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(Straight Dope)   Cecil shows you how to prove the Earth is round to yourself   ( divider line
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4223 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Oct 2001 at 5:45 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-22 05:48:04 PM  
Oh yeah, like all that "science" blahblah proves anything.
2001-10-22 05:50:14 PM  
2001-10-22 05:56:31 PM  
Still not convinced
2001-10-22 06:04:01 PM  
I don't believe in the internet either.
2001-10-22 06:13:46 PM  
ahahaha, people getting information from the internet.
how stupid, dont people have better things to do on there own time? farking idiots i tell you.

*clicks on another link on fark to get whats going on aroudn the world*
2001-10-22 06:31:04 PM  
The earth is square!And there's creamy penguin filling in the center!
2001-10-22 06:32:53 PM  

I care so little I am taking the time to tell you about it.
2001-10-22 06:43:10 PM  
"The earth is square!And there's creamy penguin filling in the center!"

2001-10-22 06:43:17 PM  
Who cares?

I'm not interested in whether the Earth is round or flat! What I want to know is, what are we doing about the entrance to the Hollow Earth in Uruguay? And the Nazi flying saucers going in and out of it EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY?

Geez, people need to get their priorities straight.
2001-10-22 07:01:31 PM  
Creamy penguin filling??!?!! LOL. That is one of my new sayings. Thanks Mighty!!
2001-10-22 07:27:43 PM  
didnt we prove like hundreds and hundreds of years ago that the earth is square and filled with creamy penguin filling.
2001-10-22 07:34:53 PM  
mmmmmmm, penguins......

oh wait! Liars! all of you "scientists" are dope smoking crack babies! the earth is flat! flat I tells ya!

2001-10-22 07:36:33 PM  
Thanks for your time OcterDoctopus.
2001-10-22 07:55:07 PM  
"Creamy penguin filling??!?!! LOL. That is one of my new sayings. Thanks Mighty!!"

Sorry, the credit for that phrase goes to OcterDoctopus.
2001-10-22 09:19:36 PM  
No, the credit goes to Kthulhu!
2001-10-22 09:36:03 PM  
2001-10-22 09:36:42 PM  
I keep hearing the call of Kthulhu on my answering machine. Is he trying to sell me something?
2001-10-22 09:42:11 PM  
These flat earth people are farking idiots. Yup.
Theres this religion that thinks these ghosts invented
the internet, but just because they believe it doesnt
make it true! This is no different. Its a farking
undisputable FACT that urth is round. These flat earth
bastards should go back to their farking afghanistan
2001-10-22 09:49:03 PM  
Cecil is a liar.
2001-10-22 09:53:41 PM  
Genesis 4:22

and god so loved the earth that he fashioned it after his favorite polyhedron, the cube. but god knew that that alone was not enough; god knew that in addition to being snazzy looking, the earth must also be tasty. so god then added a creamy, penguin filling, making the earth the tastiest square planet this side of the kupier belt.

2001-10-22 10:23:21 PM  
Deathcow:He's just trying to switch your long distance so he doesn't get fired from AT&T for poor sales.
2001-10-22 11:06:34 PM  
Alfred Russell Wallace proved this way back when by setting up two objects of equal height miles and miles from each other at the same elevation. A telescope peering straight parallel with the ground should look dead on the remote object, but instead was looking over the top of it. With the proper caution and measurements this could easily be done, but of course just by the observations on that page it should be pretty clear.
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