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(   Convenience store manager doesn't see the big deal in selling glass tube rose, lighter, and Brillo pad in plain brown paper bag to paranoid customers   ( divider line
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2003-08-02 10:25:53 AM  
They also use tire pressure gauges. Pull the top off, pull the guts out, you've got a metal tube. Any tube will do, it's not like these are Crack-Use(TM) brand glass tubes.
2003-08-02 10:33:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

finally found a pic. not a great one, but whatever...
2003-08-02 10:54:52 AM  
Here she is, Miss Texarkana...

[image from too old to be available]

But you won't be hitting it, becuase she goes to Ouachita Baptist University.
2003-08-02 10:57:24 AM  
technicolor-misfit: "make it's use as difficult as impossible."
of course, that should be 'possible.'

No, actually "as difficult as impossible" is pretty clever. I'll have to steal that from you!

However, your use of "its" shouldn't have an apostrophe.
2003-08-02 10:57:49 AM  
So glad my family left that area. It's done nothing but go downhill for the past decade. I grew up in Hope, 20 minutes away, you know, that place where some guy named Clinton was born.
2003-08-02 10:58:11 AM  
Just to add to that...the rose tube is also useful for doing "hot rails" of any powder (cocaine or speed). So it's not JUST for crack. And ehm, when I lived in Oklahoma City last year, you could get the rose tubes anywhere and everywhere with no questions asked.

/knows too much about drugs
2003-08-02 11:01:59 AM  
Megain, that seems to be a way too much trouble. Can't these people just buy 1 good pipe, and be done with it?
2003-08-02 11:06:51 AM  
i would also like to point out that brillo pads have soap in them. that's why most discerning crack-heads prefer "chore boy" due to it being nothing more than a copper scrub pad. ever unravel a brillo pad and put a 9 volt bettery or a lighter to it? it smolders like crazy. no good for the crack-addled.
2003-08-02 11:24:29 AM  
The paper bag and lighter could be used to start a fire also. Maybe they could add a charge of arson too.
2003-08-02 11:40:01 AM  
It's funny.

If somebody sells a "just add crack" kit, then they get shat on because it enables losers to break a law more easily.

If somebody sells a "gun replica" that is identical to an actual illegal firearm except that it lacks a couple of parts you'd have to obtain separately, then it's none of the damn guvmint's business.

If JC Whitney sells a catalytic converter "test kit" that allows you to by-pass the catalytic converter (but only for testing of course) then naturally they aren't facilitating the violation of federal laws...nosireee.

Radar detectors are merely devices that alert people who are obeying speed laws that there is radar in the vicinity. Purely so they can exercise additional caution because cuddly uniformed "heroes" are up ahead. Perfectly legal and commendable.

My local Ace Hardware sells glass and razor blades. That's one-stop shopping for coke fiends, but it's perfectly legitimate, right?
2003-08-02 11:46:04 AM  

Your reasoning, that Making drugs legal would cause an increase in crime, is probably faulty. The whole point of legalizing them is to reduce crime.

By making it legal to sell drugs(which would mean they would be taxable) you would allow people to sell them Wout breaking the law. Since you remove that criminal element of the job the people doing the selling would open shops pay taxes and respect the law more because Cops would no longer automatically be an enemy. Currently if you sell drugs you are a criminal, thus naturally you begin to carry a gun, hate cops, and otherwise behave like a criminal.

Clear out the current crop of people in the legal system whos only crime was selling, using, or being under the influence of drugs and the courts and jails would be much emptier.

Plus the drugs would become Govt regulated and inspected insuring that your not snorting half draino, half cocaine. Keeping down the number of accidental deaths from OD's and bad drugs.

Not that the idea is wholly Wout problems. Make drugs legal and the number of addicts increases. There would be heavier social problems W drug addiction attached.

There are pros and cons on both sides of the Legalize It issue. The pros never get brought up because no politician (at least no serious one) wants to be labled "pro-drug"
2003-08-02 11:48:10 AM  
ANYONE who is ANTI-LEGALIZATION while Alcohol and cig. is still legal is an HYPOCRITE.

