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15713 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Aug 2003 at 3:24 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-08-05 11:14:43 AM  
Cool. Looks like a neat site.

I may even try to put that in AvantGo for my Palm.
2003-08-05 01:31:20 PM  
Does this mean we will never have a satire link again?

2003-08-05 02:25:15 PM  
Lame, Quick1.
2003-08-05 03:27:22 PM  
needs boobies
2003-08-05 03:28:07 PM  
I used to go to this site, whats it called....?

oh yeah, FARK! all in one place baby, who needs others?
2003-08-05 03:28:13 PM  
2003-08-05 03:28:26 PM  
May I suggest the "Metallica Copyrights E-F Chords" and "Hunting for Bambi" as their first entries, just so no one gets confused.
2003-08-05 03:28:34 PM  
Maybe should've had the "plug" title?
2003-08-05 03:29:09 PM  
Nice, not enough good stuff to read on Fark to cover a whole 8 hour shift at my boring ass job.
2003-08-05 03:29:16 PM  
I can see the forum posts now:

"You asshole! This is NEWS!"
2003-08-05 03:29:37 PM  
What, no Onion links?
2003-08-05 03:29:37 PM  
The filter here at work didn't block it. Must be no good.
2003-08-05 03:30:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
GIS for "this is a farking plug"
2003-08-05 03:32:23 PM  
Lame? Lame? You call humor like THIS: John Travolta Dead From 'Saturday Night Fever' Lame?
2003-08-05 03:32:30 PM  
Obvious plug...not worth the read.
2003-08-05 03:32:32 PM  
That site was farking crappy!

/Accept my links ya bastards!
2003-08-05 03:32:43 PM  
Too bad most satire is not that funny. Exhibit A: anything on BBSpot.
2003-08-05 03:34:39 PM  
"Maybe should've had the "plug" title?"

I think the "ironic" tag would have been better. Like anyone would have been surprised anyways. Plus it would have been ironic.

2003-08-05 03:34:59 PM  
The not-funny peed in my milk :(
2003-08-05 03:36:00 PM  
If they feature any articles from SatireWire or BBspot, I'm counting them out. Those places simply do not understand the concept of satire, and their articles are typically a way for the author to express his political views. The articles aren't even up to the irony standard of "Man bites dog".
2003-08-05 03:36:35 PM  
Just another cheap FARK knock-off.
2003-08-05 03:38:59 PM  
How can you put so many Broken Newz links and no Onions?
2003-08-05 03:42:32 PM  
Because everyone already reads I thought the Onion was slipping lately, and boy, my estimation of them shot way up after reading all of their (painfully) lame competition.
2003-08-05 03:42:55 PM  
Ya so now you can all go biatch about fake topics...
2003-08-05 03:47:18 PM  
Where are the Fox News links? That's some of the best satire on the web.
2003-08-05 03:48:08 PM  
I suspect places like the Onion or the Weakly Standard don't "participate" - this looks like a link exchange service - which in my mind sticks them well above the crap BBSpot and brokennews of the world.
2003-08-05 03:50:38 PM  

better name for that site:

[image from too old to be available]

2003-08-05 03:52:38 PM  
From "North Korea Not Attacked Due To Possession Of WMD":

"Believe me," he added, "this is a much better idea than brashly preemptively invading a country. That kind of thing could really damage our international image, and ultimately our international relations."

2003-08-05 03:55:22 PM  
Isn't satire like......fake
2003-08-05 03:59:44 PM  
I love the knee-jerk "I get mad that my articles don't make it so I'll bash it / It's a list of links to sites! It must be a Fark ripoff!" reactions. Every site starts somewhere.

And Gromky: Fark features articles from SatireWire and BBSpot. Why haven't you counted it out?
2003-08-05 04:02:57 PM  
another way to waste 45 min. a day...thanks fark :(
2003-08-05 04:06:53 PM  
Patton, the reason people are calling it a "ripoff" well, only you did that there was one "knock-off", but most are just comparing it to fark because in it's listing on Fark it says
"daily listing of the best satire articles on the Net, designed and run by Farkers."
It's like leading the witness.
2003-08-05 04:07:01 PM  
"I think I'll call it..... Mini-Me."

-Drew Curtis
2003-08-05 04:11:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-05 04:14:17 PM  
Cool...except that there isn't a funny link on the whole damn site.

The web has made it possible for anyone to get "published." Contrary to current belief, this is not a good thing.
2003-08-05 04:17:33 PM  
Pluck yew.
National Lampoon.
2003-08-05 04:21:35 PM  
Rip-off, no funny links, no boobies, and plugs it?

Come'on now!
2003-08-05 04:21:52 PM  
2003-08-05 03:42:32 PM gromky
I thought the Onion was slipping lately

Guess you didn't read the Gigli review then. Haven't laughed that hard in a while.
2003-08-05 04:22:19 PM  

Because fark has actual entertaining content, unlike these lame attempts at humor. Hint: fark's secret is NOT original content.
2003-08-05 04:23:53 PM  

...It's like leading the witness.

I understand your point.

It does share a commonality with Fark in that it is a site with a list of links. But the difference is that HumorFeed is all satire, where Fark is just a general link propigation site. I think Farkers look at other sites with a list of links and immediately dismiss them as "Fark, only not."

I like sites that specialize in certain types of humor, especially those that showcase up-and-coming writers along with established folks. So I think HumorFeed, like other satire listing sites, has a LOT of merit and potential.

I do love it so.
2003-08-05 04:24:51 PM  
What pattonx said.
With the number of people spamming TF with their sites / blogs / contests / boobies / fark-like sites, I'm calling sour-grapes on this.

Good job guys!
(Which Farkers?)
2003-08-05 04:26:31 PM  
I notice that many of the people saying BrokenNewz and BBSpot are not funny are more often than not the same people who can't get ONE FREAKIN' HEADLINE posted on Fark.

2003-08-05 04:26:57 PM  
That means you, Gromky
2003-08-05 04:38:04 PM  
Cool! It's like someone filtered all the crappy satire posts out of Fark and posted 'em somewhere else.

Oh, wait...the crap is still posted here too. Guess it's more of celebration of all the crappy satire posts. Nevermind.
2003-08-05 04:39:09 PM  
Isn't this pretty much just trying to score ads off of other people's hard work? You don't even offer forums or comments or anything.

I should start a site listing all the links that fark is linking to, and then charge for ads.
2003-08-05 04:47:04 PM  
Wow, you guys are a bunch o' deeks. How can it be a plug if they don't even show or accept ads? Okay, whatever.
2003-08-05 04:52:14 PM  
tydirium, all articles are submitted to HumorFeed by the site that creates them.

All the satire naysayers have led me to add a third law to Upright's Indisputable Laws:

Farkers often complain about that which they can't do
Proven when you see a bunch of losers complaining about how "not funny" a non-Onion satire article is, then checking their profiles and seeing that these comedic experts can't even get a headline published on Fark without paying for a classified ad.

Thank you, farkers!
2003-08-05 04:54:48 PM  
upright - it makes you cool or creative to have a link posted?

You are calling other people, loser?

nice head.
2003-08-05 04:55:44 PM  
9-ball is probably in on this 'joke' website.
2003-08-05 04:56:57 PM  
Spelled "humour" wrong, too.
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