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(AP)   Police at Des Moines Airport confiscate 16-foot king cobra   (story.news.yahoo.com) divider line 77
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2003-08-06 10:06:40 AM
"It's sort of an educational exhibit, but we don't advertise it that way because we want people to come and see us," said Tom Weidner, a Des Moines herpetologist.

Sucks to study reptiles and be called a herpetologist.
2003-08-06 10:16:49 AM
The terrorists are becoming more and more crafty these days.

Terrorism Threat Level: Mauvre
2003-08-06 10:17:43 AM
I predict penis jokes. Ah, fark it, I'll make the first one...

I routinely smuggle my cobra through airports- IN MY PANTS!

'Cause my dick is sooo huge! Get it, huh, do you get it?
2003-08-06 10:43:00 AM
Damn you kitschnsync!

"Oh, THATS where i left my penis!"
2003-08-06 01:05:39 PM
Soooo what you're saying is that you have a very large penis, so large that you can euphamistically refer to it as serpentine. Wow. I've no doubt that you've experienced much sex with many woman due to your generous gential endowment.

Kudos to you Sir!
2003-08-06 01:14:52 PM
"I har a tolva tum forlangning"

[/Freddie Bauer]
2003-08-06 03:34:30 PM
Man, those terrorists really ARE running out of money and ideas.
2003-08-06 03:47:05 PM
Holy Crap!!!
2003-08-06 03:47:43 PM
Why did they confiscate it? Did it swallow a boxcutter?
2003-08-06 03:49:14 PM
Des Moines.

I don't know it's in Indiana or something.

/St. Hubbins
2003-08-06 03:49:48 PM
Hey kitschnsync, what happens when it gets confiscated?
2003-08-06 03:50:07 PM
16 foot cobra? I had no idea they could get so large! I thought it was just pythons and anacondas that got that big.

A snake big enough to swallow humans AND with deadly poison in its fangs - nasty! I'm not afraid of snakes in general like some people, but I'd keep my distance in this case.
2003-08-06 03:50:08 PM
Good, I'm glad Sylvester Stallone was arrested. Had no business being in Des Moines anyways.
2003-08-06 03:50:33 PM
the next time you're carrying a cobra through and airport and they ask you what it is, just say :

"why yes, sir, that is a 16-foot-long, male, malaysian ophiophagus hannah. and a damn nice specimin if i do say so myself"
2003-08-06 03:51:34 PM
Man, I knew King Cobra came in 40 ounce bottles, but a 16 foot King Cobra? Dayammmm

/malt-liquor humor. Try King Cobra if you never have - its got a nasty ass bite to it (their pun, not mine).
2003-08-06 03:51:46 PM

2003-08-06 03:52:11 PM
who let that bastard out of my pants? was it you, jocko?
2003-08-06 03:53:14 PM
2003-08-06 03:50:07 PM Alphax
16 foot cobra? I had no idea they could get so large!

the largest king on record was just over 18 feet.
the spread between the fangs was about 5 inches.
2003-08-06 03:53:57 PM
"Good, I'm glad Sylvester Stallone was arrested. Had no business being in Des Moines anyways."

D'oh, wrong cobra ...

2003-08-06 03:56:28 PM
They released Cobra on DVD?!

Next stop: Best Buy
2003-08-06 03:58:24 PM
cobra kai?

2003-08-06 03:59:55 PM
What, no hilarity ensued?
2003-08-06 04:00:33 PM
So the snake stayed in its crate until morning.

"No, we were not going to take it out," Halverson added.

Wow, I guess airport security is getting smarter!

2003-08-06 04:00:44 PM
They released it on DVD didn't they . . . . . . PIG?

//dodges stallones spittle
2003-08-06 04:01:06 PM
They will get my cobra when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

(well, that bites.)
2003-08-06 04:04:34 PM

This one's longer.
2003-08-06 04:07:16 PM
That story is HISSterical... sorry got nuthin'.
2003-08-06 04:07:27 PM
Hope they don't come after my Cobra.

2003-08-06 04:07:51 PM

i win the cobra contest!
2003-08-06 04:08:33 PM
Des Moines is now listed among the world's most dangerous cities.
2003-08-06 04:09:10 PM
2003-08-06 04:09:13 PM
mr. miyagi has squared off against cobras before --

like in this ill-fated box office bomb. (which has an alarmingly low rating at IMDB

2003-08-06 04:09:56 PM
"It's sort of an educational exhibit, but we don't advertise it that way because we want people to come and see us"

Iowans are so forthright. I love it.

2003-08-06 04:10:09 PM
2003-08-06 04:10:34 PM
2003-08-06 04:10:50 PM

2003-08-06 04:11:05 PM
Damn you Dr. Knockboots
2003-08-06 04:11:21 PM
and to seal my cobra victory..
2003-08-06 04:11:55 PM
hey mods- could you shove a <br> tag between those images?
2003-08-06 04:12:22 PM
here we go.. final touch.
2003-08-06 04:12:25 PM
Ahem.....HOLY CRAP!!!!
2003-08-06 04:12:58 PM
I think I may have taken the Cobra victory.
GIS for King Cobra

2003-08-06 04:13:22 PM
2003-08-06 04:14:16 PM
Sorry Dr.Knockboots
nope.. I win the cobra contest.
2003-08-06 04:14:18 PM
didn't know they made them bigger than 40's

/drink up
2003-08-06 04:15:34 PM
hey, 2003-08-06 04:07:27 PM SVTCobra

too bad it's not a shelby cobra -- cause then it'd be worth driving.

2003-08-06 04:15:38 PM
Hey how'd my trouser-cobra get ther... oh wait, it's sixteen FEET, not inches. Whup, my bad.
2003-08-06 04:17:39 PM
page too big.. frames farked up. scary.
2003-08-06 04:19:25 PM
um- yeah- that would be my fault. I failed use a line break...

Hey Mods- anyway that can be either deleted, or fixed?

/incompitent dumbass

/and can't spell
2003-08-06 04:19:39 PM
Remote Control King Cobra!!! I win?

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