# of death related to ALCOHOL per year/in US: around 150 000
# of deathrelated to CIGARETTE per year/inUS:around 500 000

# of death related to ALL DRUGS per year/in US:around 1000
(including Coke, heroin,X , ect...)


oh btw
# of death related to MARIUANA per year/in US: **ZERO**
lets put that in a time perspective: since the dawn of time.

put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.
2003-08-02 11:49:05 AM  

erm... i read the article. i know they dont sell brillo for any other reason. its obvious these combo packs are for use with crack. BUT THEY AREN'T CRACK.

my point is... why get your panties in a bunch over things that could be put together and used (in combination with something thats already illegal) to hurt yourself.... when there are things for sale right there that say on the side of the package that it will hurt you.

comparisons to pipe bomb kits are assanine. the only purpose of a pipe bomb is blowing something up. the only purpose of a crack is smoking crack... something that hurts the crackhead. if you have to make a comparison to justify your stance, your stance is generally not too valid.

do you think one single solitary crackhead stopped because he cant get the brown bag special? does anyone seriously believe this changed a damn thing?

if a crackhead gets a rock, they'll rub two sticks together to get the sumbiatch lit. they'll rip the screen off of your window to burn it on.

i dont know why this pisses me off so much... i guess its because its just one hell of an example of wasted time and effort by our police forces in their war on drugs... that accompishes jack squat.
2003-08-02 11:52:10 AM  
And the anti legalisation argument in the name of CRIME REDUCTION is stupid.

there is an illegal drug market, therefore crime.

LEgalize the stuff, and instead of fighting it, use the money for rehab, help center and research for help of the chronic user (not ALL Drug user are addict you know)

... and suddenly a nicer world might dawn on us.
2003-08-02 11:53:25 AM  
/\ *purpose of a crack kit is smocking crack

digresses to look at the pretty rose glass
2003-08-02 11:56:11 AM  
I say if asshats want to smoke crack we should let them... Nay, we should encourage it. It works like this:

Asshats smoke crack.
Asshats die and get eaten by rats in an alley.
Less asshats.
2003-08-02 12:01:44 PM  
Again ol' genki831 breaks this down to simple logic.

The government makes nearly all drugs illegal. So Jonny Q. Citizen figures all drugs are terrible and will ruin his life. Then he finally finds the courage to hit that doobie his friends keep passing around. Well what do you know, this illegal drug didn't ruin his life. So now he can't trust the government. So why not use crack, meth, heroin etc.

Lets say none of these were regulated. Now Jonny gets to figure it out on his own. But if you take that resource and effort stuck into the war on drugs and put it into unbiased real education on drugs, now Jonny is armed with real knowledge and can make informed decisions and can trust his government.
2003-08-02 12:06:09 PM  
GEAH: I had a friend who went to Wash-it-off U. Baptist or not, there's plenty of hittin it goin on.
2003-08-02 12:08:24 PM  
Another interesting tidbit: During law school I went out with a girl who is now an assistant DA in Texarkana. She prosecutes drug crimes and crimes against children.

She was fun in the sack.
2003-08-02 12:19:52 PM  
Seriously shiatty laws the whole paraphernalia issue.

I don't see how you can justify prosecuting someone for the sale of something that has both legal and illegal uses because a lot of people use it illegally. Almost anything can be used illegally, which means you end up arbitrarily determining, based on the percentage of people that use it illegally, that something is probably going to be used illegally. Which makes no sense
2003-08-02 12:22:42 PM  
East bound and down loaded up and truckin'
We're gonna do what they say can't be done
We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there
I'm east bound. Just watch old Bandit run.

Keep your foot hard on the pedal
Never mind them brakes
Let it all hang out 'cause we've got a run to make
The boys are thirsty in Atlanta
And there's beer in Texarcana
We'll bring it back no matter what it takes


Repeat Chorus

Old Smokey's got them ears on he's hot on your trail
And he ain't gonna rest 'til you're in jail
So you've got to dodge him' you've got to duck him
You've got to keep that diesel truckin'
Just put that hammer down and give it hell


Words and music: Dick Feller & Jerry Reed Hubbard
Vector Music/Horipro Music/Universal Duchess Music Corp.
2003-08-02 12:27:01 PM  
Hey! Let's legalize murder! One less crime to worry about!
2003-08-02 12:38:39 PM  
Alright, I see what everyone is saying, and I'll agree that my original statement was a bit faulty (granted, it was really late here). however, it wasn't without its merits. making drugs legal WOULD create an increase in crime, though not necessarily violent crime. think about how many DUIs and DWIs we have every year. if pot were legal, for example, the number of DUIs and DWIs would increase exponentially. that's something i'm sure not many people want to deal with. i know that drugs would basically have the same restrictions as alcohol, but that doesn't stop a lot of people. so yeah. there's my 2
2003-08-02 12:56:29 PM  
SquirrelWithLargeNuts Hey! Let's legalize murder! One less crime to worry about!

