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(Detroit News)   Not only do the Detroit Tigers suck at an historic level, there is no hope for the future. "It is staggering how little talent exists (at the farm level)"   ( divider line
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2003-07-27 12:42:18 PM  
Go Wings!
2003-07-27 05:54:39 PM  
At least we have the Lions to watch!

/putting gun to head
2003-07-27 07:16:11 PM  
2003-07-27 08:26:48 PM  
Can't be any worse than the Norfolk/Hampton Roads/Whatever the hell they're calling themselves "Tides".

9 game losing streak? Been there, done that.
2003-07-27 08:28:30 PM  
Sweet. This and the Lions are why MI has so many hockey fans.
wil [TotalFark]
2003-07-27 08:30:35 PM  

foreach $tigers {


sigh. thank you fox.
2003-07-27 08:31:56 PM  
I blame the demise of baseball's "pepper game."

/got nothin
2003-07-27 08:36:23 PM  
shouldn't that be
foreach $tiger in (@tigers)
2003-07-27 08:36:36 PM  
We should replace them with real tigers, then watch all those penalties fly for eating the players of other teams.
2003-07-27 08:43:12 PM  
They're exaggerating in this article, though... Detroit has problems, but they have a lot of intriguing young arms, and there are a number of potential stars in the big leagues.

You want a *really* doomed club, look at Baltimore, who are hemoraging money, have a FAR worse farm club than Detroit, and have to compete in a division with New York, Boston and Toronto. Detroit could contend in just a few years with a lot of luck. Baltimore won't be in a pennant race for another decade at least.
2003-07-27 08:46:09 PM  
The Detroit Tigers make Texas Rangers fans feel fortunate.
2003-07-27 08:57:39 PM  
And this is important to teh rest of us because?
2003-07-27 08:59:50 PM  
But hey, Comerica Park is nice.

Go Darko.
2003-07-27 09:02:45 PM  
This is one huge reason i moved to Vegas, to run from the stench of bad baseball.
Glad I got that Old English "D" tatooed on my leg.
2003-07-27 09:07:27 PM  
I'd like to think Magnum would still wear their hat.
2003-07-27 09:17:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-27 09:21:28 PM  
Well, look at it this way, Tigers fans...

You've won a championship in the past 80 years!

You won't have to go watching your team lose in the playoffs for a long, long time. Folks in Boston know what I'm talking about. In their run to the Super Bowl, the Patriots used up the good karma that ALL New England teams had been accumulating since 1986.

/Buckner sucks
2003-07-27 09:37:50 PM  
Maggie surrenders.
2003-07-27 09:39:59 PM  
2003-07-27 09:50:28 PM  
at least we have the Pistons!
2003-07-27 09:54:23 PM  
[blinks] No farm talent? Then why are there more people at Mud Hens games than at Tigers games?
2003-07-27 09:58:45 PM  
I'm pretty sure the Tigers have been eliminated from the next three years worth of playoffs. And that happened 10 games ago. Thank god the Pistons are getting stronger, or Detroit sports fans may be in trouble.
2003-07-27 10:03:06 PM  
If you didn't have the red wings you would be chicago, or boston.
2003-07-27 10:04:49 PM  
2003-07-27 10:06:13 PM  
Anyone hear about the proposed plans to raze Tiger Stadium to build a WalMart?

I think the Mud Hens could beat the current team.
2003-07-27 10:08:21 PM  
Wait a minute... wasn't their AAA team # 4 in the nation last season? If not, every media outlet in Toledo is lying to me.

/heaven forbid the media lie...
2003-07-27 10:10:00 PM  
:%s/tigers/Michigan\ Wolverines/g

2003-07-27 10:10:54 PM  
Where do I sign up?

Seriously. If they're as bad as this guy says.
2003-07-27 10:21:46 PM  
Detroit makes my San Diego Padres feel fortunate as well. They are currently last in their division by quite a ways, next year, next year...
2003-07-27 10:23:35 PM  

Anyone hear about the proposed plans to raze Tiger Stadium to build a WalMart?

I'm all for that. Are the anti-Wal Mart wackos gonna protest that?

Activist: Wal-Mart puts small businesspeople out of business
Drug Pusher: Yeah! I'm small business!
Prostitute: Me too!
Wal-Mart: Whatever. Bye.

That would be the best thing to happen to downtown. First of all, even if Wal-Mart is the worst thing ever, it's not possible for a Wal-Mart to make Detroit any worse than it already is. And they like to toss money around, so they might actually fix stuff, and all you'd have to lose is an old, decrepid stadium?

Sounds good to me, if it's true.
2003-07-27 10:24:25 PM  
go Detroit sports!

Fury made the AFL playoffs this year
Shock are top of the East (but nobody watches WNBA anyway)
Pistons goin' to work
Lions have Mooch
Red Wings have amazing defense
2003-07-27 10:28:20 PM  
Just a thought, but doesn't Mike Ilitch have enough money to go on a Steinbrenner-esque free agent spree if he so desires? The minor leagues don't matter as much as they used to.

