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(BBC) NewsFlash Powerful explosion rocks a hotel in Jakarta. Four killed, six injured   ( divider line
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2003-08-05 04:15:21 AM  
Man, Indonesia is such a miserable place. I had a few friends from there when I was in military school, and I know someone from there now, and it's just tension, tension, tension.

It's not like life is horrible there. It's hot, but it's beautiful.

Sadly, I'm beginning to believe that the ethnic/religious mix isn't ever gonna work there. It's too bad they can't be more like Singapore, or even Malaysia. Such a great part of the planet, and such intolerance.
2003-08-05 04:28:34 AM  
8 dead now, 83 seriously injured
2003-08-05 04:28:38 AM  
Latest report 10 killed, 75 injured.
2003-08-05 04:31:10 AM  
The Age has just changed the toll to 10 dead, 83 injured
2003-08-05 04:34:33 AM  
Wow. Talk about lowballing the casualty count in the headline. Heh.
2003-08-05 04:49:54 AM  
Gee, certain pattern-recognition sensors inside my brain seem to associate this act in this country with a specific religion that begins with I and ends with slam. But just think about it. The Muslim religion would be soooo much cooler if it was pronounced the Americanized way of "I slam". Then it could be like a religion for tough-guys, badasses, and pro-wrestlers, instead of bomb-makers.
2003-08-05 04:52:24 AM  
Oh yeah and the casualty rates are going to be a hell of a lot higher. That hospital in Russia that got blowed up the other day had its death rate increased from the original 20 to 50 by the time they stopped looking for survivors.
2003-08-05 05:02:45 AM  

Aint no way in hell I'm taking that bet. I'd add another $50 to it on top of your $100, frankly.

That bet would deserve the "Obvious" tag.

Oh dar, there I go being racially insensitive myself. Pooh.
2003-08-05 05:03:21 AM  
Although the upside of this bombing is that we can now make bad jokes about Indonesians involving Islam and terrorism.
2003-08-05 05:07:49 AM  
Has there ever been an incident of Islamic terrorism in India? Oh shiat Kashmir and that whole suicide gunmen dying on the lawn of the Indian parlaiment thingy, but those gusy were Pakistanis. So has there ever been an act of terrorism committed by Muslims from India? Do we have any Indians in Guantanmo Bay or anything like that?
2003-08-05 05:21:01 AM  
I'm sure this is linked with the Bali bombing trials and Australia. Indonesia blames Australia for everything just like the Middle East blames USA for everything bad in their lives.
2003-08-05 05:22:40 AM  
Is indonesia not an islamic country?
Anyone (wth knbowledge, not just ignorant asshats)
2003-08-05 05:25:16 AM  
WastedYouth, Indonesia is the largest Islamic country in the world.

Population: 231,328,092 (July 2002 est.)

Religions: Muslim 88%, Protestant 5%, Roman Catholic 3%, Hindu 2%, Buddhist 1%, other 1% (1998)

if you want more raw data on Indonesia, go to
2003-08-05 05:27:46 AM  
It is never too late to blame Howard.

85% of Indonesians follow Islam. Most of the Balinese population are Hindus. The combination of western tourists and Hindus made it a 'guilt-free place' to attack.
2003-08-05 05:30:00 AM  
Wow, mods must be on speed today - post deleted within seconds!

Back on topic: BBC now says 10 dead and 74 injured.
2003-08-05 05:30:12 AM  
If you do the math then Indonesia has about 200 million Muslims living there.

Indonesia is also the 4th largest country population-wise in the world. China is first, India is second, US is third, Indonesia is 4th.

If you are further interested in world population figures, go to:
2003-08-05 05:31:33 AM  
Well the mods shouldn't have deleted my posts, since I posted the pictures of the guys who are almost assuredly behind this.
2003-08-05 05:35:07 AM  
Let me say, with clarification and without any humor, that these guys are the ones who are behind this and of that I am certain.

Hambali, an al-qaeda lackey and Asian terrorist kingpin

[image from too old to be available]

and Abu Bakar Bashir, spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiyah, the terrorist group responsible for the Bali bombings and almost assuredly behind this one.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-05 05:37:07 AM  
dunno how this fits with the pattern matching, bbcrackmonkey, but its always struck me as entertaining islam is about 600 years or so behind christianity timeline-wise... and act accordingly. current islamic wackos are fairly comparable (in zealotry and start-to-finish timeline) with crusades and inquisitions.

maybe its just part of the organized religion time cycle
2003-08-05 05:39:11 AM  
heap, if the people who worshipped the Greco-Roman Gods were still alive today, their religion would be some ultra-tolerant and wise hedonist fest. Its actually pretty sad to me that Christianity and Islam usurped them.
2003-08-05 05:40:31 AM

