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19568 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jul 2003 at 4:41 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-28 05:04:43 PM  
drakebraun, perhaps. But I was youngER.
2003-07-28 05:04:54 PM  
Bukharin: Good point. Especially considering each CD costs less than $1.00 to produce.
2003-07-28 05:05:27 PM  
BitTorrent is superior to anything else I have seen so far because of it's entire anthology option. A couple weeks ago I dl'ed the entire Beatles anthology - it all fit onto one cd too (mp3 format)
2003-07-28 05:06:37 PM  
Periteneum: Stealing is Stealing. Too bad downloading music from the web isn't stealing. It's copyright infringement. There's a big difference.

If I steal a CD, that money was actually lost from that CD. If I download a song, no physical property was lost or damaged, and if it is good I will end up buying the CD. If it is not a good song, I don't buy the CD and I delete the file.

There is a big difference between the two, and the RIAA is doing a damn good job of brainwashing people like you into beleiving it is the same thing.
2003-07-28 05:07:12 PM  
Periteneum, good point, but how much expense really goes into making music? The musicians create it with equipment paid for long before they "made it" big. Studios are all paid for. Certainly the media is cheap as water to mass produce. The musicians don't get a large precentage at all (wish I had a number to add to that statement), so where is all the expense?
2003-07-28 05:07:22 PM  
What the fark? these asshats really believe that people will switch back to Napster to pay to download, when programs like Kazaa and WinMX will not only let you download for free, but you can search for video too? So what if it's Napster. I ain't gonna pay

At least with WinMX & Kazaa, you can actually burn your songs on to MDs or CDs

2003-07-28 05:07:23 PM  

Not to justify those songs in any way, but what do you get out of messing with people who actually do like the songs. First off, i have to question where your musical tastes begin. You named songs that i know because i dabble in country enough to have heard all of them more than a few times. So you must listen to country at least a little if you can indentify those 4, meaning you don't hate it as much as you would lead us to believe. Your beef with Pop-country(which i and many others share) is not being adressed, so that point of you comment doesn't make much sense. Now i more than understand your hatred towards the pro-war/9-11 songs, but that doesn't mean the artists are doing it to cash in on emotions and what not. With the type of sales and followings those singers have they are obviously providing consumers with music they enjoy and there is a demand for, otherwise it wouldn't be popular at all. Since when should artists not produce music that there is a demand for? And there are a lot of pro-war folks out there. Who's to say Toby Kieth isn't one of them and truly believed in what he was singing? Also by tricking people into downloading your "non-RIAA, anti-war" song, instead of the ones they want, you're pulling the same move as Metallica. You gotta have standards man. Finally, what are you gonna accomplish? No one is gonna listen to your song and say "you know what, i was pro-war, but now that i've heard this song, i've changed my mind". All they're gonna do is download the actual song from someone else and delete yours. I guess i just don't see the point
2003-07-28 05:07:38 PM  
Perineum, I've got Kazaa running right now and I feel fully justified in telling YOU to STFU.
2003-07-28 05:08:24 PM  
I agree that we should be buying our cds, but all the cds I buy have songs I have dled and listened to beforehand, Also, the prices are horrible, $20 a cd is close to 4 hours minimum wage. I am not spending 4 hours of my life working to buy a cd that only has half the cd's capacity of music and at most is only 1 hour of music. But, i dont mind buying cds at my price at used cd stores, I'd recommend any of you to just buy your cds used, I have no clue if the RIAA gets any money from it though, i'd hope they dont, cheap sluts....