That's a bad comparison - murder doesn't just hurt the murderer.

Whereas if I smoke a joint on a Saturday night, in the privacy of my own home, the only person I'm hurting is myself.

So, yeah, I think pot should be legal.

And by a freaky co-incidence, it's now Saturday evening in Holland, and there's a tasty bag of White Widow sitting on my coffee table that isn't going to just smoke itself.

And it IS legal here - woot!
2003-08-02 01:03:45 PM  
in other news: i'm selling nooses bundled with step-stools and ceiling hooks. business is brisk, but no repeat customers. hmmmm....
2003-08-02 01:11:26 PM  
Lets put this in perspective.

It is easier to quit crack then it is to quit tobacco.

'According to large Government surveys of alcohol users, only about 15 percent are regular. dependent drinkers. Among cocaine users, about 8 percent become dependent. For cigarettes, the percentage is reversed. About 90 percent of smokers are persistent daily users, and 55 percent become dependent by official American Psychiatric Association criteria, according to a study by Dr. Naomi Breslau of the Henry Ford Health Sciences Center in Detroit. Only 10 percent are occasional users.'

(from addiction vault)

Those of you who think that crack and herion are more destructive then the legal intoxicants are wrong. Crack and herion addicts can function fine in society (the founder of john hopkins was a morphine addicted, unable to function without it, and was widely regards as one of the worlds best surgeons, for example).

Most overdose deaths result from either bad drugs (you think you have ecstasy and have PMA instead), from a batch of drugs that hits the street with above average purity (if a gram of herion is usually 15 percent pure and this batch is 45 percent pure, a person trying to take the 1 gram normal dose gets 3X as much and dies), or from users using in new situations where their tolerance is down. All could be controlled by taking drugs off the black market.

And, needless to say, most drug laws are targeted at blacks. 1 in 10 black people between the ages of 25-29 is in jail, mostly for drug related offenses.

Did you know that you get 10 times as much time in jail for crack as you would for an equivalent amount of cocaine (crack is just freebase cocaine)? Why? Because blacks use crack more. Also, more black people are in jail for using crack, but most users are white. Drug laws are the last Jim Crow laws around.

OK, drugs are bad. People shouldn't do drugs. But they shouldn't be locked up for doing them either. Spend the money we spend locking up users to reduce the poverty that makes dependence on drugs the most attractive option and for treatment for those seeking it instead and the problems on the street will be greatly reduced.
2003-08-02 01:18:54 PM  
'if pot were legal, for example, the number of DUIs and DWIs would increase exponentially. that's something i'm sure not many people want to deal with.'

Except people drive safer while high then while not high.

TAKING the high road may not be so dangerous after all. Ministers are set to be embarrassed by government-funded research which shows that driving under the influence of drugs makes motorists more cautious and has a limited impact on their risk of crashing.

In the study, conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory, grade A cannabis specially imported from America was given to 15 regular users. The doped-up drivers were then put through four weeks of tests on driving simulators to gauge reaction times and awareness.

Regular smokers were used because previous tests in America using first-timers resulted in the volunteers falling over and feeling ill. The laboratory found its guinea pigs through what it described as a "snowballing technique" - one known user was asked to find another after being promised anonymity and exemption from prosecution agreed with the Home Office.

Instead of proving that drug-taking while driving increased the risk of accidents, researchers found that the mellowing effects of cannabis made drivers more cautious and so less likely to drive dangerously.

Although the cannabis affected reaction time in regular users, its effects appear to be substantially less dangerous than fatigue or drinking. Research by the Australian Drugs Foundation found that cannabis was the only drug tested that decreased the relative risk of having an accident.

The findings will embarrass ministers at the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR) who commissioned the study after pressure from motoring organisations and anti-drug campaigners. Lord Whitty, the transport minister, will receive the report later this month.

Last week police revealed details of new drug-driving tests to be administered by the roadside, which were received with some amusement. They require suspected drug-drivers to stand on one leg, lean back and touch their nose with their eyes closed, and to count to 30 silently with their eyes shut. This is apparently difficult for those on a drug trip.

The advertising company McCann-Erickson has already prepared a television campaign using Pulp's song Sorted for Es and Whizz, the slogan "Never drive on drugs" and the pay-off line "then you come down".

