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(World Net Daily)   Iraqi newspaper names itself Al-Sahhaf in order to attract attention   ( divider line
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7695 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jul 2003 at 10:35 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-29 09:19:27 AM  
I can call you sweaty
And sweaty when you call me
You can call me Al (Sahhaf)
2003-07-29 10:38:37 AM  
Looks like it worked.
2003-07-29 10:39:04 AM  
And we care ....why?
2003-07-29 10:39:07 AM  
Pravda = old and busted
al-Sahhaf = new hotness
2003-07-29 10:39:29 AM  
first headline:

"There are no American soldiers in Baghdad!! Never!"
2003-07-29 10:40:25 AM  
All they do is run pictures of Allah.
2003-07-29 10:41:02 AM  
I'm naming my left nut Uday, and my right nut Qusay, in order to attract more attention to them.
2003-07-29 10:41:15 AM  
Whatever happened to Baghdad Bob? Is he in our custody?
2003-07-29 10:41:37 AM  
I thought they shot this guy.
2003-07-29 10:46:17 AM  
"All the news that *BOOM!*"
2003-07-29 10:46:23 AM  
Queen, he tried to surrendur to the U.S. forces, and they turned him away.
2003-07-29 10:49:15 AM  
Queen Mushroom,

Aparently he's living in UAE with his family. But maybe that is just false propaganda spread by the American infidels!
2003-07-29 10:50:12 AM  

Yeah, he wasn't important enough to warrant their attention. I don't get that though, someone could make millions putting this guy on TV. Just imagine him on Conan or even the new Tom Green show (it could use some help).
2003-07-29 10:50:13 AM  
ahh good old baghdad bob. You don't want him in custody. It's more fun to leave him alone so we can all wait with anticipation to see what line he feeds us all next.

2003-07-29 10:53:29 AM  
I triple guarantee you, we will not see lots of bastardized quotes and paraphrases in this thread!
2003-07-29 10:54:29 AM  
methinks skinink is going to be walking funny for a while
2003-07-29 10:57:37 AM  
Well, since no-one else has said it...

"He should come work for Fox News! Same job, same journalistic integrity, different country!"
2003-07-29 10:57:43 AM  
Why don't they rename it Ass-Sahhat?
2003-07-29 10:59:36 AM  
*Sniff, Sniff*

Mmmmm...could'a sworn I smell a photoshop...
2003-07-29 11:01:14 AM  
"God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis"

I'm not sure the Iraqis want to hear that they're going to hell, even if it does mean free barbecue.
2003-07-29 11:02:24 AM  
2003-07-29 11:06:31 AM  

OMFG. Stop posting links to Guardian editorial in order to incite a flamewar. You do this all the time and it gets you nowhere. What's the matter, no one listens to you in person so you have to go online to feel secure?
2003-07-29 11:06:35 AM  
The Iraqi version of The onion?
2003-07-29 11:07:44 AM  
now now speedyj
I think a flamewar could've developed quite nicely on its on w/o your pointless, unrelated article being posted

shame on you.
2003-07-29 11:09:00 AM  
Comical Ali maybe but lets not get carried away and start throwing around the words "Fox" and "News" so recklessly in the same sentence.
2003-07-29 11:09:01 AM  
speedyj, do you actually have something to contribute to any conversation here on fark or do you just go all day posting random, irrelevant Guardian articles because you are incapable of even internet interaction?

Anyways, this guy wasn't worth arresting or shooting. Its more fun just to see him humiliated, unemployed, and pathetic.
2003-07-29 11:09:59 AM  
Does anyone have a sneaking suspicion that Emperor-Jay = speedyj? Similar names, similar trolling.
2003-07-29 11:12:08 AM  
They should name the newspaper the 'Daily biatch', seeing that all iraqi's do is moan and complain.
2003-07-29 11:14:06 AM  
Sahhaf the whatnow?
2003-07-29 11:16:32 AM  
Fark It, I know for a fact that Emperor Jay used to troll on another screen name called Crazy Jay or Insane Jay or something like that, but changed it and added Emperor. He still occasionally signs on as the other one. Maybe he is speedyj as well. Makes sense right? For the absolutely insane rants about Christianity he trolls as Insane Jay, for the rants about the right and Bush he signs on as Emperor Jay, for quick irrelevant Guardian link spam he signs on as speedyj.
2003-07-29 11:18:47 AM  
Cygnis-x, wah wah my country got invaded and bombed and our economy is completey tanking and we're dealing with the after-effects of a huge war and a subsequent guerrilla resistance and sabotage! Talk about a bunch of whiners. Can't they just get over it already?

