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2116 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Oct 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-24 12:15:31 AM  
Is this really the same guy?
I had a quick look and couldn't find any names in common between the two pages.
If indeed they are linked then I stand by my comments of earlier this morning.
Mind you, what the hell does a guy working in a Tatoo Bar want with a Degree in Fine Arts. Hell what the hell does Taooing have to do with Fine Arts in the first place. Sorry WageSlave, I'm finding it hard to take your response seriopusly after seeing this new page!!
2001-10-24 12:18:02 AM  
That web site just gave me a seizure. Oh dear god. I am blind. Hold me.
2001-10-24 12:18:16 AM  
2001-10-24 12:21:15 AM  
A couple of boobies in there, if you check the tatoos. Male boobies too for some reason. Nice tatoo's though.
2001-10-24 12:27:50 AM  
a few womanhoods pierced too...
2001-10-24 01:42:04 AM  
Unofficial poll: Am I the only one who hates sites that can't be used at all without flash?
2001-10-24 02:02:11 AM  
you are not the only one.

Flash banner ad's piss me off to no end.
2001-10-24 02:06:56 AM  
Wow. I'd be pretty embarassed if I designed that site.. Some people REALLY need web skillz..
2001-10-24 02:47:06 AM  
Ow. That flash thing hurt my eyes. And all the skulls and devil-voices were more creepy than cool.

Bmartin: No, you're not.
2001-10-24 07:06:40 AM  
Any site that has a loading screen after you skip the intro can fark off.
2001-10-24 07:55:27 AM  
I hate Flash and tatoos.
2001-10-24 09:35:59 AM  
when are people gonna learn that flash intro's = irritating
2001-10-24 11:07:35 AM  
wow, that music makes me want to grow my hair long, gain forty pounds, live in my mom's basement and never have sex again.
2001-10-24 11:11:13 AM  
i sooo wasn't expecting to see male genitals when i clicked on "jennifer's pircings"!

i got all confused...
2001-10-24 12:32:02 PM  
remember that simpson's episode where homer put every godawful yawping animated .gif in the world on his page? that's not an aesthetic i'd want the person who's going to tattoo me to enjoy. but he did the pig. what a conundrum. i'm glad i don't live in tejas.
2001-10-24 01:50:16 PM  
"Mind you, what the hell does a guy working in a Tatoo Bar want with a Degree in Fine Arts. Hell what the hell does Taooing have to do with Fine Arts in the first place."

laserboy that was the web site of the tattoo artist, not the "artist" who conceptualized the project.

and yes... it a damn stupid one. quite embarassing.
2001-10-25 06:50:31 AM  
tatoos rawk - end of story - i was gonna get one but i got my web (between thumb and forefinger) pierced instead
2001-10-25 01:59:41 PM  
this is a test of the Fark filter system... this is only a test.

Jesus God

...this has only been a test.
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