Bukharin, about the burning software, I'd go with easy cd creater, the newest version is like Platinum or sumthing, but it works great for me
2003-07-28 05:08:31 PM  
I remember when chumbachewbacaa came out- *shudder*

I was just pokin fun at ya Calisa, no harm inteded ;)
2003-07-28 05:08:37 PM  
For Periteneum. A list of bands that I never would have discovered and bought all the CDs of if it weren't for free online file-sharing:

The Flaming Lips
The Smiths
Queens Of The Stone Age
Neil Young
Atom and His Package
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Ben Folds
Cat Stevens
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Jethro Tull
Nada Surf (well, the new album anyway)
Steve Miller Band
The Pogues

That's at least $400, working on the assumption that I only bought one album by each of the above bands (and I bought much more than one for most of the aforementioned bands). I know not all people use file-sharing this way, but to punish us for actually helping discover new and great music seems absolutely ridiculous to me.
2003-07-28 05:09:06 PM  
Periteneum = RIAA
2003-07-28 05:10:29 PM  
But wait... stealing music is wrong, isn't it?
2003-07-28 05:11:03 PM  
Bukharin, about the burning software, I'd go with easy cd creater, the newest version is like Platinum or something, but it works great for me

Thanks a bunch. I'll check it out.
2003-07-28 05:12:07 PM  
Plain and simple:

I'll pay to download. However, times have changed and they won't see a dime of mine until they change with it. I'll give money when:

1. A flat-rate covers unlimited downloads (assume per month).

2. No DRM. This is non-negotiable.

3. Freedom to burn to cd.

4. Standard file. Mp3, Shn, Flac, Ogg, whatever... make it standard. I don't want to get stuck with a .nap that I can't do anything with. Compatability and portability.

5. Reasonable pricing. Is .79 a song cheap? Yes. Is it more then I'm paying if I go to DC, BT, or Kazaa? Yes. Therefore, common sense, make it cheap. $15 a month, help yourself.

6. Needs to be playable on my Linux boxes also. Screw your proprietary wma file, keep it.

7. Catalog of music rivaling whats available from the various p2p services. There's no reason not to do this. Napster2.0 is a step in the right direction in regards to their catalog. I like jazz, world music, "jamband." Variety is the spice of life.

As it is, the record companies haven't gotten anything out of me in the past 4 yrs. It's not that I download everything in sight, I just don't buy new records from major lables. And no, I don't download new records either (nothing interesting in the past 4 years). The last cds I bought were from It cost me $22 for a *four* cd set. Who's to complain about that? It's not $18 for 1 cd like the current pricing structure.

At $15 a month, they'd make over $150 a year from me, which is more then their getting now. I'm sure this would go for quite a few other people too. There will always be ways around the RIAA monitoring illegal music. It's time to make it cheap enough for people to get what they want, how they want it. Until then, they'll always fight a losing battle.

Even as I type this, I've got a ton of music downloading. I downloaded over 200 mp3s this past weekend. I'm getting another 200 tonite. If anyone is interested in downloading the same, you can find my music of choice at,, or It's free. There's nothing illegal about it. That's all I download now.
2003-07-28 05:12:25 PM  
2003-07-28 05:08:37 PM headlessparrot

For Periteneum. A list of bands that I never would have discovered and bought all the CDs of if it weren't for free online file-sharing:

...Atom and His Package

You discovered Atom too!!!
Doesnt he kick ass!!!
2003-07-28 05:13:24 PM  
I often download files to try before I buy. I'd much rather have the CD, than an mp3 version. MP3's sound OK,
but are no where near CD quality to my ears. Trading mp3's is no different that trading cassette tapes....
2003-07-28 05:13:43 PM  
The best burning software is definitely Ahead Nero. Not Easy CD Creater.
2003-07-28 05:15:06 PM  
SoCalChris "and I delete the file"

Again, you are lying to more than me if you actually believe that.

Sorry I'm just a bit touchy about this as my band works friggin hard to do what we do - and on a 'professional' level - the work is ten-fold. Just because a product isn't tangible doesn't detract from the value.
2003-07-28 05:16:19 PM  
You discovered Atom too!!!
Doesnt he kick ass!!!

Guy farking owns. I nearly cried laughing the first time I heard Hats Off To Halford. Awesome song.
2003-07-28 05:16:54 PM  
Want to listen first? All the music stores have listening stations - you CAN try before you buy.

