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12308 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Aug 2003 at 11:15 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-08-07 10:23:42 AM  
Yea!!!! A second season! I'd like to see them go to another multiplayer map.
2003-08-07 10:59:54 AM  
Red vs. Blue is my morning cup of coffee on mondays.

Don't forget, the site with the episodes is here but the latest episode is on the main page.

I've got a local mirror of the AVIs.
2003-08-07 11:19:13 AM  
Ah, nice to see they finally have some decent Torrent files going on. Last time I checked their site they were going through shiatty Fileplanet.
2003-08-07 11:20:47 AM  
I had the link in my clipboard ready to submit it. grr.
2003-08-07 11:23:06 AM  
That Mr. Burns has his hands in everything!

"My name is Mr. Burns. I believe you have a letter for me."
"Ok Mr. Burns, what is your first name?"
"I don't know."

Just felt like putting that quote in there.
2003-08-07 11:23:45 AM  
cool. I first read about rvb from fark.
this is one thing I appreciate about this site :)
2003-08-07 11:24:30 AM  
I only started watching it last episode, and by the next day i'd seen all 14. Hope it keeps going for a while yet.
2003-08-07 11:27:22 AM  
Does this mean even more bandwidth for the BitTorrent downloads? (I hate that damn program... but I love downloading movies. It's a quandary.)
2003-08-07 11:27:58 AM  
Go RvB! I just got my t-shirts yesterday and I'm a happy camper. I love RvB!

I think they have made me laugh harder on a consistant basis than anything else I watch.
2003-08-07 11:30:50 AM  
Booyah! If they did another season I'd be one happy broad... erm.... dude!

*wipes off lipstick*

btb, does anyone know of any good, free workout/exercise site?
2003-08-07 11:37:35 AM  
RIP dg
2003-08-07 11:43:17 AM  
Could someone explain the appeal of RvB to me? I'm not trolling, I just don't get it at all. I watched the first couple eps the other night, and I think I chuckled once per. Or is it just one of those things like StrongBad that either you get or you don't? (and I like SB)
2003-08-07 11:44:36 AM  
Red Vs Blue is the best thing! Second season!? I want! RED SUCKS BLUE RULES!!!
2003-08-07 11:46:27 AM  
WizardX, I think the appeal (aside from the humor) is for fans of the game Halo, especially those who love the multiplayer mode. Plus it's some impressive video editing given that the physical acting and action is mostly limited to what the game itself can do.
2003-08-07 11:46:43 AM  

I have yet to find a single episode funny. Maybe it stems from my dislike of Xbox. The whole thing just seems real lame to me.
2003-08-07 11:46:45 AM  

If you liked "Clerks", the appeal is really easy to understand. That's the easiest way I can word it.

sorry dude. I'm still chuffed about it though. Seeing a post go up is like winning an Oscar. woo hoo!
2003-08-07 11:47:33 AM  
RyogueShinigami: you are quite clearly incorrect. Reds <i>rule</i>, blues <i>drool</i>.

2003-08-07 11:48:14 AM  
Also, I suck at HTML comments.
2003-08-07 11:49:06 AM  
Except that I love Kevin Smith's stuff.
2003-08-07 11:53:30 AM  

It's all about Blue! Blue kills the most people (I know what your thinking but let's not remember that first kill)

I hope simmons crushes griffs head with the puma
2003-08-07 12:14:57 PM  
oh, and Blue rocks - but Red has a better rookie.
2003-08-07 12:15:02 PM  
Yep them "Animators Turns to Video Games" articles are funs to reads, I likes Reds vs Blues and pluralizing eveythings like the writers
2003-08-07 12:15:39 PM  
"explained Burnie Burns, the writer and creator of Red vs Blue, who also voices the characters Church and Tex."

he means before TEX was found out to be a girl... right? what a weird quote... they should have just said he voiced church.
2003-08-07 12:19:03 PM  
How do they get their heads to bob like they do when they talk? Is there a button on the controller that does it?

Oh ya, and the series is appealing to mostly all gamers with a "monty python/???" sense of humour.
^^^ please fill in the blank.
hard to explain...
2003-08-07 12:24:24 PM  
OK, now the the "I don't get Strongbad" comments I can understand. It took me quite a while to catch on to the Chaps bros. style of humor before I began to enjoy SB emails.

