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2003-08-15 11:50:35 AM
how much would you pay to hit it? I'd serioule pay $100 bucks
2003-08-15 11:57:37 AM
Why pay? She wants me. I can tell by the look in her eyes...

2003-08-15 12:00:28 PM
I wouldn't pay anything to hit it.
2003-08-15 12:15:10 PM
I think she should pay me to hit it. But meh regardless I'd hit it....I suppose
2003-08-15 12:15:48 PM
maybe below average
nothing special for sure
2003-08-15 12:16:54 PM
I heartily approve...
2003-08-15 12:17:20 PM
you know if she REALLY came up to you and told you to give her 50 bucks you'll do it..
2003-08-15 12:17:25 PM
how about the lukewarmness...
2003-08-15 12:18:27 PM
...about tree fiddy.
2003-08-15 12:18:39 PM
I'll see your $100, and raise you a kidney.
2003-08-15 12:19:05 PM
That's a' spicy a' meatball
2003-08-15 12:19:29 PM
If I looked that good I don't think I'd own any clothes.

Lucky for my coworkers, I am fully aware that I don't and regularly hide my nakedness.
2003-08-15 12:19:31 PM
You're telling me that if this woman walked up to you, took off her clothes and said "Take Me", you wouldn't?!?! I'd hit it!
2003-08-15 12:19:52 PM

I would hit it.

Not exactly my type, but well worth hitting.
2003-08-15 12:20:34 PM
If Lara Flynn Boyle ate something, she might look like that.
2003-08-15 12:22:17 PM
colomboy I'd say sure here's 200 now do something with your face. I'm sorry but her face just seems spooky
2003-08-15 12:22:26 PM
King TT enters this forum in
2003-08-15 12:22:34 PM
They sure don't look fake, and the 'arms over the head' pose shows off lots of the nicest parts of any woman (for example - the entire torso from just about every angle). My wife knows I like it, and her boobs are real.
2003-08-15 12:22:35 PM
I'm having a cascading failure in my pants.
2003-08-15 12:24:52 PM
If those boobies are fake, then somebody did a really good job on them. Very nice.
2003-08-15 12:25:35 PM
if those are fake boobs those are the smallest fake boob job i have seen
2003-08-15 12:25:58 PM

that freak will enter under another farker's account! KingTT's account is gonna be banned like a MF
2003-08-15 12:26:31 PM
Sorry, FriendGirl, but those aren't fake.

We guys pride ourselves in our ability to tell the difference.

As Yoda would say, "hit it, I would!"
2003-08-15 12:27:29 PM
Makes me want a cannoli for some reason...
2003-08-15 12:29:10 PM
I'd Tap It..
2003-08-15 12:29:54 PM
Is there any kind of restraining order on the Alizee thing or what? The thread, everything just kinda disappeared...

/just wondering
2003-08-15 12:30:04 PM
AHhhh iseee.

FriendGirl was just jealous...

DONT BE hatin'
2003-08-15 12:30:12 PM

I agree. If they WERE fake, why not a bit bigger? I know a few friends that size who still want boob jobs. Anyway, they are just fine as they are
2003-08-15 12:33:23 PM
no way they're fake, regardless of size...
2003-08-15 12:34:21 PM
I love it when internet losers rate gorgeous women like they are trash.

2003-08-15 12:34:47 PM
Despite the man hands, I'd allow her to service me orally.
2003-08-15 12:36:30 PM
There is a trend of Fark to follow up disturbing, tragic links with a porn or very silly link.
It is making me horny and giggle when I hear about a tragic event. I don't think it's healthy.
2003-08-15 12:38:15 PM
Fast boobies servers are nice... I like fast boobies servers.

2003-08-15 12:39:55 PM
Anxiously awaiting cola's response to this one...

On a side note- FAP FAP FAP meeoowww thump ahhhhhhhhh.
2003-08-15 12:40:08 PM
jiggs - I thought about mentioning somethig to that effect. Darn that Pavlovian conditioning!!!
2003-08-15 12:43:35 PM
Fantstical Boobosity!
and real!
2003-08-15 12:45:04 PM
In the words of the WV sniper: "I'd...."
2003-08-15 12:45:48 PM
There is a trend of Fark to follow up disturbing, tragic links with a porn or very silly link. It is making me horny and giggle when I hear about a tragic event. I don't think it's healthy.

Not for kittens, anyway...
2003-08-15 12:45:52 PM
Lo colpirei!
2003-08-15 12:47:17 PM
fake boobs r nice too. Imagine a world without fake boobs. stippers wouldn't be able to pick up their money, it would be ANARCHY!
2003-08-15 12:49:56 PM
Righto, she's a man, baby, yeah! After some wine, I'd probably hit it, unless the voice is really deep, then I think we'd just go catch a soccer match or something.
2003-08-15 12:52:27 PM
She's got that "Come move to Rome and change your life for me!" look going.

And I just might...
2003-08-15 12:52:30 PM
if that's hotness, i'm poking my eyes out...
2003-08-15 12:53:02 PM
Why do these models smile like once every ninety-thousand shots? That "I need my heroin" grimace may sell in girls' magazines, but it ruins the effect: who wants to oogle somebody who looks constipated?
2003-08-15 12:57:53 PM
MUST get to work on foreign accent! Bulgarian? Tagalog? Hmmmm, so many choices...
2003-08-15 01:00:28 PM
"Bon Jour, YO!"

Hmmmm....not quite...
2003-08-15 01:00:47 PM
Tagalog's hard

they inflect plurals by putting the additional letters in the middle.

2003-08-15 01:02:29 PM
this is really one of the stronger boobies links weve had here in a while...absolutely no hesitation, no farkingedness whatsoever.
Bravo, webserver!
2003-08-15 01:04:09 PM
Oh my GOD and all that is holy...

2003-08-15 01:04:14 PM
littlesanny - good from afar, but far from good
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