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( Video Device promises high-rise workers the ability to escape a 100-story burning building in a hurry   ( divider line
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2001-10-20 06:58:40 PM  
Great. I can see a bunch of panicked workers plummetting too the ground because they forgot to tighten a lugnut or something.
2001-10-20 07:02:40 PM  
Screw escaping a burning building; If I had the cash, I'd use it just for kicks.
2001-10-20 07:03:58 PM  
If a plane runs into a building, just die

there were no windows that could be opened without breaking them anyways, this (from the video) had to be on a porch of some sort in the WTC.

Of course, rather than a bandaide on the problem such as WTC, we need to kill all extremeists, go US!
2001-10-20 07:10:01 PM  
$2400 each?

I'm betting that the corner office guys are getting them, but the front liners near the elevators aren't.
2001-10-20 07:25:44 PM  
And the debris that rains down and (in the WTC at least) kills many on the ground? And that was BEFORE it collapsed.
2001-10-20 07:29:16 PM  
This looks like a really sick attempt to profit off of peoples current fears.
2001-10-20 07:34:38 PM  
I thought getting down 100 stories in a hurry was easy. Ooh, you want to safely do it.
2001-10-20 07:36:04 PM  
I gotta way off of buildings in a hurry. It's called Boost Jump. Only works if you've got a spear tho.
2001-10-20 07:38:19 PM  
Well this is great. Except my building doesn't HAVE balcanies. I agree with Scrapyard, sick attempt to profit off of fear.
2001-10-20 07:42:13 PM  
To operate the system, a worker would set up the device, step into an attached flame-retardant suit, attach the suit to a boom and then lower to the ground.

And Jane Q. Paperpusher is going to remember how to do all that when the building is in flames around her. RIGHT.

And it can only evac one person at a time, per kit?
Tucci's right, the executives would get them but your unfortunate little office drone is just as farked.
2001-10-20 07:48:51 PM  
I see more problems here then a solution.
2001-10-20 08:00:21 PM  
What happens if you only need to escape from 50 floors? Do you hit the ground before you run out of rope?
2001-10-20 08:01:38 PM  
100 stories? Parachute would work fine. Stores in a desk drawer, takes less than a minute to put on and certainly beats plummeting into concrete at 150mph. Cheaper too.
2001-10-20 08:05:05 PM  
exactly Ookie - as soon as I saw the post I was thinking "parachute". Wouldn't that make just a bit more sense from over a thousand feet up? and ease of use? WHO CARES? A parachute is basic. Strap it on, jump, and pull the cord. No screw jacks, no waiting for the building that's on fire or whatever to come crumbling down while you're coasting directly next to it at 3 feet a second, UNABLE to speed up.... *sigh* lameness once again rears it's ugly head.
2001-10-20 08:07:11 PM  
I had no idea this was a BASE jumping forum.
2001-10-20 08:11:10 PM  
there are similar and cheaper systems out there that's been in used already for several years. Ask a contractor if you are really gonna get yourself one of these. You might find a deal that's way better then $2400.
2001-10-20 08:17:48 PM  
Why not just have a length of webbing big enough to make you a harness seat, a carabeaner and a figure-8, and a length of line long enough to go from your office to the ground and rappel down the side of the builing.
2001-10-20 08:21:29 PM  
Now, lets say the guys on the top floor of the WTC happened to have these... how long would a jetfuel soaked rope take to burn?
2001-10-20 08:36:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
BASE jumpers, once considered urban terrorists, now serve useful purpose as high altitude office escape gurus.
2001-10-20 08:43:06 PM  
There's already a method for emergency high rise's call a "swan dive".
2001-10-20 08:44:11 PM  
Why not just attach rope bridges from that building to the buildings near by. Make sure they can't rip tho. Even if the building collapses- the ropes can hold the building up!

Man, i am GENIUS!

Or, rocket boosters to eject the top floor (executives). Then they parachute down somewhere in the Pacific. Ie. Apollo missions.
2001-10-20 08:48:43 PM  
I bet a few people already have parachutes in the cubicle.
2001-10-20 08:49:33 PM  
Doesn't say if it comes with a money back guarantee or not.......
2001-10-20 09:12:00 PM  
Jetpacks, people, jetpacks.
2001-10-20 09:23:53 PM  
i say metal bars on the skeleton of the building, an architect can make it look like "art" or whatever too and make it practical.
2001-10-20 09:38:30 PM  
A small quick to assemble hang-glider along with
a parachute as insurance might work.
An emergency eject seat that could shoot you
through a window and away from the building
might work too.
How about a harpoon type device that could shoot
a rope over to another building and escape that way?
Or how about connecting the skyscrapers with other
buildings via a walkway in as many places as possible?
I see that in some cities already but there is usually
just one walkway above the street.
2001-10-20 10:05:43 PM  
How about...

The whole thing is irrational anyways? How many people die in car accidents every year, yet we still get into them every day like there's no risk involved.

And yet the odds of dieing in a car accident are a million times greater than having your highrise get hit by an airliner.

Let the profiteering and fear-mongering begin.
2001-10-20 10:12:02 PM  
Read the alt tag on the video image [newsflash].
2001-10-20 10:12:53 PM  
I would agree with the BASE jumping idea. Problem is, I'd be using that to go home every day.
2001-10-20 10:51:20 PM  
You can get a full skydiving (or BASE) rig for less than that. Just remember to pull your reserve ripcord and not your main when you jump out the window. It'll open faster.
2001-10-20 11:31:03 PM  
*insert Goofy's falling yell here*
2001-10-21 05:45:15 AM  
The guy at eightballmagazine said, "I don't mean to give in to terror, but unless they plan on hiring a few soldiers to operate anti-aircraft guns built on all four corners of that building, you won't catch me 110 stories off the ground ever again on general principle."
'nuff said.
2001-10-21 12:36:22 PM  
And they plan to hook up 500 of them on every floor? Bullshiat.

These thins may help in a slow burning hotel, but they'd be useless in a an office high-rise. Could you picture someone trying this from the Transamerica building in San Francisco?
2001-10-21 03:11:50 PM  
the "Features" section on their site says this:
Insurance: When your car gets damaged, you rely on insurance---when you get sick, you rely on insurance---when your building catches fire, (they all eventually do), the BRS 200-P is your insurance policy---insurance pays for your suffering, Pre-Planning prevents suffering.

"they all eventually do"??? what the fark is that?
2001-10-21 08:54:33 PM  
Maybe the manufacturer is a closet pyro?
2001-10-22 02:03:59 AM  
Please, this is !%#*. So you're sliding down and a falling 2 ton building block hits you. I think builders should take what happened into concideration. And design accordingly. Maybe spears sticking out that would tear up a plane before impact ..........
2001-10-22 08:17:55 PM  
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