/please tell me you understand the sarcasm here
2003-07-29 11:36:06 AM  
This is good news.... Descending into flakiness is a necessary step toward befriending the west .
2003-07-29 11:43:03 AM  
161 differnt newspapers so far? Probably 161 differnet views of the news also.
2003-07-29 11:47:16 AM  
Baghdad Bob was caught, and they interviewed him and relized he was just doin his job, and didnt really have any relivant information. So he was released... said cnn like a month ago or so.

I think if CNN was smart they would hire him.... i mean, i would watch him... as he is such a credible source.
2003-07-29 11:49:48 AM  
The Mirror is pissed because they had planned on changing their name to that...
2003-07-29 11:50:36 AM  
"It's not news, it's Al-Sahhaf"
2003-07-29 11:56:17 AM  
Bahgdad Bob slobs the knob
2003-07-29 12:02:04 PM  
SixOfDLoC - Trite, old, bombastic B.S. about credibilty of Fox News. Typical lib approach - attack rather than use any facts.
2003-07-29 12:08:42 PM  
Hm. Trading on somebody else's name? I hope they asked first... even though the former minister IS a bastard who turned in a relative and thoroughly ingratiated himself with the rest of the Saddamite Baathists.
2003-07-29 12:12:29 PM  
Apparently "An-Asshat" was taken already.
2003-07-29 12:18:22 PM  
should have named it "camel humping wee wee"
2003-07-29 01:20:33 PM  
Fark It

Does anyone have a sneaking suspicion that Emperor-Jay = speedyj? Similar names, similar trolling.

Well duh guys SpeedyJ is the drive-in version of J. For quick and efficient trolling. Emperor-Jay writes out his long and innacurate rants by hand, which takes time and effort. So when time is a factor he dials up speedyj and Voila! Stupid Flamewars in seconds W little effort. Like all drive-thru ventures the results arent quite as satisfying as the real thing but they do the job just well enough.
2003-07-29 01:29:23 PM  
"They FARK you at the drive-thru."

/Leo Getz
2003-07-29 01:39:41 PM  
2003-07-29 12:02:04 PM Rockdrummer
Typical lib approach - attack rather than use any facts.

Ooh, now I'm a "liberal" because I think Fox News is full of it. Let me guess, you consider yourself a "conservative". The immediate labeling of anyone who doesn't agree with your narrow viewpoints as a "liberal" was a dead giveaway. BTW, I'd say your straw-man response was a "typical con approach".

Fox News's political slant is aparrent to anyone who cares to watch, thus their similarity to other state propoganda in other countries. I have yet to see anything on Fox News that's critical of the Republican party, or the current administration, despite the millions of great opportunities said administration gives the media to pick at it. Frankly, as much attention as they paid to even the slightest hint of impropriety of the last administration, they should be having a field day with this one.

Thus I stand by my original statement. Baghdad Bob should be on Fox News. Same style of BS, different country.
2003-07-29 01:45:47 PM  
Fark It Farkin-A Baghdad Bob should be on tv. That guy could OWN Tom Green. Want to start a petition? Is there already one on or one of those sites?
2003-07-29 01:52:34 PM  
"What, me worry?"
2003-07-29 02:44:06 PM  
2003-07-29 10:47:41 PM  
"I have yet to see anything on Fox News that's critical of the Republican party, or the current administration, despite the millions of great opportunities said administration gives the media to pick at it."

Are you farking nuts? Do you watch Bill O'reilly?
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