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24307 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Aug 2003 at 3:15 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-08-08 04:48:20 PM  
Nice Trolling crazyjim,
Every European's ancestor was tripping over their own two feet to come over and exploit the native americans, so indict western culture, not just those still living here 400 years later.

Dubbya is just that damned crazy... he's a texan of low mental capacity (meaning he's got a short fuse and a BIG stick). We're gonna go in there, China is going to get antsy, and eveything is going to start coming apart at the seams. I mean, nobody would cry if NK went down, but China has to save face... NK wont fire off nukes unless no one comes to their aid. China *might* go in to stop the war if only for that reason. With China in the game, the US cannot win conventionally, if only because there are too many troops on the ground. It will be a waste of many of my good friends' lives, and thousands more americans... and the 38th parallel will still be the line.

Now, if China made the move to oust Po Dung Quack er, No Dong Duk, wait, Long Duck Dong... no... Mao Tze Daong... hmm... Kim Bill Bong? BAH! Anyway, everyone wins - China saves face and gets to install the new puppet, the US stays out of the Asian arena. Wishful thinking, but what the heck.
2003-08-08 04:48:32 PM  

the missiles cannot reach DC.

Who said anything about a missile? I'm talking about an unmarked shipping container from Malaysia.
2003-08-08 04:49:56 PM  
subigo: In other news, schools across America to start teaching the duck and cover method within 30-60 days.

In other, other news, U.S. Supreme Court now concedes need for prayer in schools.

Seriously, local (SoCal) newspaper mentioned possibly re-activating the air-raid sirens for use in cases of terrorist/WMD attack. Looks like they'll be needed for other things too.
2003-08-08 04:52:25 PM  

"We believe the use of air power in such a war would be swifter and more devastating than it was in Iraq,"

Why? Oh, because North Korea actually has working mass-destruction weapons factories?

No, because if there was to be an air war in NK the US Air Force wouldn't be as careful not to blow up bridges, power plants, and other infrastructure pieces.
2003-08-08 04:53:47 PM  
Wait wait wait, let's all hold on for one minute...

hold on...ok relax and breath...

Ok, now - could NK really nuke LA? I mean, do we need to look at this as totally a bad thing?
2003-08-08 04:54:01 PM  

Yup. I blame bush for the NK situation too. I mean, things would be different if NK had a 50 yr history of stirring shiat up and sabre rattling.

/everything tricky in the world started on Jan 20 2001.
2003-08-08 04:54:04 PM  
Your "exploited Native Americans" rhetoric is tired... put it to bed...

For the record, I'm as much Cherokee as I am Irish and German. Should I apologize or be apologized to?

PS - how do you suppose those displaced Natives acquired the land "my ancestors" stole from them? I seem to remember a story about "The Great Sharing" where each tribe sent a representative and everyone peacefully agreed on static borders over apple pie and coffee... I'm glad nobody had to die before the Europeans showed up...
2003-08-08 04:54:43 PM  

Now why am I not surprised that you are from NYC...
2003-08-08 04:54:45 PM  
World peace has never existed in the history of man. But the ability for one group of people to wipe all life off the planet has only existed for 40 years. So history is really no guideline for the future when it comes to war. These past 40 years have been the most peaceful in the world's history in many ways. In the past, any country significantly stronger than its neighbors would invade and enslave those neighbors. Now we view those neighbors as consumers and Coke and cars to them. Unfortunately, the U.S. is still caught up fighting the last war and spending far too much of its GDP on weaponry that will never be used. But defense contractors are all major contributors to our political parties, and they employ a ton of people in most states.
2003-08-08 04:54:46 PM  
I'm just surprised that in a thread about Korea this long, that no-one has posted a picture of the Korean soccer hottie.

Must mean that people are taking this story seriously. Wow. Who knew that could happen on Fark?
2003-08-08 04:58:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-08 04:59:15 PM  

Unfortunately, the U.S. is still caught up fighting the last war and spending far too much of its GDP on weaponry that will never be used. But defense contractors are all major contributors to our political parties, and they employ a ton of people in most states.

I was in agreement with your post until you said this. Just another "cut the defense budget" nutjob. Shortsighted people see the defense budget as bombs, missles, and planes, not as computers, GPS navigation, and the freeway systems (to name a few). Spending money on defense leads to many technological advances that always make it out to non-military markets.
2003-08-08 05:00:10 PM  
Yeah, Korag. That's a biatch, ain't it?

2003-08-08 05:00:11 PM  
I have 5 tours of Korea, and I just came back from Iraq.
So maybe I know of what I speak.

We will have a lot more casualties in Korea. A lot more.
Iraq is basically a pool table, nice and flat. That makes it easy for our ground forces to move.
Korea is mostly mountainous terrain, very difficult for our ground forces to move.

Is a war in Korea right or wrong?

