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Bin Laden underwater on his mortgage, Katy Perry's boob fairy, and nobody expects the Spanish Imposition: some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week from 5/1 - 5/7 
Posted by Drew at 2011-05-10 3:03:54 PM (14 comments) | Permalink

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From Unfreakable:

No update from Drew this week, just some headlines that we thought were fun. Hope you enjoy them, too, if you missed any the first time around.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2011-05-01 to Sat 2011-05-07:

www.fark.com  Al-Qaeda will unleash a "nuclear hellstorm" if Osama bin Laden is captured. Good thing he wasn't captured then    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Final Osama bin Laden message likely to surface soon. May include, "Is that someone at the door?"    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Spanish court surprises everyone by imposing sentences of 439 years each to Somali pirates. Apparently no one expected quite a Spanish imposition    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Thanks to Botox, teens on prom night will be just like your prom date: numb, expensive and incapable of showing emotion    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Osama grew weed at his compound and drank Pepsi while chanting 'death to America'. So basically he was a UC Berkeley student    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Man, 100 and woman, 93 marry and become world's oldest newlyweds. Leaving today for honeymoon at Viagra Falls    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Ring ring ring goes the trolley. Argh argh argh goes the worker trapped under it    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Bin Laden's mansion worth only 25 percent of what he paid for it, meaning he'll be underwater for a long time    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  How was Osama Bin Laden killed? Here are the 72 versions    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Left handed people are more affected by fear, which researchers say has sinister implications    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Police arrest man for stealing stenography machines. He wants a short sentence    img.fark.net


www.fark.com  Barkeep, give me an Alex Ovechkin -- that's a White Russian on ice with no cup    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Favre expresses desire to expose himself on camera again    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Pagan sidelined by injury. Heathen to fill in    img.fark.net


www.fark.com  2011: CERN physicists successfully preserve antimatter for 17 minutes. 2021: CERN physicists threaten to blow up the planet if their demands aren't met    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Scientists may have found a way to prevent Ebola infections, which is great news for people who were frankly tired of bleeding out of their eyes all the time    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Koalas have exactly the same fingerprints as humans. That means any one of us could be a secret koala agent    img.fark.net


www.fark.com  Homeless woman with poor vision but highly tuned sense of smell mistakes Paris Hilton for Lindsay Lohan    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Daniel Radcliffe fancies Pippa Middleton, puts on his robe and wizard hat    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  "Terminator 5" will NOT reunite the original cast. Michael Biehn goes back to staring at his phone    img.fark.net


www.fark.com  Current county commissioners commission county committee to commission county commissioner    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Prince Edward Island boasts 75% voter turnout, residents disappointed that fourth guy didn't bother    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Former Bush Chief of Staff thinks Obama is bragging too much in the wake of bin Laden's death. Jeez, he's talking like Obama rode a jet fighter to an aircraft carrier and gave a speech in front of a Mission Accomplished banner    img.fark.net


www.fark.com  US appeals court rejects Phil Spector appeal, use of NewsFlash tag    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Katy Perry's upbringing was so strict that her minister father wouldn't even let the family eat "deviled" eggs or own a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. Fortunately the Boob Fairy wasn't under similar restrictions    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Paul Stanley 1981: "If it's too loud, you're too old." Hip replaced, deaf Paul Stanley 2011: "IT'S TOO LOUD"    img.fark.net


www.fark.com  Siemens gets its profits all over the place    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  UBS agrees to pay $160 million and will stop putting the ports so close together    img.fark.net

www.fark.com  Topless coffee shop gets ready to clothes    img.fark.net
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14 Comments   (+0 »)
2011-05-10 03:12:50 PM
Osama underwater = HOTY so far
2011-05-10 03:16:01 PM

Chupacabra Sandwich: Osama underwater = HOTY so far

It's making a pretty strong case, I'd say.
2011-05-10 03:17:00 PM
I didn't see the Ring ring ring one before. I had to call my wife and tell her that one.
2011-05-10 03:25:22 PM

Chupacabra Sandwich: Osama underwater = HOTY so far

I missed that one when it aired. That replaces the OBL Cocktail: Two shots and a splash of water as my new favorite topical joke.
2011-05-10 03:27:55 PM
That katy perry thread was an impressive tribute to boobs, in many ways. Vote is still for underwater osama.
2011-05-10 03:45:07 PM

Chupacabra Sandwich: Osama underwater = HOTY so far


R.A.Danny: I didn't see the Ring ring ring one before. I had to call my wife and tell her that one.

And this.
2011-05-10 04:04:39 PM

Mechanicum: That katy perry thread was an impressive tribute to boobs, in many ways. Vote is still for underwater osama.

This. Good thing the current pic naziism isn't being retroactively applied. This thread made a handy bookmark.
2011-05-10 04:06:03 PM

Chupacabra Sandwich: Osama underwater = HOTY so far

2011-05-10 04:11:55 PM

Chupacabra Sandwich: Osama underwater = HOTY so far

2011-05-10 04:29:37 PM
I loved the underwater headline too. I didn't read any of the threads so I don't know if anyone else came up with this. I thought of it too late to do any submitting or even commenting really.

Hearing Osama discussed on the radio after a conversation that included sharks prompted this thought... You may not realize this but, Osama underwent a transformation almost as remarkable as Ebenezer Scrooge. In just one night he went from hated terrorist to pretty good chum.
2011-05-10 04:31:59 PM
Topless coffee shop gets ready to clothes

seems appropriate given the lessened site traffic
2011-05-10 06:31:31 PM
Chupacabra Sandwich: Osama underwater = HOTY so far


In my book, that's a definite frontrunner for the HOTY!
2011-05-10 07:53:34 PM
I could use a boob fairy. Not for my boobs of course.

Bin Laden headline rocked.
2011-05-12 01:37:05 PM
Woohoo... I got a HOTW!

And I was paying attention when this was posted two days ago!
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