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(American snipers)   Slow sunday? Improve your kill ratio and impress the neighbors   ( divider line
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7048 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Oct 2001 at 5:12 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-21 05:15:15 PM  
Slow Sunday? Let's just post random, uninteresting links because they were on memepool.
2001-10-21 05:31:29 PM  
First anime boobies
2001-10-21 05:39:09 PM  
Must....kill...the gopher!!
2001-10-21 05:44:29 PM  
I'm an ebay sniper.
"Never place a bid until 30 seconds before the auction ends."
2001-10-21 06:02:55 PM  
Hey, wtf does that site have to do with true sniping?
2001-10-21 06:04:32 PM  
Reach out, reach out and touch someone. Permanently.

"Dispensing Lake City Quiet Pills to lousy bastards in need of permanent rest since 1968."
2001-10-21 06:24:14 PM  
Why Run?
You'll only die tired.
2001-10-21 06:37:07 PM  
Love that black-text-on-black-background look. Classy.
2001-10-21 06:59:16 PM  
I was thoroughly dissapointed with that site. Nowhere on the site did they tell me what type of gear i should get, or how to go about sniping. not even:

1. get a gun
2. choose a target
3. lie in wait for target, preferably at a distance
4. shoot target
5. dissapear

gee, and they call their site a "resource to law enforcement agencies and interested military units in providing facts, figures, techniques, tactics, training standards and other information relating to the training of law enforcement tactical snipers."

what a crock
2001-10-21 07:13:13 PM  
What, no link to a flash version of SNIPES?

How am I supposed to improve my sniping?
2001-10-21 08:29:29 PM  
I got bored after the home page.
2001-10-21 08:52:19 PM  
This is very specialized site for specialized people. Of course it's boring to the casual bored farker. The "good" stuff was the links at the top of the home page. The news stories are current. The equipment consisted of a t-shirt, a medallion, and a video (said to be # 1 in a forthcoming series) about how to shoot through glass and still hit the target. Now that video sounds pretty dam specialized to me.
2001-10-21 09:13:31 PM  
nope, it was just stupid
2001-10-21 09:25:40 PM  
Woohoo! I swear this is an FBI-run website to collect names of all the freaky militia members who view themselves as leet.
2001-10-21 09:44:48 PM  
Let's go Osama-huntin' . . .
2001-10-21 10:26:39 PM  
Slow Sunday? Post a PHOTOSHOP then!!!

That livens things up every time.
2001-10-21 11:11:52 PM  
2001-10-21 11:29:34 PM  
I'm with Akachibi on this - that video sounds particularly intriguing. Shame that it sounds like they won't sell any sort of merchandise to non-police/military types. I bet the ASA logo shirt would attract a ton of attention.
2001-10-21 11:37:56 PM  
Nothing cool ever happens on recent Sundays
2001-10-21 11:51:47 PM  
Sniper Association..?
2001-10-22 01:11:08 AM  
If I would have joined the military in my prime, I would have wanted to be a sniper. Would be a heck of a challenge.
2001-10-22 07:13:35 AM  
Nothing to do with Wesley Snipes then ?
2001-10-22 07:21:56 AM  
Someone try to join up and quote the fact that a) they always play the counter-terrorists in Counterstrike, and b) they always camp and shoot people from a distance.
2001-10-22 04:17:29 PM  
Y'know, it's not every day you come across an organization of this caliber.
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