439: still hopes Pakistan continues to outperform India at cricket

I take it you didn't watch the 2011 World Cup then?

I watched some of it. But I really couldn't care less about ODIs. Tests are where it's at. Pakistan has outperformed India in the (usually mind-numbingly boring) Tests between their nations. Just look at the scoreboard.

India has drawn a higher percentage of their Tests than any other country. Around two thirds of India-Pakistan matches end in draws because both teams are more interested in avoiding a loss than trying to win.

Apart from Virender Sehwag, India have historically been a negative and boring as shiat team to watch, although I have always admired the elegance of VVS Laxman.
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