But comon, you don't get RvB? This style isn't nearly as subtle or dependent on in-jokes like Homestar Runner is. Most of the episode plots and situations are classic set-ups, though very well done and IMHO funny as heck.

If you don't get RvB's humor you're probably one of those types that sits there annoying all your friends by saying "I don't see why that's funny" every 5 mintues during a Monty Python movie.
2003-08-07 12:30:54 PM  
First time I've heard of RvB and I love off-the-wall humor. Downloading the movies but there's no sound when played in Quicktime. What's the best way to view these things?
2003-08-07 12:43:10 PM  
Atkins - check the FAQ on their website

You need to have the latest version of Quicktime or the latest DivX codecs installed. Personally, I prefer the DivX .AVIs since they're smaller than the QT ones and the quality is just as good.

Make sure you have the *latest* versions of each, otherwise you'll have problems.
2003-08-07 12:49:06 PM  
RVB is fantastic...after watching the eps I gave um $20 so I get the high res videos and some special vids they hold just for sponsors. It's completly worth it and the only way these guys can keep the lights on...with this kinda publicity, their bandwidth bills are gonna be horrifying.

Guys and Gals - the RVB team are our geek-kin...give um a few bucks for making ya laugh - please...we need more good stuff like this.
2003-08-07 12:49:46 PM  
argh - suck at html - mods, please amend to original post -
2003-08-07 12:50:12 PM  
My favourite character is Caboose.

"I like me"
2003-08-07 12:58:01 PM  
The last few episodes have seemed pretty rushed... the timing just doesn't seem right on a lot of the lines.

Other than that, the cinematography is great and I love the characters for the most part. When it all comes together, it's terrific (You mean the Puma?).
2003-08-07 01:00:48 PM  
I dunno. I'm a big halo fan, even played in a couple of Halo tournaments, and can appreciate a lot of humor, but I've seen the first 3 episodes of RvB and they did absolutely nothing for me... They just dragged basically. Glad to hear that some people are enjoying it though, I really like the animation at least, that's pretty impressive.
2003-08-07 01:03:39 PM  
Red VS Blue is My monday Morning Mainstay, I find the whole series hilarious, Maybe it's the mix of military and gamer humor, being both avid gamer and ex-military I find it all damn funny, If you don't get it or don't like it, then stop watching asshats, more Bandwidth for me. Now all of you go get me some headlight Fluid PRONTO!!!
2003-08-07 01:04:40 PM  
"with this kinda publicity, their bandwidth bills are gonna be horrifying. "

They have friends with phat pipes.
2003-08-07 01:13:12 PM  
Am I blind, or did that BBC article fail to mention Red vs Blue's URL?

RvB's writing is genius. Swearing and explosions for the "I wear my cap backwards" demographic, semi-obscure scifi references for the scifi geeks, poking fun at the conventions of the FPS genre, and the Helleresque take on the entire situation-- "We're here because they're here. They're here because we're here."

And I've never even played Halo.
2003-08-07 01:20:31 PM  
also, thats where BitTorrent comes in
2003-08-07 01:27:11 PM  
Which is easier?
Doing the animation first and then recording the dialogue or recordingthe dialogue and then doing the animation.
2003-08-07 01:47:14 PM  

BBC pages list external links in really small type on the right-hand sidebar.
2003-08-07 02:07:10 PM  
Ahhh there we go :) funny stuff! Used to run an army tool room in Korea, and I used to have folk come to me looking for:

knob wrench
brass magnet
left-handed screwdriver
roof stretcher
trash bags to collect exhaust samples
tube dekinkers
keys to the range fan
blinker fluid
chemlight batteries
transformer recharger
boxes of grid squares and ground guides
2003-08-07 02:14:01 PM  
What, no pneumatic fluid? You disappoint me.
2003-08-07 02:24:49 PM  
not exactly, but the summer air and winter air changes in the tires are close
2003-08-07 02:45:39 PM  
Atkins: What, no elbow grease? No headlight fluid?
2003-08-07 02:47:11 PM  
Burnie Burns is the D.W. Griffith of the 21st Century.
2003-08-08 12:32:56 PM  
Chemlight Fluid is updated and NEWER headlight fluid. Why go with the older outdated when you can use new and improved heartburn kid?
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