Not up to me to decide, that's up to the American voters.
2003-08-08 05:01:29 PM  
Yeah because war is, you know spiffy.

1 more year of dubbaya, the hopefully we get a new idiot.
2003-08-08 05:03:05 PM  
War with NK is unthinkable. They have a comprehensive air defense, dug-in artillery, and hard terrain. They could turn Seoul into 200 square miles of ruble over a weekend. Chemical weapons would most assuredly be used. The only way to prevent that would be to use nukes on their forward units. Doing so would make the United States look like Hitler's big brother.
The Pentagon needs to STFU.
2003-08-08 05:07:20 PM  
Everyone is forgetting about the real victims.. the north korean hotties.. Don't hurt them!
2003-08-08 05:11:22 PM  

Spending money on defense leads to many technological advances that always make it out to non-military markets.

And vice versa. Such are the prizes of spending money on research in general. It's just that Defense research funding is HUGE!
2003-08-08 05:12:20 PM  
2003-08-08 05:03:05 PM madgonad

thing is, war's so POPULAR right now...we wouldn't want to DARE offend anybody by talking against it now would we?

They'll tell YOU to STFU...

/dismayed that Americans are losing their voices and starting to bleat...
2003-08-08 05:14:25 PM  
NK missles will never reach CA. period.

Any moron with a container ship and a nuke could send it to LA, and no in CA would care.

Um, I meant that any moron with a container ship and a nuke could do that, it would be just as like to be Austrailia than it would to be North Korea...

Propaganda people, propaganda. The real enemies are running the show right here at home.
2003-08-08 05:14:57 PM  

Pfeh. It's already been proven that NK cant hit a US city.

Japan, and south korea? it can hit them, but it cant hit a US city.

And south korea has it coming.

Maybe hawaii. Maybe. doubt it.

"Just because you aim a bottle rocket at san francisco doesnt mean it's going to get there."
2003-08-08 05:15:40 PM  
If this turns out to be true, it blows a hole into all those who said that we wouldn't attack Korea because of no Oil. Morons.
2003-08-08 05:16:21 PM  
C'mon boys..rattle them sabres!!
2003-08-08 05:17:07 PM  
We are not going to do anything...there is no money to be made move along sheep!!!
2003-08-08 05:17:29 PM  
Now that Bush has fully adopted regime change as a foreign policy he can now expect reciprocity from any country, leader, faction who think similarly of the U.S. and specifically of its current leadership.

Bottomline is that it is "open season" on Bush and all his cronies. This is not a "good thing" if you plan to be around to run for a second term. If he blows it like daddy and becomes a one-termer, d3ead or alive, it does nothing to advance the right's agenda. I can't blame Powell for dis'ing Bush and leaking the rumor of his departure in 2004. He may be the only one left to run for the right.
2003-08-08 05:19:56 PM  

Is it all about money? Or is it also settling old scores from last century? (e.g. Korean war stalemate and Iranian Revolution of 1979)
2003-08-08 05:20:55 PM  
Boy, you dittomonkeys sure wanna believe EVERYTHING Bush tells you, huh?
2003-08-08 05:22:43 PM  
They acknowledged the risk that U.S. military strikes could trigger an explosion of radiation from North Korean nuclear plants, along with massive artillery attacks against Seoul by the North Korean heavy guns that are hidden in hardened underground bunkers on the border.

uhhh so why don't we just drop a nuke on them? Oh, i guess it's ok if we "accidently" cause a nuclear explosion...

one of north korea's most plentiful resources is uranium - that's why they have a "nuclear program". also the media is pretty good at making "nuclear program" sound like "nuclear WEAPONS program" which it wasn't until a few months ago - they used nuclear reactors to provide electricity, so they could cook, work, etc...

where the fark is the state department?! oh what? it's been merged with the department of defense? damn - guess we're back to dept of war...
2003-08-08 05:25:08 PM  
A note to all of you talking "strategy:" Just because you've mastered Command & Conquer doesn't make you a military mastermind.
2003-08-08 05:25:39 PM  
Well ideals are fine to stand on but really it has to with monetary control. The US is anybody's friend as long as you play the financial game the US way. The US is not unique in this respect but just currently on top.....sooner or later some other civilization will get their chance.
2003-08-08 05:26:50 PM  
2003-08-08 04:42:45 PM loki see loki do
There will be no Korean War II. NK doesn't have the money r food or much else to pull it off.

You're right there will be no Korean War II, but not for the reason that you outlined.

The Korean war is still on, isn't it? There is currently a cease fire but technically isn't the war is still on, hence the DMZ, and the lines of thousands of deployed troops eyeing each other on either border of the DMZ? Am I right in this or am I wrong, in thinking that the war never officially ended, except in a semipermanent cease fire?
2003-08-08 05:27:05 PM  
So, anti-Bush people, what now?
2003-08-08 05:28:47 PM  
KimVette....There was never a declared war in Korea. Another bogus conflict eg. vietnam, iraq, grenada, bosnia, etc.
2003-08-08 05:28:49 PM  
To the poster. I have friends and acquantinces assigned to EUSA and 2ID. When they are being shelled by the 70MM cannons the N Koreans have aimed at Seoul do you think that will spiffy you moronic MOFO?