"One Indonesian television station has just suggested there was a meeting in progress involving American and Australian diplomats. We have not been able to confirm that with the embassy yet, although I do understand that at least the Australian military attache is on the scene now and that other members of the Australian embassy are down there."
2003-08-05 05:40:33 AM  
I think we aught to blow the whole thing up and start over.
2003-08-05 06:00:30 AM  
I think some country should get invaded for this.
Preferably one with lots and lots of sweet black gold.
2003-08-05 06:01:02 AM  
Proudly brought to you by your religion of peace.

farking coonts.
2003-08-05 06:11:37 AM  
Oh well...
Does it trouble anyone else that Saudi princes could make scat vids with the bush daughters and it would be called a "misunderstanding" or something? Waging war against them would probably unite the Nation of Islam to defend Mecca, which could be BAD. Too many of those crazy mutts around to really piss 'em off. But anyone who doubts that the Saudis were largely responsible for 9/11 probably thinks Mohamed really did just transcend on up to heaven.

Anyone else think its funny that Saddam's daughter's name is Raghad?
2003-08-05 06:18:31 AM  
I advocate turning Mecca into the testing ground for the most powerful nuclear bomb ever, preferably at least 100 megatons. Nothing left to worship after vaporization. Maybe it could even be faked as a terrorist strike from ultra-conservative Vatican guards.

With luck, a bomb of that size would dig the whole of Saudi Arabia off the world map. Or at least produce the fabled glassy sand dunes.
2003-08-05 06:34:03 AM  
WHOA! Finally, a farker with a GOOD idea! You're the farkin' man mikelambert70. That whole, "blame the Vatican" may be the best post I've ever read here.
2003-08-05 06:37:41 AM  
I am thankful that the spread of Islam stopped at where it did.

A big thankyou to the people from the past who stood up and fought these coonts and said enough.

Imagine the world today if everyone was muslim. What a horrible backward world it would be.

fark off.
2003-08-05 06:38:31 AM  

I advocate turning Mecca into the testing ground for the most powerful nuclear bomb ever...

Um....yeahhhh....great idea.
I don't think that would cause any latent Muslim hostility at all.

It's just like when you kick a beehive full of bees, right? The bees usually have a polite discussion about it afterwards, and always decide against stinging the destroyer of their home, in favor of quietly going about their business.

And I suppose that if someone assasinated Charlton Heston, all those previously ornery NRA folk would become docile as little bunny rabbits?
2003-08-05 06:42:11 AM  
Battle of the magic sky ghosts. Anyone actively religious is a retard. With any luck we'll be spared stories about people's "personal experinces" etc.
2003-08-05 06:48:05 AM  
I cant believe that Islam has taken such a backwards turn. Have a search for Saladin and read what he got up to in the crusades. I'm not going to retell it all here, but the society struck me as incredibly advanced, enlightened and equal (for the time) - particularly compared to the crusading nations.

What the hell caused them to take such a giant leap backwards? Anyone know?
2003-08-05 06:53:16 AM  
Don't worry, it wasn't in the USA so it doesn't matter...

2003-08-05 06:55:42 AM  
Wow, posts are vanishing left and right from this thread! I'm the PREMIERE MESSAGE now, I was #7 at least, and my thinly veiled reference to Civilization 3 is also absent!

Boo-hoo. But I stand behind my ORIGINAL post: for incomprehensible reasons, Indonesia is just miserable. Madagascar sucks, and even they aren't as miserable.
2003-08-05 07:00:35 AM  
For the most part, Islam is a religion of peace. It's certain fundamentalist whack jobs like Osama bin Fukhead and his ilk that give it a bad name. Personally, I do think this is about the Bali bombings and Al Qaeda. This may be the whole "Gigantic Attack" that everyone's been hyping lately. Anyway, who knows? Personally, I think any kind of strict organized religion is not a good thing. Too rigid, to blind. Leads to crusades and murder in the name of God.

/My sect is the human race, without a label or a face; so they can lick my sack--

Phil Anselmo.
2003-08-05 07:03:18 AM  
Wow, posts are vanishing left and right from this thread! I'm the PREMIERE MESSAGE now, I was #7 at least, and my thinly veiled reference to Civilization 3 is also absent!

Maybe it's because it's stuff that can be construed as highly insensitive and inflamatory, and the mods don't want a flamewar.

/Just my $.02
2003-08-05 07:07:27 AM  
Jesus mods, whattup? There was a sequence of everyone saying "I blame..." but it was funny.

Don't really think me blaming a picture of Ackbar was going to really start a flame war.

