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(Some Guy)   The perfect thing to go with your new Pimp Hat: A pimp computer!   ( divider line
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5297 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Oct 2001 at 6:54 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-20 07:04:01 PM  
I went color blind from viewing that page
2001-10-20 07:07:49 PM  
I *LOVE* that glass/plexiglass side, thats super elite
2001-10-20 07:08:49 PM  
CPU Failure's color scheme gives me Brain Failure. I always wondered what an aneurism felt like.
2001-10-20 07:14:53 PM  
Thank God it didn't work for me.
2001-10-20 07:19:04 PM  
"pimp" is right, jeez, that leopardskin interior!
2001-10-20 07:20:25 PM  
Very slick. Very pimpin'. I'm jealous.
2001-10-20 07:21:32 PM  
The page color scheme made me want to pimp slap the pimp maker like a pimps' whore. Other than that the machine was pimpin.
2001-10-20 07:28:20 PM  
that red background HURTS MY farkING EYES LIKE A RED HOT POKER. someone email this asshole about this colorscheme.
2001-10-20 07:28:42 PM  
Case decorating is gay. Pretty much guarantees you will never get laid. Chick comes home with you and sees the computer case in your room that you have spend countless hours and dollars making it pretty so you can play 'leet'

Well, I guess you have to get them home first.
2001-10-20 07:33:04 PM  
Fb-: You mean I have been wasting all my time? Damn, I thought chicks dug mods. I guess I will have impress them with my stamp collection or masterfull Quake skills.
2001-10-20 07:36:37 PM  
Ya, I agree about case mods Fb. It would be cooler to have it built into the wall or something so you could just plug everything into an outlet. That would be pimpin.

On the other hand, they are cool to bring to QCon and other such geekish meccas...

Case Mods at QCon
2001-10-20 07:40:36 PM  
CHRIST my farking retinas
2001-10-20 07:44:35 PM  
2001-10-20 07:45:45 PM  
Pimpin' ain't easy!
2001-10-20 07:47:40 PM  
You are probablt right Fb But I would definitly be down with a guy who had a case built out of Legos. That link was on Fark like what? a year ago!
2001-10-20 08:05:23 PM  
The leopard skin interior and red strobe light were nice touches. It could still use a mirror ball hanging down inside the case though. And what girl wouldn't be turned on by that? You could turn down the room lights, kick on the strobe, and make all kinds of mad luv next to the pimp-puter!
2001-10-20 09:45:38 PM  
When did Wilt Chamberlain get into computer case design?
2001-10-20 09:55:13 PM  
I followed the diagram and turned my CPU into a "pimp" computer. Now it's making my printer turn tricks......Damn you pimp computer!!!!
2001-10-20 11:36:48 PM  
Hee hee I love you and your filter funniness.. about the case mod thing, I dont know, I think I'd like it! It'd really give you some insight into the guy's personality (and it's somewhat artistic too).
2001-10-20 11:56:48 PM  
Yeah, but these case modders always put the plexiglass on the sides of the box in those case mods. You gotta put that giant case thing on your desk for anyone to see the guts. Lame. My cpu is rackmounted with all my other assorted gear. Not pimpin, but nice, neat, and... quiet.
2001-10-21 07:30:38 AM  
From my point of view, this isn't any more 'geeky' than people who lavish hundreds (or even thousands) of hours snazzing up their car or motorcyle. It's called 'art', folks.

Of course, many of those cars end up looking gawd-awful -- especially some the low-riders and ricers. But some custom jobs are awe-inspiring -- especially the reworked motorcycles. Some of those should go in an art gallery.
2001-10-21 12:26:52 PM  
He needs more fans for better airflow, not enough CFM.
2001-10-21 12:37:34 PM  
This link was tits!

I love the sense of humor.
2001-10-21 04:24:20 PM  
Sorry, but "pimp" and "computer" are two ideas that just do not belong together...
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