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(econymous)   Man has lyrics to 'Freebird' tattoed on back   ( divider line
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3609 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Oct 2001 at 8:06 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-20 05:52:06 PM  

Now if he had done what Kapital suggested, then it would have to be reversed in order for him to read it in the mirror, because he could then face the mirror and not have to hold a second mirror to view it since it's tattooed on his forehead.

You should also consider this suggestion.

You ignorant git.
2001-10-20 06:35:12 PM  
Yeah, the Trans-Camaro on blocks...
2001-10-20 07:06:57 PM  
I would have used the "sad" tag. To each their own, I suppose.
2001-10-20 07:55:59 PM  
Whenever my dad would take me to concerts for Chicago Symphony, I was always tempted to stand up and yell, "Freebird! Play Freebird!"
2001-10-20 10:21:10 PM  
Diogenes, for both of us:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-20 10:43:32 PM  
Be a real man and tatto the entire version of "American pie"
2001-10-20 11:26:17 PM  
I say Roughy wins. He has less posts which makes it obvious he pissed Tucci off pretty good!
2001-10-21 02:28:57 AM  
Double g:
It's obvious you are just another Roughy persona.
You stinkin' fish.
2001-10-21 02:31:48 AM  
tucci, who the hell are you and why the hell do you think you are so superior?

Attack me all you will, you're the ass.

That's more than enough for me, and you apparently cannot get enough of yourself so you have to keep on attacking.

Keep on, brother, keep on. Oh yeah, and a few more witty little name-callings will surely help your case. Say what you will, I'm done with this lame-ass attempt at a pissing contest.
2001-10-21 04:52:34 AM  
2001-10-21 04:54:18 AM  
You're the idiot because you couldn't figure out why the tattoo on the guy's back would show up just fine with 2 mirrors. Given that no one has eyeballs on the back o' their heads, right? or maybe you do.
Dumb fark.
2001-10-21 04:56:10 AM  
On behalf of the FARK populace, I want to thank you for opening your big mouth and making all the regular folks feel smart.
Thanks, man.
You duh man.
2001-10-21 09:53:56 AM  
Where it all began:

"Ya gotta wonder if the jackass at least had them tattooed on backwards so he could read them in the mirror"

Translation (which, I didn't realize it was so unclear):

You see, I get it. I understand mirrors. Hell, I understand "smoke and mirrors", and there seems to be a lot of that type of thing around here. I think that anyone who would get such a tattoo would probably not turn out to be the brightest bulb on the strand. I also think that the same person would probably go "oh shiat, how am I going to be able to see this tattoo/read it? In a mirror, hmmm...well, it will be backwards, so maybe I'd better get it tattooed on backwards so it'll appear to be forward to me and I can read it."

Now, maybe my big mouth has made the rest of you (all 1 one of you who have decided to make me your personal flame-war victim) feel so smart, but the truth is, it was a simple little play on the intelligence of the individual and something that may or may not appear to be funny.

Regardless, I sincerely didn't think the comment was a) that cool (it's not) b) worthy of such lengthy efforts to make me look stupid when a lot of other folks apparently get it c) causation for such blatant attacks at an individual.

You'd think I went out and attacked someone's mother or something.

If my very-intermittent postings appaul you so deeply, perhaps you have other issues to conted with. It's just a web-site and comments, and if anyone's taking this personal, I fear I'm not the greatest of their problems. If I am the greatest of anyone's problems, they've got a very nice life.
2001-10-21 12:48:40 PM  
'appal' you blithering dolt
2001-10-21 03:30:25 PM  
Yessir, you are correct.

My un-edited works certainly endure slippage.

I believe your comment should have been:

"It's 'appal', you blithering dolt."

If we're going to nitpick on misspellings and poor grammar, please, let's take it all the way down to the minutiae.

I mean, you want to 'literally' take all of the fun out of this for the 'everyone' that you represent, right?
2001-10-21 09:14:24 PM  
Tucci...Roughy... Could I get a daily subscription to this somewhere else? Please send me a transcript or URL of the complete battle when you can!
P.S. The lyrics should have been translated into Tibetan Sanskrit before tattooing.
2001-10-22 07:11:42 AM  
Here I am, 28 year old, and I have NEVER heard of this song OR the band.

Are they THAT well known? Or is it a cult thing?
2001-10-22 08:49:02 AM  
Tsubaki: Have you heard of 'Sweet Home Alabama'? That's Lynyrd Skynrd. As for 'Freebird', I also heard about this song for ages before I actually heard it. It is a great song though.
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