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(Some Guy)   Study finds that 19% of Americans who have smartphones never access the internet with it, and 32% don't use apps at all. But hey, it looks pretty   ( divider line
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2011-04-29 05:21:12 PM
2011-04-29 05:26:09 PM  

doczoidberg: My employer recently provided me with a Droid X....
Well, I broke the thing when it fell out of my pocket and into a puddle. My fault, sure, BUT...

I came to find out the Droid cost, like, 600 dollars. And I have no choice but to basically have the price taken out of my paycheck.

If your employer didn't make you sign anything making you responsible for damages, no, he can't take it out of you check. And if he had the option to buy insurance and didn't, he's more negligent than you are.
2011-04-29 05:30:21 PM  

Ed Willy: I know many people who access the internet and download various apps, but for the most part they are just dicking around, bored or use it to avoid awkward situations.

I haven't bought a smartphone yet, but I hope that I don't fall into the phone addiction a lot of people seem to suffer from.

Here in NYC you often see playing doing various things on their cell phones while riding the subway. On any given day if I happen to ride the subway either some other passenger is playing games or listening to music on their smart phones.
2011-04-29 05:33:58 PM  
The most used apps on my Android phone in no particular order: the texting app; weather; advanced task killer (vital after opening a lot of apps); desk clock (use the alarm every morning); facebook app; twitter app; Amazon MP3 app for the free daily download; internet; google search; navigation; call history; scientific calculator; flash light; redbox; and when I feel like showing off to another computer geek who doesn't have an android, the tricorder. I've about 30 other apps on there I use occasionally. I go through them about every other month or so and uninstall apps I've not used so I have room for other things.
2011-04-29 05:34:43 PM  

HatMadeOfAss: Maybe because the market is flooded with smartphones and that's all that gets advertised anymore.

This. It's like if you wanted one without a build in camera, odds are your provider doesn't have one. The lower end of the bar keeps rising so that your choice is either to keep your old phone or accept one with more advanced features.
2011-04-29 05:36:07 PM  
GPS, maps, and the Genius button.

fark yeah!!
2011-04-29 05:39:13 PM  

factoryconnection: Yugoboy: I also know how to use a map... GPS is for the weak. :)

Also significant for me: I travel a good bit for work, but I'm in Hertz #1 Gold, so GPS is free on all my rentals.

I do say, though, the audiobook idea is a good one, though I could just put 'em on the iPod touch.

I'm pretty sure they have audiobooks for the iPod.
2011-04-29 05:43:27 PM  

doubled99: (read in Cartman's voice)
Hey guys, look at me! Look at my awesome new IPhone!
I'm downloading cool apps right now!
What? You don't have an IPhone?!?
What a total loser! Are you on welfare, or do you live in a farkin cave and hate everything modern?

I see you were watching South Park last night except that Cartman was bragging about his Ipad. The funny thing is that episode was making fun of some things recently discussed on Fark, like the Apple user agreement.
2011-04-29 05:44:22 PM  
I have a phone with a keyboard that can access the internet because the company paid me $150 to get it.

And I use it for nothing but standard calls on the minimum plan.
2011-04-29 06:08:44 PM  
I have a Droid, I don't use any apps but I use the browser all the time. In fact the reason I went with a smartphone in the first place is because I had no other internet for about 8 months (dropped my laptop and it did not end well).Also, my GPS has been disabled since I turned it on the first time.
2011-04-29 07:11:34 PM  

doczoidberg: My employer recently provided me with a Droid X....
Well, I broke the thing when it fell out of my pocket and into a puddle. My fault, sure, BUT...

If your phone falls in water you should take the battery out ASAP and put the phone + battery in a bag of uncooked rice. Leave it there for a few days and resist the urge to 'test it'. After 24 hours or more... see how it works. I have dropped my phone in the toilet, my sister has dropped her phone in the toilet and IN A LAKE and this technique completely repaired them.

If it broke from the fall then... well you're *#&$ed.

/please no phone/toilet questions. IT HAPPENED.
2011-04-29 07:56:06 PM  
Shocking, truly! At my previous mcjob replacing wireless devices (don't call it a cell phone, that's a no no) I was amused daily by the people who would call up with say an HTC Evo or something else really high end. When I got to the part about the deductible for their insurance claim ($100 for the smrt phones) I would many times have these idiots ask me why is it so high? The only thing I use it for is to make phone calls, I don't even have a data plan! Well, dumbass, aside from you know, actually reading your insurance policy so you know what your deductible is, why'd you buy a $500 phone in the first place? Oh yeah, as subby pointed out, it looks pretty. Glad I don't have to answer that stupid question any more. Buy a $20 Samsung prepaid on the carrier of your choice if you don't need internet access.
2011-04-29 09:24:06 PM  

meyerkev: Inibrius: meyerkev: AnubisMan: My hands are the size of dinner plates and my finger tips are the size of a penny. Touching the screen would mean I hit like 4 buttons at once. At least with a physical keyboard I can tell which key I am on before I press it.

Same here.

I was developing an app as part of a team, and more than once, I had to go in and make buttons bigger just so I could test the app.

However, since my droid 2 keyboard is actually SMALLER than the onscreen keyboard, I just use the onscreen keyboard very very slowly.

/My email sig is literally: "Sent from my cell phone. Please forgive brevity or typos."

I had this same issue, then I bought and rooted a Nook Color. No problems with that anymore. Add hotspotting from my Aria (rooted with grandfathered in unlimited, suck it AT&T) and it's still easier then carrying around a laptop.

Which rom did you put on it? This sounds like something relevant to my interests.

I'm running the Phiremod Gingerbread rom on the Nook, and the Cyanogen7 Froyo mod on the Aria.
2011-04-29 10:44:45 PM  
I have what would be referred to as a "smartphone," but I bought it when it was old, and it cost me $20 after a contract renewal rebate.

I pay $35 a month for a non-data plan, so using it to do internet things isn't really an option.
2011-04-30 01:06:35 AM  

factoryconnection: cyberspacedout: I'll admit that I don't have a data plan, but I do use wi-fi in spots where I have access. For casual surfing, or even posting on FARK, it sure beats carrying around a laptop.

How did you get WiFi unlocked without a data plan? Did you use to have a data plan on that phone? I wish I could just activate WiFi but the major carriers lock them unless you pay for data.

Actually, I didn't. The phone I have was formerly owned by a Google employee, who got it from the company. He did have a data plan, but I doubt anything had been locked in the first place (without any profit-motivated wireless provider being involved).
2011-04-30 09:24:34 AM  
How did I ever get through life before "pocket sitcom" ???? Not to mention my dog annoyer.
2011-04-30 04:47:41 PM  
I am surprised the amount of browser and app users was that high. Most likely half of those who said they use the browser and/or apps were lying. This is exactly why I use a tracfone. Back in the day I bought a smartphone, although I am not sure if it would qualify as such these days. It was a Samsung I300 that I bought in 1999 or so. It did e-mail, text based web, etc.. I quickly found that I didnt need any of that crap. The only thing I ever used it for was to make and receive calls. My usage was typically 30 mins or so a month, yet I was being forced to pay an enormous amount of money for 300 or so minutes, which was the insanely high "minimum" that they offered.
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