Huh...maybe you have better music stores around but most of the ones I can go to do not allow you to just listen to any album. It's only the popular ones that they have already set up to listen to.

That's not good enough. If a friend tells me about some bands I want to be able to listen to a few songs first rather then just running out and buying the album to see if they really are cool.

Before I started to download music I just pretty much stopped buying cds all together because that one song on the radio was so rarely an accurate portrayal of the entire album. Now I buy tons, once I know for certain I'm going to like it enough to spend 12+ dollars on it.

and I also like to buy straight through the artist...often at their know those events where they actually make money as opossed to cd sales.
2003-07-28 05:17:06 PM From what I've heard it's like the PC version of iTunes and reviews say it's good. I haven't tried it though so I don't know. Right now they don't have the music I want (Andrea Bocelli) so I haven't used it.
2003-07-28 05:19:05 PM  
I love his covers of WAITING ROOM by Fugazi and WHERE EAGLES DARE by the Misfits.

If you have never heard him, look for "Senor Coconut"
He does salsa/merengue versions of Kraftwerk songs.
Top notch stuff.
2003-07-28 05:19:40 PM  
Happy birthday Ralph, I love you
Even though you are farking disgusting
2003-07-28 05:19:44 PM  
Isn't a Periteneum something between a dick and an asshole?
Just curious.
2003-07-28 05:19:54 PM  

You may get a copy of easy cd creator on Kazaa!
2003-07-28 05:20:39 PM  
Isn't a Periteneum something between a dick and an asshole?
Just curious.

That would be a taint. But you're on the right track, methinks.
2003-07-28 05:21:32 PM  
Roukzeptea23- i have tried both ITMS and

to call buymusic is to call my old P1 133 blazin. compared to ITMS is a joke. ITMS is awesome excelent selection that is continually growing and easy to navigate. and the 30 second previews sound great and really help me decide what kind of music i might want to buy later.
2003-07-28 05:22:06 PM  
Re: Apple Music Store

I like this idea. I used to use Kazaalite a lot, but I haven't downloaded anything for the past 3 months for fear I might get my a$$ sued. Has anyone else used the iTunes store? I listen mostly to techno/trance music. (notgay) Is there any of that kind of music available there, or is it all pop/rock/rap stuff?
2003-07-28 05:23:55 PM  
Kazaa is better.
Napster is a trap.
Ackbar would say that it's a trap.
It is so boobytrapped with RIAA stuff, you don't even need to download a P2P program to see a threatening RIAA popup.
2003-07-28 05:24:13 PM  
zerplex, ok. I've just heard about it and it sounded good. I hadn't used it so it's good to hear more about it. Do you like using ITMS alot? I don't care much about 30 previews because most of the stuff I would want to buy is oldies that I've heard on the radio, got on record somewhere, or stuff from artists I love (such as andrea bocelli, i've liked every single album I've bought.)
2003-07-28 05:24:41 PM  
to call "good" is to call my old P1 133 blazin

2003-07-28 05:25:04 PM  
No, more like the greedy, corpratized bastard child of Napstar.
2003-07-28 05:26:20 PM  
This is just like those stupid new "Atari" videogames. Just whoring the name for a quick buck.
2003-07-28 05:26:54 PM  
2003-07-28 05:26:56 PM  
Soooo this is FARK huh? No logical debates, no consideration of differing opinions (God forbid you disagree with the mass mentality) It's kind of like High School - without the maturity.

Making music is WORK - people usually like to get paid for their work. Why is this concept so alien? If you are a chef and I don't like your food, does that give me the right to skip out on the check? No. I take my issues to you and we work on an amicable solution.
2003-07-28 05:27:09 PM  
or i can just stick with kazaa

and download all the free music i want

and never have to worry about how many times i can burn it

2003-07-28 05:28:06 PM  
SoCalChris - EXACTLY! Listen to this person, people.

And Periteneum, you're not raising your karma any by flailing at nothing like that.
2003-07-28 05:31:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-28 05:33:55 PM  
The weird thing was that once I got up and going again, only one thing was missing: My folder with all my music in it.

