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(Canton Observer)   Two Farkers on X-Country Conference Champion team (Canton Chiefs)   ( divider line
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996 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Oct 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-24 12:16:04 AM  
Run boy(s)! Run like the wind!
2001-10-24 12:19:10 AM  
Shouldn't this be a classified ad? Who the fark cares about this shiat. Congrats to the guys but everyone has something they have accomplished right? This is the reason why we have way too many links everyday
2001-10-24 12:19:59 AM  
Potemkin is a twit.

Which two are the farkers?
2001-10-24 12:23:49 AM  
Yep.. The admins just post this stuff to piss -you- off Raysmith its their little gift to you.. enjoy it.
2001-10-24 12:29:26 AM  
"everyone has something they have accomplished right?"

Uh, no! I haven't accomplished anything.

So which farkers are they?
2001-10-24 12:31:20 AM  
When I see links that don't interest me I,

a) Go straight to the comments and piss and moan that it is a crappy link.

b) Go straight to the comments and piss and moan that all the things I submitted where much better.

c) Get to the comments as fast as I can so I can show how cool I am by getting there first.

d) Pass the link by and find one that is more in my taste and leave it to those who ARE interested in it.

All who chose D please continue Farking.
All those who chose A and B, please have a warm bottle and a nap.
All those who chose C, see if you can swallow your own head, it isn't doing you any good anyways.
2001-10-24 12:35:41 AM  
Thank you Fuh_Q well spoken.. err... questioned.. err ... tested.. or something.
2001-10-24 12:35:41 AM  
You aren't making fun of me with all those big words again, are you Fuh? You wouldn't do a mean thing like that.
2001-10-24 12:38:03 AM  
Such a great story...and no picture of the team? Well, that will never do. Guess which two are farkers:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-24 12:40:47 AM  
What were their times? What distance did they run? 5K?
2001-10-24 12:42:21 AM  
I fondly remember my first x-country was a cool day,overcast,hundreds of people I didn't know......I hated everyone on my team,nevermind the whole school I was in at that time,but I decided to go on w/ it for myself.The gun fired and before I could even think about it,I was off like Forrest Gump to a shrimp expo.My natural ability for potent anxiety/panic/low self esteem,etc was probably the cause of my little accident that caused me to come in last in the meet.As I was approaching a tree about a 1/4 of the way through,I thought to myself,wow I feel really farking pukish and that would be a wonderous locale for me to spew forth all my dignity in the form of I did....end of story......I lost!
2001-10-24 12:44:10 AM  
PS Gratz on the championship spots. X-country was always too hard for me. I'l take the 440 anytime (waits for the x-country people to groan)
2001-10-24 12:52:55 AM  
Cross Country is extremely fun. Good job to you farkers.

Ahh, high school cross country memories...
2001-10-24 01:11:40 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-24 01:12:27 AM  
I used to do a bit of running till I started smoking and drinking ( I finally quit smoking ). I run a 7 mile race we have here once in awhile to se if I can still do it.
don't make much for time but I manage to not pass out before the finish line.
So who in the Fark are the runners in the link? Come on, some one give it up.
2001-10-24 02:08:36 AM  
WOO! HOO! boobies.
2001-10-24 02:32:38 AM  
Page designed for an 800x600 screen, hoo boy.
2001-10-24 04:39:07 AM  
If they're gonna call it cross country, then it should be cross country. 3,000 miles n' runnin'!
2001-10-24 05:19:37 AM  
I for one think this is really cool. There isn't any need for those who feel they haven't accomplished anything to feel bitter. Maybe, if they weren't so bitter, they might have friends. I just think it really sucks when people have so little life that all they do is biatch and moan about other people who actually do these things. Geez. Don't make me start menstrating here. Fark should be about fun, not pissing and moaning. (but wait did I just piss and moan? Better stop here).
2001-10-24 06:33:43 AM  
I find it interesting that a story mentioning a couple of Farkers appears in the Canton Observer & Eccentric.
2001-10-24 07:17:14 AM  
Page designed for an 800x600 screen, hoo boy.

Compliment or complaint? 8x6 is the standard to design for.
2001-10-24 07:39:36 AM  
Cannabis is about to be decriminalised here in the UK, so I'm afraid that there's no way that I'm about to get excited about cross-country running.
2001-10-24 07:39:40 AM  
I live in Canton and went to that high school. Who are the 2 farkers? I want to toilet paper their houses to congratulate them.
2001-10-24 07:52:43 AM  

nice job
2001-10-24 08:04:38 AM  
From another X-x-country farker:

kick ass!

