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(SFGate)   Final California recall election list. 2 strippers, Larry flint, Gary Coleman, Michael Jackson, Richard Simmons and Arnie too   (sfgate.com) divider line 130
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2003-08-14 02:31:29 PM
... and the angels wept.
2003-08-14 02:32:23 PM
People should be given unique bar-coded tattoos giving serial numbers to avoid same-name confusion.
2003-08-14 02:32:25 PM
Who knew Michael Jackson was a republican?
2003-08-14 02:32:37 PM
RatemyRack is a fun site
2003-08-14 02:32:52 PM
2003-08-14 02:32:55 PM
Yawn, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, the sooner the San Andreas fault lets go and the whole damn state sinks into the pacific the better..I think.
2003-08-14 02:32:55 PM
.....and the Partridge Family in a pear treeeeeeeeee!
2003-08-14 02:33:04 PM
Don't forget Bob Dole.... Bob Dole wouldn't forget Bob Dole...
2003-08-14 02:33:17 PM
Ned Roscoe Libertarian owner of Cigarettes Cheaper chain

As Gov. of California? Larry Flint and the pornstar have a better chance of getting elected than this guy.
2003-08-14 02:33:24 PM

Who'da thought?
2003-08-14 02:33:34 PM

...jebus h. christ.
2003-08-14 02:34:09 PM
And don't forget, Jack Grisham, lead singer of TSOL is running as well! http://www.grishamforgovernor.com/
2003-08-14 02:35:46 PM
Were I in California, I'd vote for Georgy. Anyone who uses thong underwear to get her message across is AOK in my book.
2003-08-14 02:36:04 PM
My vote is going to the bounty hunter. Thats just awesome
2003-08-14 02:36:07 PM
Gallagher is a watermelon-hurling comic?

Hurling? &nbspDo some research!  He smashes 'em!
2003-08-14 02:36:38 PM
Mohammad Arif Independent

What's the chance this guy gets elected?
2003-08-14 02:37:07 PM
What a HORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRible candidate!
Name: Nathan Whitecloud Walton
Party: Independent
Occupation: Student
Web site: http://www.nathan.walton.com
Comment: son of former NBA star Bill Walton
2003-08-14 02:38:06 PM

Name: Mary "Mary Carey" Cook
Party: Independent
Occupation: Adult Film Actress

Well, you can't say she's not used to seeing stiff competition.

2003-08-14 02:38:13 PM
Don't forget about the hottie selling thongs, Georgy.
2003-08-14 02:38:58 PM
A prime example of our government systems...any yahoo can run.

2003-08-14 02:39:04 PM
Don't forget Arriana Huffington. Sure she's 53, but still kinda hot in the Sophia Loren/Medeteranian kind of way (yeah, I know she's Greek).
2003-08-14 02:39:09 PM

Brooke Adams would have my vote:

2003-08-14 02:39:13 PM
Rob Rogers had a nice take on this mess.
2003-08-14 02:40:12 PM
Name: Mary "Mary Carey" Cook
Party: Independent
Occupation: Adult Film Actress

sweet lord that's nasty
2003-08-14 02:41:37 PM
Marey Carey is the porn "star", who are the strippers?

/curious and doesn't want to sift through the whole damned list.
2003-08-14 02:41:47 PM
a man named robert dole is also running.

/bob dole won't stand for this
2003-08-14 02:41:56 PM
2003-08-14 02:42:14 PM
needs more pornstars

and you know, at least now Florida can take a little breather, we can start warming up the "California" tag...
2003-08-14 02:42:31 PM
Brooke is way hotter than the Olsen twins.

I was going to vote for Arnold, but now I'm reconsidering.

Wait, I don't live in California...
2003-08-14 02:43:06 PM
Name: Leonard Padilla
Party: Independent
Occupation: Law School President
Comment: bounty hunter

nuff said
2003-08-14 02:47:00 PM
Name: Kurt E. "Tachikaze" Rightmyer
Party: Independent
Occupation: Middleweight Sumo Wrestler

A vote for Kurt is a vote for Big Government!
2003-08-14 02:48:36 PM
Is that the real Gallagher, or his brother? Also, who came up with those descriptions? Maybe FARK could come up with some better ones.

