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(via ArsTechnica)   Hackers seek government approval to attack Afghani resources   ( divider line
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5454 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Oct 2001 at 6:19 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-18 06:22:26 PM  
Nerds rule
2001-10-18 06:23:22 PM  
Yeah, make it so Osama can't check his email. He'll give up in 24 hours!
2001-10-18 06:23:24 PM  
Yup, that 8086 sitting on a trash heap outside of Kabul is really in trouble now.
2001-10-18 06:23:41 PM  
What Afghani resources?
2001-10-18 06:24:12 PM  
Sounds like another Kim Schmitz publicity stunt.
2001-10-18 06:26:27 PM  
Pentagon Official: "Sure, just write your name and address here, kid..."
2001-10-18 06:26:49 PM  
$10 says they are all AOL users.




2001-10-18 06:27:44 PM  
I say let the nerds fark up whatever they can.
2001-10-18 06:27:55 PM  
since when does a "hacker" ask for permission?
2001-10-18 06:30:33 PM  
Um, who's going to press charges against them, assuming they do any actual damage?
2001-10-18 06:32:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Now that's just dumb. Someone needs to stuff this moron's fat ass into an airlock and blow it out.
2001-10-18 06:32:47 PM  
ooh! look at me! I got a logo!

[image from too old to be available]

such wankers. Soon they will have t-shirts and hats too!
I wonder if these are sorority girls instead of hackers?
When are they gonna have a bake-sale? No self-respecting haxor asks permission, that takes all the fun out of it.
2001-10-18 06:36:02 PM  
if you haven't been to, check it out
2001-10-18 06:36:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-18 06:38:01 PM  
I am rich...therfore I am cool.....
PS. I am a dumb fat bastard.
2001-10-18 06:40:01 PM  
Attrition should bring their archive back online for those hacks, if they work ^^
2001-10-18 06:40:18 PM  
Kimble can't even Keep hackers from defacing his OWN WEBSITE! What an Idiot. Here look here to see a nice alldas mirror of fluffy bunny owning
Yea Kim you can hack right in to Afgan. resources, just as soon as someone makes a script for you do download.
2001-10-18 06:45:52 PM  
at least there are boobies in the yihat intro.
boobies are good.
2001-10-18 06:48:58 PM  
That's it,topple Afghanastan's only computer,The Commodore Vic.
2001-10-18 06:54:11 PM  
Hey, don't be dissin' Shatner's Vic.
2001-10-18 06:59:38 PM  
If you have to ask for permission you're not really hacking.
2001-10-18 07:04:44 PM  
Not much left to hack I imagine.
2001-10-18 07:06:31 PM  
ahaha, they don't have computers. hack into their dirt storage facilities!
2001-10-18 07:09:57 PM  
I love people that talk without knowing what theyre talking about.

'Since when does a hacker ask for permission?'

Who the fark said a hacker is some sort of an outlaw? There is some self-repect involved in hacking.

And another thing, why does everyone think a hacker is some rich fat kid with no friends? wtf...
2001-10-18 07:29:51 PM  
I dunno, can you consider a woman breastfeeding boobies?
2001-10-18 07:34:34 PM  
i'll copy from Attrition..."Stop hacking and defacing Arab servers or attacking Arab networks. It doesn't help. It isn't "hacktivism." There is not a "cyber war" going on. You do not know who hijacked our planes and killed thousands of our citizens as well as citizens of other countries all over the world. Even if you do blame this catastrophe on Osama bin Laden, you do not know what net servers he is using. You do not know where he is. You are just attacking any random computer system just because it is Middle Eastern. In other words, you are attacking innocent people simply due to their nationality or location, and that is wrong. Do you really think bin Laden's going to give a damn if some random Saudi web site gets defaced, or an ISP in Syria gets DoS'd? It doesn't affect him. It doesn't affect the terrorists. Stop it. "
2001-10-18 07:34:40 PM  
Not every hacker Caliburated, just Kim Schmitz.
2001-10-18 07:46:38 PM  
Looks like Kims daddy provides well for him.
2001-10-18 07:48:55 PM  
Caliburated.....Look at the pics then you will know why everyone thinks "a hacker is some rich fat kid with no friends".
2001-10-18 08:02:19 PM  
yeah, he's a pretty 1337 d00d
2001-10-18 08:10:11 PM  
poor fat bastard- more than likely pays for nookie....At least he *looks* like he pays for nookie....
2001-10-18 08:11:30 PM  
If these guys are "intelligent," then why couldn't they have come up with a cooler acronym? I mean, seriously...Y.I.H.A.T.? Am I supposed to be in awe of that?
2001-10-18 08:12:42 PM  
I didn't know Otho from beetlejuice was a 1337 hax0r
2001-10-18 08:20:26 PM  
YIHAT sounds like Yeehat, the avian race from Star_Control_2, likely the funniest computer game of all time.