Keep up the good work...
2001-10-24 08:53:14 AM  
Fuh_Q- Well said.
Two Mystery X-Country Farkers- Congratulations! Now is that Canton Ohio or China?
2001-10-24 09:27:19 AM  
I am one of the Farkers, the other is merely a lurker. It is a 5K course, and I ran it in 17:19 (It was a really hard course -- my PR is 16:45.) I didn't realize so many other farkers were X-Country runners. It's the best sport in the world. (except perhaps for mud wrestling, but I digress...)
2001-10-24 09:29:00 AM  
Frolixo - What year did you graduate? Come back some time and party with us. Do you still live close by?
2001-10-24 10:03:57 AM  
Boo to Canton. Go Chargers!

2001-10-24 10:59:30 AM  
Damn! there's other plymouth/canton farkers!?!?
2001-10-24 11:37:42 AM  
westfall - who the hell are you? This is Patrick Pruitt. I'm in Mr. Carlson's class right now at Canton with John Tantalo, Ross O'Hara, Bob Miller, and Abe Thurtell. I didn't realize there were other farkers in the local area. Maybe we can throw a Fark Party at MY house!
2001-10-24 01:04:43 PM  
I'm an old man. Graduated in '96. Does Mr. Francis still teach Tao and Zen there? I was going to visit him, but thought he would have been fired by now for taking his class to meditate in the woods.
2001-10-24 02:07:17 PM  
BigRedMachine: no way! i graduated from there in '98, had carlson for programming 2 years in a row!
2001-10-24 02:17:33 PM  
BigRedMachine: is Abe Thurtell Adams Thurtell's little brother?
2001-10-24 02:55:37 PM  
Yes, Abe is Adam's little brother.
2001-10-24 03:07:59 PM  
wow, Adam's a good friend of mine...
Man_X is also a Plymouth farker
2001-10-24 03:18:07 PM  
I still hang out with Larry Francis now and again.. he's actually semi-involved in this music project me and Man_x are doing with some other people...
Larry reads poetry on the one called "improvisation 235454Larry1835"
2001-10-24 07:27:44 PM  
All I have to say is..."Good Jorb there, boys." You both kick arse.
2001-10-24 08:03:36 PM  
Caroline!!! Wow, the Plymouth-Canton farkers just come out of the friggin' woodwork.

woodfall - My sis graduated in '98. Weird. Carlson is still the coolest teacher on the face of the earth and assaults me at least once a day. He got offers to teach at a private school but declined because he "wouldn't be allowed to hit the kids"

frolixo - Mr. Francis still teaches, amazingly. I'm sure he'd love to see you. Drop by some time, and let us know when you're coming so we can organize a warm PCEP Fark welcome.
2001-10-24 08:41:00 PM  
Holy crap, a whole slew of PCEP people!!!

I'm a grad from '99, me and my friend Steve used to terrify Old Man Carlson. Punch or rub his fat stomach, he likes that!
2001-10-24 08:43:36 PM  
Hey all, I'm the other WLAA Conference Champion Farker. Its cool to hear we have such a large group of Farkers in the Plymouth-Canton area. I also have Carlson's class, and he's beaten me more frequently and violently than any of his students.
We should definitely have a big Fark party, take some pics, and let them be photoshopped by the Fark world.
By the way, note the name of the Farker who posted a comment 3 above mine. :-)
2001-10-24 08:46:27 PM  
Yea, we should all get together and smoke some weed with whoever on security that hasn't been arrested or died.

I can't believe Homer died, I mean, that guy, he, well, he sat in his truck and ate...ok, I can believe he died.
2001-10-24 08:55:27 PM  
ArmyOfFun: Don't bad mouth Homer. He was a great guy. He was our throwing coach for track (in which we won the conference championship, also) and everyone at PCEP loved him.
Rest In Peace, Homer.
2001-10-24 09:15:26 PM  
Bad taste I suppose, I apologize, I never had any connection or attachment to him. So it was easy to make a light poke.

2001-10-24 11:03:51 PM  
Homer died? Well it is easy to believe, but that guy was great. I would skip out to lunch and bring him back a hamburger. I also sold pot to Jeff.
When I drove by last week, I saw that they now have some snappy SUVs. I can just see security helicopters trying to catch those darn smokers.
If there is ever a Fark Canton get together, alert me at frol­ixo­[nospam-﹫-backwards]ooh­ay­*com
2001-10-24 11:52:26 PM  
Oh, Canton MI. Thought it might have said Canton OH. Lived within 40 miles of each of them myself. :)
2001-10-25 12:37:37 AM  
Hello Canton:
:From Plymouth
Good Lord, Farkistan gets smaller all the time :}>
2001-10-25 11:16:25 AM  
Does anybody else have any interesting things to tell about our fine PCEP security staff?
2001-10-25 05:10:24 PM  
heehee...they always used to yell at me for taking my lunch out of the cafeteria. Guess they had nothing better to do.
2001-10-25 05:17:00 PM  
Tim, the young plump guard at canton (or at least was) runs the Kereoke up at Plaza Lanes.. Plaza can be pretty dead as far as customers go some times. I've been there on more than one occasion shooting pool and Tim was singing (horrible) kereoke all night long by himself.... sad.
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