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2001-10-19 12:12:08 AM  
in to the future!
2001-10-19 12:15:53 AM  
Should be under "scary", or do you think it's cool that they blow up school children and other civilians?

There is absolutely nothing interesting with israeli war propaganda.
2001-10-19 12:17:10 AM  
I studied karate in Boston with a guy who was in the Israeli Special Forces. Made us run up the law school before every class. Very non-imposing looking guy, but a hell of a fighter and teacher.
2001-10-19 12:18:11 AM  
Well I think it's neat.
look at the gear guide:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-19 12:20:50 AM  
Note to the Arabs:
Don't fark with the Israelis
2001-10-19 12:33:43 AM  
Well anyway, the pictures are kindof neat.
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-19 12:40:05 AM  
All they are missing is a section for "computer system passwords" and "upcoming secret missions" - everything else seems to be right there.
2001-10-19 12:48:26 AM  
Good point Joe... you'd think Isreal, of all countries, would refrain from exposing their military specs and ops to the world...

I'm just curious why no stinger missles have found their way into afghani hands; I never realized they came in a handheld version - you'd think some Isreali entrepreneur would sell a few for a quick buck (ala Iran Contra)

And wheres the section on nuclear arms?! I want to know about their nukes, damnit!
2001-10-19 12:53:30 AM  
There's a section about how it's in the Israeli constitution to retialliate with nukes in response to territorial invasions. yipes !
2001-10-19 12:57:02 AM  
Beware the Matzo ball of Death!

Thanks for your time, I now return you to thinking about free pork and all that it implies.
2001-10-19 12:59:22 AM  
i gotta get me some of those insignias. for eight bucks i can be an israeli MP for halloween! yeehaw
2001-10-19 01:02:27 AM  
Israel needs these kinds of defenses considering that certain *cough* Palestinans keep doing suicide missions in there...
2001-10-19 01:33:21 AM  

They have plenty. The theory is that they just don't work anymore, and that the US has figured out how to counter them (they built them, after all.)
2001-10-19 01:52:33 AM  
I understand that the batteries in the old units are bad, and cannot be serviced, recharged or replaced by local industry.
2001-10-19 02:10:48 AM  
2001-10-19 03:00:16 AM  
They need all this crap to shoot down a couple of 8 year olds throwing rocks!?
2001-10-19 03:14:41 AM  
These guys use the civilian version of the M-16, the CAR-15. It's a farking great weapon. I was in the US Army for 4 years, and loved firing that thing. Almost no recoil, accurate as hell, three-round burst feature (vs. full auto...3RB was implemented after Vietnam to help soldiers avoid wasting ammo), and easy as hell to disassemble and clean.

The AK-47 happens to be a good weapon for different reasons, and I'm surprised that the Israeli SF doesn't have the AK as standard issue. The main reason the AK-47 is so good, is that no matter how dirty it gets, it rarely misfires or jams. I've taken apart an AK and filled it with a handful of sand, and it still fired normally. I've also heard stories of people who've fired an AK underwater on full-auto and fired the ENTIRE CLIP!

You'd figure, being surrounded by desert and wasteland, Israeli SF would take the AK-47 over the CAR-15. I guess they took whatever we supplied them with when the Russians were invading back in the 70's. Politics suck. They need the AK.
2001-10-19 03:17:53 AM  
And don't underestimate Israeli the military community, they're known as some of the baddest-ass soldiers around. I never met one, but I've heard stories from one of my sergeants who trained with them.

I still think US Special Forces are probably the best at what they do, but Israel aimed for our status, and are nearly there.
2001-10-19 03:25:19 AM  
A couple of small remarks:The Israelis don't use the AK47 since they have a (IMHO) better alternative: the UziEverybody knows that the British SAS are the best special forces in the world, specially when the Gurkhas get involved.
2001-10-19 04:16:04 AM  
Uhh maybe it's late but an Uzi beating out an Ak47? erm...
2001-10-19 04:40:33 AM  
A couple of small responses to said remarks:

1. How can you claim that an Uzi is a better alternative to the AK-47? That's just ridiculous, sir. (IMHO)
2. What the hell do pickles have to do with the British SAS? And what exactly would they be involved in?

It's always talk about guns!
2001-10-19 04:42:49 AM  
Oh, yeah....fergot this.

"Why, God....oh, why?"
-Me, just now
2001-10-19 04:43:00 AM  
2001-10-19 04:43:37 AM  
I swear I hit the "/a"...grrrr....
2001-10-19 04:52:44 AM  
Next week, a look at the Taliban's "Special Feces"
2001-10-19 04:52:59 AM  
To your responses:Quite simply put: The Uzi is of a later date than the AK-47 (WOII) and of Israeli manufactureGurkha: Tribe in Nepal, members of this tribe are the only non-British serving in the British army. They have a (deserved) reputation of being complete one-man armies. The only person ever to receive a certain British medal for bravery alive (the highest, I can't remember the name at the moment) was a Gurkha, normally it is only given post-humously.
2001-10-19 04:54:57 AM  
It looks to me like one of the main weapons used by the Israelis these days IS a modified AK47.