But the Yeehats were dorks, like the YIHAT.
2001-10-18 08:25:34 PM  
Wait a minute some of those pictures of Kin doesn't look like Kim to me. More like a banged up car (Kim probably sat here), a boat (food supply?), Australia (maybe Kims idea of what happens after sex). Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix 2000 looks photoshoped to me. But then I'm not an expert. So the short of it Kim looks like a wanker.

Princess Pooty
2001-10-18 08:25:37 PM  
"I didn't know Otho from beetlejuice was a 1337 hax0r"

Holy shiat! LOL.. Funny shiat..

Aright, that kids fat. Looks rich, too. And god knows all of his friends are identified by aol screenames.

Still doesnt mean all of them are.
2001-10-18 08:25:46 PM  
I liked this section. Why would he show this off?
2001-10-18 08:27:56 PM  
Although it was a nice car if you see it here.
I just don't think I'd show off crashing it though.
2001-10-18 08:29:06 PM

2001-10-18 08:38:49 PM  
So, he names his vehicles based on either "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" or the schlock-fi movie "Megaforce?"
2001-10-18 08:42:34 PM  
I didn't know Otho from beetlejuice was a 1337 hax0r

I just about shiat a brick when i read that.

(BTW i'm a 1337 5n4x0r or elite snacker)
2001-10-18 08:44:24 PM  
Hrm, he seems more adept at self promotion than actual hacking. Nifty pictures of his car wreck on Pity he lived through it though.
2001-10-18 08:44:27 PM  
O.k BaconFarker - "since when does a "hacker" ask for permission?"

and Max Load - "If you have to ask for permission you're not really hacking."

Couldnt have said it better myself. These guys dont ask - they just do (usually). In most cases the ones that get caught are only 15 years old or younger and the govt cant do shiat to them. Most hackers older than that cover their arses a bit better. - You usually get caught when you mouth off about it. Hence the 15 and under.
2001-10-18 08:47:19 PM  
After reading my statement its quiet a generalization - sorry if anyones offended.
2001-10-18 08:49:43 PM  
Is that guy for real? I've never seen a more blantant display of arrogance... he should be nominated for ;)
2001-10-18 08:50:40 PM  
hackin all computer files, d'oh d'ah d'oh d'ah
2001-10-18 08:55:31 PM  
There are professional hackers, ya know, like security consultants. Since hacking is illegal and a Mr Happy referenced people usually get caught when shooting there mouths off, they just want permission so if the accomplish anything the can brag to everyone about what 1337 d00ds they are.
2001-10-18 08:59:19 PM  
No shiat ha ha ha what a loser - check out his flash movies "Kimble Special Agent" - nicely makes Bill Gates piss his pants ha ha - this guys a toss. - Im just annoyed because he obviously knows more than me.
2001-10-18 08:59:51 PM  
God bless a geek.
Morlocks, the whole lot all of them.
2001-10-18 09:00:29 PM  
big ego trip for anyone who wins
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