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(Oregon Live)   It turns out the mother who claimed her daughters lived in constant medical peril and got a free house from "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" out of it may have been lying   ( divider line
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2011-05-16 10:55:01 AM  

Mi-go amigo: God, bulljive like this just burns me up when girls with real medical problems have trouble raising a few grand.

\ Knows the family
\\ They never got an answer from the Extreme Makeover folks, but that's just life


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2011-05-16 10:59:33 AM  

Zoomaster: jst3p: themasterdebater: jst3p: themasterdebater: I've read story upon story of families who get these houses for free, end up moving out within a year or two, because the property value is so ridiculously high,

Really? Can you cite these stories?

'Extreme' home now on the market (new window)
Family has to sell "Extreme Makeover" Home - can't afford taxes & utilities (new window)
Extreme Makeover House Going To Foreclosure (new window)

There are more, but this is what I quickly found in 5 minutes.

Zoomaster: darkscout: Zoomaster: More and more are turning out to be frauds. Just like the family that kicked out all the foster kids as soon as they got the new house.

And more and more are being put into this situation:
They said they couldn't afford the increased cost of operating the larger home. By fall 2009, the house was for sale and the family moved to Oregon, where the parents that television producers found so compelling came under scrutiny.

How about building them something reasonable.

FROM WIKI, I know not the best source, but I'm right and going to bed now.

/play nice

Another criticism aimed at the show surrounds financial issues that some of the families have had after receiving the home makeover, the majority of which have been found to be grossly exaggerated or completely untrue altogether. The most common allegation is that most of the families have sold their houses due to their inability to pay for them, and that some have even gone into foreclosure. In fact, as of November 2010, all but three of the 150+ families helped by the show still reside in the houses given to them. Two of the families, the Hebert and Hassall Families, sold their houses voluntarily, while the third family, the Harper Family, did lose their house to foreclosure, but not because they could not afford it. The family decided to start a construction business and, in order to secure the loan needed to do so, they used their house as collateral with their bank. Due to the recent recession, the business failed, and the house was auctioned off. A few other families, including the Wofford, Vardon and Marrero families, have had some struggles, but most sources specifically point out that these troubles have little to do with the show or the makeover. Most, like those of millions of other American families, are due to the recent recession

funny that you found three...


That was the point, the people CAN afford the houses, they just kicked out the foster kids after they got it, or they lied to begin with.

I don't know if I'd be so quick to render that judgment quite so generally on families who've been helped by the show. Another thing that goes on off-camera that isn't really made much of in the show is financial counseling and advisement for those families- who until recently, likely haven't had a lot of money- in order to prevent them from spending it recklessly.

You could as easily argue that these results suggest it works in a fair number of cases- unlike that of many lotto jackpot winners...
2011-05-16 12:47:14 PM  

Zoomaster: Mi-go amigo: God, bulljive like this just burns me up when girls with real medical problems have trouble raising a few grand.

\ Knows the family
\\ They never got an answer from the Extreme Makeover folks, but that's just life


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Good heavens! If ever a link needed a Hero tag...
2011-05-16 01:00:46 PM  

Dr. Nick Riviera: I wanted to smack the mom.

can I pretend to be be that mom?

/yes I am a sick puppy
//medically healthy though...
///except for a few annoying allergies
2011-05-16 01:06:05 PM  

You should try being on the crew...
2011-05-16 05:21:50 PM  

hockeychick: SkunkWerks

You should try being on the crew...

Considering the stories I heard from a fair number of the local contractors working on my neighbor's place- concluding most profoundly that- if given the choice,- they would not work with Extreme Makeover Home Edition again- I can sympathize easy enough.

As for me, I had my own personal well-water locked onto by their RV town sitting out my back door- and despite specific and clear language in the contract that this very thing was NOT to happen under any circumstances. My lawn looks like a cross between a minefield and a landing strip- assuming that landing strip fielded the Hindenburg disaster. I had rocks, and other demo debris strewn around my property (and am still picking them up). I had to beg to get the pro-bono cleanup crew to remove a "christmas tree" that the build team had decided to dig a four foot post hole for, sink into the middle of my lawn, then leave the corpse to look pretty for MONTHS afterwards. I'm now nearly two years after the build and very little was ever done to heal my hurt.

But I live next to a "castle".

Best of all is probably that said Castle only looks "palatial" up to the limits of where they filmed. After that it's a mud-hole.

2011-05-16 05:25:47 PM  
Oh, and I had Pennington's fat-ass RV blocking my driveway for close to a week.

Move that Bus indeed.
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