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(BBC)   Best place in UK to drink whiskey: 855 year old Welsh pub stocks 350 varieties.   ( divider line
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2001-10-19 07:40:26 PM  
<bowing towards the west>
2001-10-19 07:48:19 PM  
Mecca eh?
2001-10-19 07:51:27 PM  
Wow, i was drinking JD and ice when I saw this...spooky.
2001-10-19 07:57:15 PM  
Note to self: Cancel trip to northen Pakistan, go to south Wales instead.
2001-10-19 07:57:31 PM  
Note to self: Cancel trip to northern Pakistan; go to south Wales instead.
2001-10-19 07:58:23 PM  
Note to self: Once you make a spelling mistake and hit "add comment", it might be too late to make a correction.
2001-10-19 08:12:38 PM  
Fark Party UK? Who is up for some travel from the US to the the European Farks?
2001-10-19 08:15:56 PM  
855 years?
Here's to great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grea​t-great- great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grea​t-great- great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grea​t-great- great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grea​t-great- great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-gran​dpa Seamus.
2001-10-19 08:18:44 PM  
not to Bob: You are correct to not correct after you add
2001-10-19 08:40:05 PM  
Whiskey loving Utopia.
2001-10-19 08:48:04 PM  
855 years!
That is AWESOME!

Think about all that has happened in this world since that little pub opened it's doors. It really blows your mind!

*This is only one tiny reason why European history is so much more fascinating that American history.*

/me was a history major and studied me on this.
2001-10-19 08:58:21 PM  
By the way, there's a pub in Amsterdam that stocks over 400 varieties of whisky. Yeah, I go there, a lot.

Oh and did anyone get the movie reference? Whisky Galore. Go see that movie, it's quite funny (if you're into old movies).
2001-10-19 09:07:44 PM  
Anybody know how old Fox's in County Dublin is?
p.s. WhiskEy denotes Irish all others are W H I S K Y - no E
2001-10-19 09:22:06 PM  
America has no history, or culture of its own.
America inherits everybody else's when they immigrate here.

Hey guys, try an old scotch aged in a sherry cask.
2001-10-19 09:43:48 PM  
That's not true, what about rednecks!?
2001-10-19 09:57:51 PM  
Most rednecks are of UK, polish, or german descent.
But we do have great culture. Cars, movies, food,
bourbon, baseball, football, standard of living, etc.
Our culture is why jealous terrorists are trying to
kill us all.
2001-10-19 10:04:52 PM  
You forgot houses on wheels and appliance collections on porches.
2001-10-19 10:05:30 PM  
I may not know Highland but I sure know Jerseyville
2001-10-19 10:06:15 PM  
America has the one thing no other country has.
The N.F.L.
2001-10-19 10:30:37 PM  
Sabu, we have great culture because we import the very best of all other cultures. That is the greatness of 'the great melting pot.'
2001-10-19 10:36:15 PM  
Nanookanano: Every culture is a composite of dozens of other cultures that meld and over time it develops its own traits. American culture has many distinct characteristics and given time will become even more distinct.
2001-10-19 10:41:12 PM  
I would like to point out that I said *HISTORY* not culture!
2001-10-19 10:46:19 PM  
and you were right, i was an anthropology major and history minor and european history is far more interesting because there is so much of it. But truthfully, American history should not be separated from European history. America didn't begin with the revolution or even the founding of the first colonies. It was born from the European traditions and the Greco Roman traditions before them. The last time anyone was short sighted enough to believe that America was not part of European history was before WWI.

On a related note, anyone else notice that we are playing a role very similar to Austria's in that first world war? Of course, I have always blamed that conflict on Russia, France, and England anyway.
2001-10-19 11:24:48 PM  
Expound upon that, if you would, Perrin.
2001-10-20 01:28:48 AM  
What's the difference between an Irish birthday and an Irish funeral?

One less drunk....sorry Grandma but it's still funny
Erin go bragh! South Wales too.
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