[image from too old to be available]

"The Israeli Military Industries (IMI) Galil Assault Rifle (AR) was developed in the late 1960's as a modern 5.56 mm version of the renowned Soviet AK47 7.62 mm assault rifle."
2001-10-19 04:58:05 AM  
You are completely correct, I had forgotten about the Galil.
2001-10-19 04:58:53 AM  
Israeli's are bound to have a good army, since, on percentage they spend more then any other nation on their army. 20% i think. Plus they get billions from their daddy America.
2001-10-19 04:59:04 AM  
Guns are for sissies.
2001-10-19 05:00:51 AM  
There are stories of the Nazis throwing down their guns and RUNNING when confronted with a bunch of Gurkhas during WWII. Definately some hardcore guys.
Growing up, my best friends dad was in the SAS. He was never around, unfortunately for my pal, but his proudest posession was a plaque with a Kuhkri (sp?) knife mounted on it that he received from some Gurkhas he trained with.
2001-10-19 05:14:31 AM  
Fusillade762: I hadn't seen that on the website, but thanks for the info. They almost need the AK-47 (or it's Israeli version) in the enviro they're in.

1. As for the Uzi, it may be newer than the AK-47, however (even though I've never fired one) I'm pretty sure it can't compare to the AK. Now, I'd have to personally handle, fire, clean, etc. an Uzi before I could be certain. When I was in the Army, I did get the opportunity to fire the AK-47, and (in comparison to the M16) I know it's a great weapon. Very reliable. Not much of a range of accuracy, but I'm gonna guess the range of accuracy is a lot greater than that of the Uzi.
2. I know, I was just kidding about the Gherkins. I didn't know about the Ghurka that won the medal, though. Good info.

ClownCollegeGraduate: Agreed. You must also understand that the Israeli Army is the highest-paid army in the world. They actually have competition for their positions in the military. That usually means that the better candidates for "soldier" are gonna get the job, then. Unlike the US military, which is considered a job of lack of other choices. Trust me, the US military hurts for soldiers whom can complete their jobs correctly and efficiently.

EnemyFrank: If I saw a bad-ass pickle, I'd run, too.
2001-10-19 05:17:30 AM  
weren't there british special forces who would go onto the field, kill a crapload of nazis, put stickers with "The worst is yet to come" on the bodies, then head back?
2001-10-19 05:31:23 AM  
Yeah, I've heard that story...

Some of the Gurkhas used to collect ears in the form of a necklace.
2001-10-19 05:35:25 AM  
pH33r the palistinian army.
2001-10-19 05:36:27 AM  
2001-10-19 05:37:02 AM  
double bah!

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-19 05:37:54 AM  
Flamebait: For that you get a cookie.
2001-10-19 05:51:54 AM  
What would you say is the range and accuracy of that weapon? Having never used one i'm just not too sure. But i have used a pea shooter and got about 30 feet.

Also notice the vicious tan lines on the kid. Its like he only sunbathes when fighting.
2001-10-19 05:59:48 AM  
For that kid the range will likely be somewhere between 100 and 150 ft. Adults skilled in the use of such things can be accurate to up to 300 ft.
2001-10-19 06:03:28 AM  
What about simple hand throwing?

Better accuracy i would have thought. The tank is pretty screwed now.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-19 06:12:02 AM  
Accuracy is not a problem with enough practice and simple hand throwing just does not have that much range.
2001-10-19 06:48:06 AM  
the kid has a sling, an case you guys were wondering what it was called.

"A good slinger can hit something the size of a human head at 40 yards, even 60 yards without too much difficulty." i think 300 feet is a little much.
2001-10-19 06:54:53 AM  
*cough* herm, looks like i need to check some better sources next time. The guy who manages can get about 100 yards, so, uh, nevermind.
2001-10-19 07:14:27 AM  
Flamebait: Which weapon are you talking about? The AK47 (modified), the Uzi, or the M-16/CAR-15?
2001-10-19 07:16:25 AM  
pretty sure he's talking about the sling. there, i think this is the most posts i've had in the same comment thread.
2001-10-19 07:25:46 AM  
AK-47: It's got an effective kill range of about 300 meters, and a maximum range of 1500 meters

Uzi: Effective & max ranges are 150 meters.

M-16/CAR-15: Effective kill range is 300 meters, and max range is 800 meters.

These ranges do not reflect the maximum possible distance that a round could travel....just the max distance you can aim the weapon and hit the target you aim at.
2001-10-19 07:28:32 AM  
Damn...didn't know he was talking about a slingshot....don't I feel like an idiot.
2001-10-19 07:28:47 AM  
Or a shot.
2001-10-19 08:07:02 AM  
I wonder if they would let me into the Special forces, I served in the U.S Army, plus I have TONS of experience playing RAINBOW SIX. I would want to be the dune buggy driver....sweeeeeet.
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