/newbie mod on a power trip? See how long until this one's gone...
2003-08-05 07:11:06 AM  
Maybe it's because it's stuff that can be construed as highly insensitive and inflamatory, and the mods don't want a flamewar.

If that's the case, then don't post the link.
If you put up a link to a story that's going to be controversial, don't be surprised when a couple of posts are controversial.
2003-08-05 07:12:14 AM  
I do agree with you, Sens. But, I'm not in control, so I'm not gonna say too much else about it.......
2003-08-05 07:14:53 AM  

The attacks are a perversion of an Islamic minority. They get the most press on behalf of the faith. It is not a majority's step backwards. This would be an analog to the Christian faith creating brains like Martin Luther and Thomas Aquinas and now we've stepped back to Billy Graham. A tiny blip on the screen, Commander.
2003-08-05 07:22:13 AM  
I am sorta surprised my comments didn't get deleted.
2003-08-05 07:24:39 AM  
grom/peter_hook - can't say as tho it'll make a difference, but try the farkback. i have a feeling the posts mentioning the near random deletions will disappear well before anyone ( read: drew ) wakes up.

this has been the first night i've been able to refresh the main page, only to see the comment count on threads get SMALLER, consistantly.

slightly on topic, i've given thought to that Tiamat and seriously.. all i can come up with is it seems to be the logical progression following suit with the timeline of christianity... not saying that excuses anything, but it just seems more than a coincidence that religions reach this 'breaking point' where the ideals of that religion matter less than punishing non-believers.
2003-08-05 07:26:54 AM  

I'm a little slow I guess but there are mods who delete posts they don't like? Posts that might start a flamewar? That's what I thought this ship was all about. I thought fark stood for Flamewars Are Rockin' Kickarseinstuff.

These mods are editors, then. Sheesh.
2003-08-05 07:33:46 AM  

Well, I won't complain too loudly...lest I get banned again...LOL
2003-08-05 07:41:25 AM  
There were a lot of amusing posts at the start of this topic along the lines of 'I blame...' that got deleted. I think there's a mod out there deciding which way they want the discussion to go and then editing accordingly.

/deleted and baninated in 5, 4, 3...
2003-08-05 07:53:14 AM  
binnster/heap They seem to have stopped deleting them now, too bad we can't get them back. Yeah, the "I blame..." line was fun, and I hardly think blaming Winnie the Pooh would start a flamewar. Perhaps mod is thinking ahead that this could turn out to be a big-huge major event and doesn't want the first mention of it to include funny, if asinine comments? I imgaine I'd feel pretty shiatty if I'd posted a picture blaming Ackbar before the full weight of 9/11 was realised...

Still, shoulda' stayed outta the way for now. I'd really love to know why those posts are gone. Hey, just for giggles, let's try it:
Mods: can whoever is/was responsible for deleting so many posts explain the logic behind it? What was wrong, why were so many humourous and reasonably inoffensive posts deleted? What's the reasoning?
2003-08-05 07:58:47 AM  
Sure it's radical Islam for the billionth time, but the important thing is how to cope with it without actually fighting back...

2003-08-05 07:59:10 AM  
I'm not a mod or anything but I do know that they don't like threads straying off topic, and it most certainly did with this one :)
2003-08-05 08:04:37 AM  
2003-08-05 06:38:31 AM sens


Um....yeahhhh....great idea.
I don't think that would cause any latent Muslim hostility at all.

It's just like when you kick a beehive full of bees, right? The bees usually have a polite discussion about it afterwards, and always decide against stinging the destroyer of their home, in favor of quietly going about their business.


While I don't think "turning Mecca into the testing ground for the most powerful nuclear bomb ever" is a good idea, I can kinda understand the thought process behind it.

Say you have a beehive on your property. The bees don't bother you, so you don't bother them. But what if the bees are extremely aggressive and sting without provocation? You go after the hive and destroy its inhabitants. The hostility is there. You need to end it.

I'm just sayin'...
2003-08-05 08:10:29 AM  
Something has to be done regarding the growth in Islamic terror. I blame religous fundamentalism and the obvious fanatical hatred bred into Islamic extremists from a very young age. Why only two days ago a terrorist training camp was discovered near Clonmel in Ireland.
2003-08-05 08:15:14 AM  
.o0( if they didn't alter the topic......they wouldn't be the topic )

i read the updated farq, and i didn't see anything mentioning NO FUN ALLOWED... i can't speak for anybody else, but my curiosity on why posts have been going down faster than (_insert lewinski joke here_) is because i'd rather play by the rules...this is their house, and i'm a guest. i just don't see any ruleset appliable to the posts that have went byebye tonite
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