No, I've done the same thing - pop open explorer and search your drive for it - its still there, just hiding from ya.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN - this is not necessarily going to end up like press play - there is the monthly fee for downloading all you want, and we have yet to see what fees those are yet. It's an ALTERNATIVE, not necessarily the answer...

But I for one am glad its coming back. I made friends on Napster - now everything is so paranoid you wonder if the guy you wanna thank downloading isn't a nark.

It has to start somewhere.
2003-07-28 05:34:01 PM  
Making music is WORK - people usually like to get paid for their work. Why is this concept so alien? If you are a chef and I don't like your food, does that give me the right to skip out on the check? No. I take my issues to you and we work on an amicable solution.

And people are getting paid. Have you heard any stories of rock stars starving to death trying to pay their bills? I thought not. Most of an artist's income doesn't come from CD sales anyways, but from live performances. The reason the RIAA is making a big stink about file-sharing is because CDs are where they rip off the customer and make millions for doing very little at all. File-sharing gives the power back to the music listener, so we don't have to put up with the RIAA's crap any more. I still buy CDs. I buy plenty of CDs. By my best guess, I currently own about 350 CDs and another 250 LPs. The supposed drop in CD sales over the past few years has been vastly exaggerated. As long as bands are making worthwhile music, they'll sell records and I think that's what worries the RIAA most - they won't be able to sell millions of albums with one good song and fifteen tracks of crap filler to accentuate it. They'll have to actually foster and encourage growth and talent, which is bad for them in the short run. If they thought it through, though, they'd realize that allowing a band to grow and developing before rushing them to record is probably a much better idea and will eventually result in more albums by the band, more sales, and therefore more money for those money-grubbing cockknockers at the RIAA.
2003-07-28 05:34:43 PM  
How does one copyright the numbers "0" and "1?"
2003-07-28 05:34:51 PM  
oh Periteneum just shut the hell up, you have a entire room full of people who are against you and you still want to argue... drop it dude
2003-07-28 05:36:29 PM  
bittorrent is fine if u like to take a week to download a file, just stick to good ole mirc
2003-07-28 05:38:18 PM  
besides, i thought making music was supposed to be out of your own free spirit, not something your supposed to get paid to do, if your in it for the money, then get the hell out of here, and go join Lars Ulrich and biatch about this until you two go to hell... when people download your music that means they like you guys, and then you go biatch and moan at them for LIKING YOU? thats a good way to repay your fans...
2003-07-28 05:38:45 PM  
just stick to good ole mirc

AIM uses less bandwith so you can surf while transfering.
2003-07-28 05:39:02 PM  
A couple of people I talked to had computer problems because they got viruses thru one of the services, Kazaa or whatever. Is this a minor problem, or what ? I was surprised at least one of the people, I'm sure he updates his AV, so I don't know what his problem is.

OK - be really careful downloading cracks - this seems to be a great place for worms to hide. Also - look at file extentions - if you download an .avi file, it should look about like this - mymummysperfectlylegalhomesvideos[DiVX}SmR.avi (or .rar, .zip) not mymummysperfectlylegalhomesvideos.avi.exe.

Thats how many people get them. Virus scanners can only keep up with what trend micro catches - but you'll be OK. Just be aware that there is stuff out there and watch out for it :)
2003-07-28 05:39:09 PM  
We don't learn what is right and wrong by reading laws, we as a society decide what is right and wrong and write laws to clarify that. If a significantly large portion of the US is knowingly doing something illegal, and an even larger portion doesn't really care - it seems to me that it might be because the law is wrong.

If you don't like making music - I think McDonalds might be hiring.
2003-07-28 05:40:18 PM  
Music is a hobby.

Bricklaying is work.
2003-07-28 05:42:12 PM  
to use ITNS is a sinch and if they have what you want there is nothing better but they still dont have everything. but the child id dtill young so i am hopefull. the sound quality is awesomr from ITMS AAC is the greatest.
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