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(ESPN)   Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi married   ( divider line
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1582 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Oct 2001 at 7:39 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-23 07:44:39 AM  
2001-10-23 07:46:09 AM  
2001-10-23 07:49:09 AM  
So much for good taste.
2001-10-23 08:10:49 AM  
I think this on needs a "congratulations"-tag.
2001-10-23 08:21:59 AM  
How do you like my sloppy seconds Andre?
2001-10-23 08:35:49 AM  
I sent the link to my boss, her reaction:

"Now I've got to live 20 years to see their kid play tennis..."
2001-10-23 09:14:11 AM  
I guess in tennis love doesn't always mean nothing.
2001-10-23 09:44:03 AM  

Hey that new Ben Folds album kicks ass, have you heard it yet?

2001-10-23 09:45:09 AM  
They bought a 23 million dollar house? What a waste of perfectly good money. Although for the SF area 23 mil probably bought them a 2000 sqft 3bdrm house.
2001-10-23 10:05:00 AM  
What bothers me is that their kid will be born into tennis regardless of what the little bugger wants. True, it's no different from any of the sociocultural grooming we were given as kids ousrelves, but still... raising a child with the express purpose of creating a tennis star instead of making decisions based on the kid's personality & qualities seems wrong somehow.
2001-10-23 10:11:33 AM  
he will be so badly physically beaten in that relationship...

Please send all donations now.
2001-10-23 10:14:34 AM  
People who are well known and do exactly the same thing for a living shouldn't have kids. It will corrupt their young minds. Then they will cause destruction and chaos.
2001-10-23 10:18:31 AM  
...unless Andre divorces her, then the kid will have to file a lawsuit just to get a racket in her hand.
2001-10-23 10:38:25 AM  
With her looks and his brains (yes, the worst from both parents), the kid will have no choice but to become a wrestler.
2001-10-23 01:00:41 PM  
Appie: ROTFL! There's probably more truth in your statement than we realize!
2001-10-23 02:13:29 PM  
the world rejoices...
2001-10-23 02:49:14 PM  
Born with a silver racket in his mouth?
2001-10-23 02:51:57 PM  
Appie, I know one guy who'd disagree -- that Farkian "hero", Hef, who several years ago offered Graf a million bucks to strip her rags off for his rag. She declined.

Bet Anna K. wouldn't, for the right amount of moola. She might as well, since she'll never amount to much as a jock.
2001-10-23 04:47:25 PM  
"Agassi was previously married to actress Brooke Shields."

now that is not true..... they had it unulled (sp) so she could get remarried as a catholic.......

well, I do not think he traded up.
2001-10-23 05:05:47 PM  
I don't understand saying that Graf's looks are bad.
I think she's beautiful, not to mention graceful or demure.
And now she's taken. WAAHH!!
2001-10-23 06:02:31 PM  
Steffi Graf would make a great porn actress if she would just get rid of that Jimmy Durante nose of hers.
2001-10-23 10:08:04 PM  
Slayerswine: You noticed that too! heheheheh
2001-10-24 06:00:38 AM  
She is such a hottie!
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