However, if the findings are less than frightening on the effects of marijuana, they may convince ministers to put more money into raising driver awareness of fatigue. Tiredness is now blamed for causing 10% of all fatal accidents, compared with 6% for alcohol and 3% for drugs.' (here)
2003-08-02 01:20:49 PM  
I haved worked for various little convienence(sp) stores and the most recent one I had people asking if we sold roses in the little glass tubes. I never really thought about it (we didn't carry them) but thinking back, those folks who did ask bought other stuff like brillo pads and the little cheapo lighters at the same time they asked. Of course in this part of Oklahoma, the thing that people love is the meth! gotta have the meth. Worked in this one store that had bronchial inhalers behind the counter. Always wondered why people would come in and buy 6-7 at one time. They always bought the Benzedrex not the primatine. I casually mentioned this one night to a sheriffs deputy one night and he told me about taking the insides out and smoking the cotton filler they had inside them. I asked if this was against the law (1993) and it wasn't. They could only be charged with being under the influence if caught after smoking it. Also pretty suspicious when someone comes in at 3:00am to buy octane boost and they walked to the store and didn't look old enough to drive.
2003-08-02 01:43:37 PM  
These store owners are the REAL terrorists in my opinion. They know damn well what they are selling and don't care about the impact it has on american society. The stores that sell the rose pipes and brillo usually have a case of knives in the front counter to go along with pipes. Wake up can't you see whats happening... Its an all out attack on our way of life....
2003-08-02 02:02:31 PM  
Vancouver: Who's way of life?

My way of life is to smoke a nice bowl of weed when I get the chance. I like beer and bourbon too. In addition, I work out 5 days a week and hold down a great, well-paying job. If some moron want's to smoke crack - it isn't my problem. A convenience store selling legal items in a pre-packaged baggie is not a threat to me or my way of life.

Hell, by the rational shown here, Ben & Jerry's is also drug related merchandise.
2003-08-02 02:13:44 PM  
pick up a bag of crack pipes and a knife on the way home from your well payin job? I didn't think so .... These items only serve to push the less fortunate further down into their hole they have dug for themselves. The rack of porn is usually pretty close by too. Its just not right..
2003-08-02 02:22:26 PM  
Why do ya'll know so much about crack? I wouldn't have had any idea that the guy was going to use that stuff to use drugs. What kind of jobs or rich parents do you have that you can afford to sustain your addictions to both crack and the internet?
2003-08-02 02:23:56 PM  
I deliver beer to these kinda stores all day and I interact with the owners and the customers. Its pretty sad indeed.
2003-08-02 02:25:20 PM  
'These items only serve to push the less fortunate further down into their hole they have dug for themselves.'

yeah a lot of people dig themselves pretty deep holes by being born in a ghetto to abusive/absent parents, gang filled schools and no oppritunity. Lazy unfortunates, being born into those circumstances.

You sir, are a grade A asshat.
2003-08-02 02:28:54 PM  


Just because you grow up in the ghetto doesn't excuse you from making the right decisions. At some point you are actually held accountable for the things you choose to do.

2003-08-02 02:35:56 PM  
its all about money for these people if they could sell the crack too they would, they don't care about peoples misfortunes or the fact they have no hope to better their lives. Might as well put up a sign that says "ya your daddy left when you were 2 your mom works 3 jobs to pay for a place to live and you have nothing to live for here have a crack pipe and a knife"

This stuff just fuels the culture that has lead to the gangs and poor parents..
2003-08-02 03:36:11 PM  
This is honestly stupid. Just like the friggin' law that just passed here in Indiana. It is now illegal to have 10g or over of psuedoephrine on your person or in your home. Its because of the meth thing. But it also goes for other ingredients used to make it, which I believe include lighter fluid and charcoal. So...If I would go buy those things at a store just because I needed them, I'd friggin' get arrested. Its sad because my husband and I used Sudafed all the time, its the only thing that works on our allergies. *RHE* Of course, it takes like 10 boxes or less of 12 hour sudafed to make that much and we'd never buy that much at ONCE. It would take us forever to get through.
2003-08-02 03:39:34 PM  
Selling cigarette lighters for ($1.00), scrub pads ($1.00), roses in a glass tube ($1.50) separately and giving a customer a free bag (grocery) with this total purchase ... still adds up to the same price if sold in combo ... would this constitute selling drug para-fa-nail-ya?
2003-08-02 03:42:20 PM  
I a pretty conservative guy but my libertarian bent leads me to question why it is another adult should tell another adult they can't do drugs. How silly. "But they will do bad things!" the anti-legalize crowd say. Yeah, maybe ,maybe not. I personally would rather have the freedom with its dirty consequences.