Oh and let's hope to heaven that they don't have nuclear weapons yet as they have proven that they have missles that can hit Alaska and Hawaii.
2003-08-08 05:29:14 PM  
blame canada research the constitution on what it takes to get a recall vote done on a President.
2003-08-08 05:29:41 PM  
KimVette: yes technically north and south korea have been at war for over 50 years now, no peace has been signed, just a cease fire
2003-08-08 05:29:47 PM now we can spend 800 billion to rebuild THEIR economy?

what about OUR economy?

2003-08-08 05:29:52 PM  
It would take one hell of a surprise airstrike to take out all the artillery that is pointed at Seoul. I feel really sorry for those people. If this shiat happens, a lot of South Koreans in Seoul are going to die: men, women, and children.

Given Kim the son seems to be quite whacked, if he gets wind of a US military build-up, he could strike first, thus killing even more South Koreans.

Usually I would say, 'oh, I'm sure the President has thought of such things.'

Anymore, I can't say that. God help us.
2003-08-08 05:30:33 PM  
2003-08-08 05:28:47 PM geosprint

KimVette....There was never a declared war in Korea. Another bogus conflict eg. vietnam, iraq, grenada, bosnia, etc.

Oh, I thought the KW was a declared war - my bad. So it's like VietNam, "Gulf War I," etc. - "authorized use of force." Shows how long it's been since my world history classes. heh. :)
2003-08-08 05:30:58 PM  
geospirit: the US never declared war, but the korea's certainly did...
2003-08-08 05:33:05 PM  
One very interesting (scary) thing to keep in mind is that the former Clinton advisor on NK, and career diplomat, says that NK has already crossed the 'red line' that the Clinton admin had drawn in the early 90s.

This is not 'Spiffy.' Even if all goes according to plan, and it is over in 30 days, many will be dead. There is not one damn thing about that that is 'Spiffy.' It is like giving 9/11 a 'Spiffy' tag, for cyring-out-loud.
2003-08-08 05:33:22 PM  
So true Blitzy...too bad we got involved and lost tens of thousands of men.........h by the way korean vets are treated as second class citizens when it comes to benefits and health care compared to "normal vets"
2003-08-08 05:36:27 PM  
good plan W! See, US never got oil from iraq...or not much. China gets most of it's oil from there. Now because we own Iraq'a oil, we control the larger flow of oil to China & we can feel free to kick into the Eastern Asia without too much fear of retribution.

2003-08-08 05:37:29 PM  
Jesus Christ. Can someone stop this ride? I want to get off.

Coming, Winter, 2003!

O Canada!
2003-08-08 05:37:37 PM  
KimVette is correct, and gets a cookie.

Dubbya can jsut waltz in and start shooting. We're still at war with them...

Its funny, morally corrupt democrats make the presidency look like a stay with Hugh Hefner. "Oops, I seem to have slipped... again! He he he." "Oh, Mr. President!" *slap*
"You're doing a great service for your country!"

Morally corrupt republicans make the presidency seem downright dictatorial. "Oops, I seem to have slipped... again!" He he he." "Mr. President, you've just bombed Canada." "Well, serves them right for being in Asia and all."

Both seem to be filled with more errors than a Cubs game, yet one seems a bit more, I dont know, friendly? Down to earth? Less with the blowing up and more with the blowing?

/end comedy routine
2003-08-08 05:37:45 PM  
geo: the only "normal vets" these days are pretty much just those around from WW2 right? nam vets didn't get much help either... i guess to be a true vet, you have to be in a "declared war" hahah - that's just the kinda stuff i could see congress pull out of their asses one day...
2003-08-08 05:39:55 PM  
Er, they're still at war with us... I mean... hehehe... yeah, well, if we push a SK across the border to get shot, then we "have" to honor our defense agreement with SK and invade, so whats the difference?
2003-08-08 05:40:16 PM  

As Hussein said Spiffy was meant to be Scary but a glitch left it Spiffy. Anyway...

30 to 60 days does not include 28 days. I have a feeling war with NK will leave at least a few smoking holes on the earth. Hopefully more of them are within NK than SK and US.

2003-08-08 05:42:49 PM  
Maybe we can convince them to just give their nukes to China... China's not stupid enough to use them or sell them. Then again... well, who knows. China already has em, so no real harm in throwing a half dozen more candles on the pile.
2003-08-08 05:44:30 PM  
you are right again blitzy....those guys and gals who served pay again and would think we would learn.
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