/vote Libertarian.
2003-08-14 02:49:00 PM
at this rate, you take all the names on that list (I counted 135) and multiply them by the $3500.00 registration fee for the paperwork to run for Governor, and you get $472,500.00....few more recall elections and that might help balance their budget.
2003-08-14 02:49:12 PM
Grisham has my vote. Maybe he'll adopt "Code Blue" as his campaign song.
2003-08-14 02:49:26 PM
Is it me, or is the "Comments" line only hurting nominees?

I particularly like Michael "electrical engineer and not a pop music star" Jackson and Richard J. "not the weight-loss guru" Simmons.
2003-08-14 02:50:22 PM

Georgy for Governor, indeed.
2003-08-14 02:50:32 PM
Damn! Father Guido Sarducci didn't make the cut. He would have had a few of my votes in absentia as a Washington State citizen (wha? Fraud is such an ugly word).

I wonder if maybe they wouldn't allow aliases. Hence the Issa (no relation), Wozniak (no relation), Michael Jackson (no relation), Richard Simmons (no relation), Edward "Ed" Kennedy (no relation), Dan Feinstein (no relation)...
2003-08-14 02:50:38 PM
It's gotta hurt to hurl watermelons.
2003-08-14 02:51:56 PM
damn marla, you beat me to it...
2003-08-14 02:52:30 PM
Is there any difference in the accual political views of AAAAArnold and davis?
2003-08-14 02:53:50 PM
this clusterfark makes me glad i live in "anything goes" nevada
2003-08-14 02:54:16 PM
I think I should have run as Lord God (no relation to deities of the same name).
2003-08-14 02:56:16 PM
Kalifornia... the land of fruits and nuts! Arnie is a political guru. He is runnung in california but has spent the past 3 days in New York. What the hell is going on.

Perhaps the citizens of california would be better served if Gary Coleman and Arnie debated the issues via pay per view. Any backers?
2003-08-14 02:56:23 PM
You people don't understand what this election is going to be like.

135 Canidates - PICK 1!

They already are saying that it will take almost a month to certify the results of the election.

I want to get a copy of the ballot, scan it, and post it to fark for the sheer comedy of it.
2003-08-14 02:58:33 PM
somebody should jump on this and put out some trading cards.
trade with your friends. collect the whole set.
2003-08-14 02:59:34 PM
The state of Kalifornia had to reinvent the alphabet to ensure that Aaron Aaronson didnt have the advantage. Check for articles about that. it was pretty funny, I guess the letter A now resides in the 12th position of the alpha bet. This is a ground breaking thing. Hopefully both Kobe and Scott Petereson verdicts will come in the same time the election results do!!!! THAT WOULD BE CLASSIC
2003-08-14 03:01:09 PM
Yea, I was wondering about Arnold being on the wrong coast too. I guess press is press.
2003-08-14 03:02:35 PM

Perhaps the citizens of california would be better served if Gary Coleman and Arnie debated the issues via pay per view. Any backers?

Maybe Fox would like to reignite Celebrity Boxing. I think the winner is a foregone conclusion, but if it's No Holds Barred, it could be interesting. Oh, and to the death.
2003-08-14 03:02:49 PM
Damn, if i lived in cali, i wouldnt know who to vote for!

I mean, i'm a libertarian, so i would want to vote that way,

but who wouldnt want to vote for a bounty hunter, or gary coleman, or larry flynt. Hell even the CEO of cigarettes cheaper would be more interesting that any stuffy old politician.

I still think arnie will pull this one out. He's got the name recognition, is affiliated with one of the two major parties, and is getting all the media coverage.
2003-08-14 03:03:14 PM
uhmm, Excuse me...They forgot me...Im running for governor along with everyone else, If only i had 3,500 dollars, well my guitars worth that much will they take that?!?
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