Oh man I long for a free society that can have open and frank dicussions.

You say legalizing drugs would cause a huge market. Well, how much would legalizing demystify drugs to the point where kids actually think about using them?

People drank before prohibition and they drank during and after. Crime wasn't as much a factor and either is rebellion when it is legal, though it is more accessible. Wouldn't you rather have freedom of choice tho?

I would.
2003-08-02 03:54:14 PM  
Does anyone remember the old PC game The Terminator? It farking ruled. It was Grand Theft Auto 3 15 years ahead of its time. You could go to the drug store and buy a lighter, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, and I think one more thing and you could use them together to make bombs.

I think The Underdogs have the game there, but I've tried it on several computers and can't get it to work.
2003-08-02 04:06:52 PM  
To those of you in favor of legalizing all drugs:

When your kids become addicted to crack because they can get it cheap and clean from the government, I hope you won't blame yourselves too much. I'm sure you won't mind when little Susie spends all of her allowance on crack or little Billy shoots up before that big inter-state baseball game. You won't mind if your kids ruin their own lives, so long as they don't hurt anyone else, right?

Yeah, maybe marajuana and harder drugs aren't all that bad. Responsible people have been known to use them safely, as they can alcohol and cigarettes. However, I don't know about you all, but I haven't met many responsible people lately and that's not something you or the government can legalize or control.

Why not just avoid the whole thing, period? Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, junk food, etc. You don't need any of that crap to have a fulfilling life.
2003-08-02 04:08:53 PM  

its all about money for these people if they could sell the crack too they would, they don't care about peoples misfortunes or the fact they have no hope to better their lives.

do you contemplate this thought when you pick up your paycheck for delivering beer?

kinda shady territory to be claiming as moral highground, sparky
2003-08-02 04:35:23 PM  
Most of the people who drink beer don't need to commit crime to get the money to buy it. Most of the people who drink beer are responsible and decent people. Most of the people who drink beer contribute to society in a positive way. Can you say that about crack....
2003-08-02 05:30:28 PM  
Whitney Houston says, "Crack is whack!"

[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-02 07:12:52 PM  
Who gives a crap? Thy can just as easily go to home Depot, pick up a copper tube and brillow, a mini-torch etc. Add baking soda and cocaine, and you have yorself a party.
2003-08-02 07:22:16 PM  
"think about all the DUI deaths and imagine what it would be like if all drugs were legalized"

It wouldn't be much worse than it is now. How many people are thinking "Gee, I'd love to smoke crack or do heroin, but I'm not going to 'ause it's illegal. There are a lot of reasons people don't use those drugs, illegality isn't high on that list.
2003-08-02 07:30:27 PM  
Vancouver: "Most of the people who drink beer don't need to commit crime to get the money to buy it. Most of the people who drink beer are responsible and decent people. Most of the people who drink beer contribute to society in a positive way. Can you say that about crack...."

Most crack users I know meet all those criteria, mostly guys in the IT bussiness. No rime needed to support he habbit because they can afford it. The same is true for various amphetamies, regular cocaine, heroin, pot, psyadelics, etc. Almost every regular drug user I know is a gainfuly employed, responsible people. Even those using the worst drugs (Though I don't know anyone who uses PCP).

With the ammout of drugs on the streets, the homeless, criminal addicts stealing for their next fix is not the norm, if it were we'd have a MUCH higher crime rate. Most are just normal folks with a different drug of choice.
2003-08-02 09:33:48 PM  
"Why not just avoid the whole thing, period? Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, junk food, etc. You don't need any of that crap to have a fulfilling life."

Who are you to make such a decision for people? I agree, you don't *need* any of it, but they are all nice every once and a while.

Let me spell it out for you, and the other liberals:
2003-08-02 09:48:53 PM  
Ummm its the Republican asshats that need to learn personal responsibility instead of making laws for farking everything.

You're a typical conservative farkwit not knowing his ass from a hole in the ground.
2003-08-02 11:50:33 PM  

I don't recall deciding for anyone whether or not to use drugs, alcohol, or junk food. I was merely making a suggestion for anyone who's not interested in being used by the chemicals in their environment.

As for PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, tell that to Mr. Bush who blames his lies on other people. I believe in personal responsibility. I just haven't seen much of it lately.
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