How the best owner in hockey can be the worst owner in baseball is beyond me.
2003-07-27 10:35:52 PM  
peter_hook Well, I don't think that the "anti's" here are necessarily ant-Walmart, more of a save Tiger Stadium mentality. Anyway, the stadium is not in the downtown area, but in Corktown, a neighborhood full of small bars and stores. Detroit obviously needs any influx of investment, but I'm wondering why they can't build it in the hundreds of acres of vacated land all over Detroit.
It is kind of hard to hear of them tearing the place down after I witnessed Kaline, Lolich, Cash, Northrup, etc... playing there. Good Times.
2003-07-27 10:37:21 PM  
Not even God can save the Tigers! LETS GO RED WINGS
2003-07-27 10:50:06 PM  
Questions begging for answers as the Tigers, in a final act of bedevilment, make everyone long for a good Lions football game

haha, he made teh funney. there hasn't been a good lions game since sanders retired.
2003-07-27 10:58:17 PM  
Yeah I think its bull too. They have fairly good pitching that gets no run support, and they are the second youngest team in baseball. And they do have some decent prospects.
2003-07-27 11:10:50 PM  
A local sports talk radio show was discussing this the other day. They said that all our minor league teams are under .500, and our best prospect was about 5 levels down in the farm system.

It's time to take a hard look at where the problem is. It's not the manager. It's the people above Alan Trammell (whose leadership I think is great), it's the money-men and decision makers, namely Mike Ilitch. He shells out so much money for the Red Wings, yet he ignores the Tigers. When he finally spends money, it's to help fund a new stadium so his rich friends don't feel so threatened having to go to Tiger Stadium.

Maybe if the team was doing well, I'd understand a new stadium... but seeing as history (and common sense) proves that a new stadium has never turned a losing team into a winning team, it's just another embarassment in Tiger history.
2003-07-27 11:17:24 PM  

[blinks] No farm talent? Then why are there more people at Mud Hens games than at Tigers games?

They are old M*A*S*H fans
2003-07-27 11:36:19 PM  
OK not to get off topic , but would a grammer nazi explain to my why you put an in front of historic instead of a ? I know it's right, I just don't know why.
wil [TotalFark]
2003-07-28 12:00:53 AM  
I think it's because the "H" is not pronounced "huh." You put "a" ahead of consonants and "an" ahead of vowels. Because the first sound you hear in "historic" is the "ih," sound, you get "an."

I think.
2003-07-28 12:02:40 AM  
doesn't Mike Ilitch have enough money...

Did you even read the article?

wasn't their AAA team # 4 in the nation last season?

Yes, the AA team was the year before that. Unfortunately, every player worth a shiat on those teams is now trying to prove himself at the big league level. Some aren't doing it very well

They have fairly good pitching

Yes, that is a definite strength. We have no hitting because we've drafted nothing but pitchers for the past 6 years. That's not necessarily a bad move. A major league pitcher is more valuable than a position player and you're more likely to get a surprise out of your late round pitchers than hitters. Now if only we can trade some of our pitchers for position prospects (See Jeff Weaver for Pena, Bonderman, and German)
2003-07-28 12:10:16 AM  
The Tigers are God's answer to the hopes of all Devil Rays fans since their conception in 1998. Thank you Detroit.
2003-07-28 12:16:24 AM  
"They're exaggerating in this article, though... Detroit has problems, but they have a lot of intriguing young arms, and there are a number of potential stars in the big leagues."
Uh, no they aren't. Yes, the Tigers appear they will have solid, if not spectacular, young pitching in the years to come.

The problem is, and I swear I am not exaggerating, they do not have ONE really strong position-player prospect, who looks like a sure-fire, can't-miss Major Leaguer. Not ONE. In every level of their farm system.

I think it is that fact that prompted the sportwriter's reaction of horror and repulsion.

My favorite moment as a Detroit sports fan came two years ago, when the 1-12 (or something like that) Lions were getting throttled by St. Louis in a Monday Night game. 60,000 people at the Silverdome started chanting "Let's Go, Red Wings!" :)
2003-07-28 12:32:14 AM  
I think it's because the "H" is not pronounced "huh." You put "a" ahead of consonants and "an" ahead of vowels. Because the first sound you hear in "historic" is the "ih," sound, you get "an

Since when is the "h" in historic not pronounced?

I'm a history teacher.
The old tavern is a historic monument.

Oh wait, its summer, why am I being all teacher-ly? :)
2003-07-28 12:32:41 AM  
JeffMolby: Yeah, people read the article. The article's wrong. Ilitch built the Red Wings into a dynasty how? By keeping good players, getting a few more through free agency, and making the team a place where others want to play.

Now the problem the Tigers have is getting the few base players to build from. Maybe they'd be able to do that if management wasn't TRADING THEM OFF AS SOON AS THEY SHOW PROMISE. For chrissakes, I'm tired of seeing every player that shows a glimmer of talent being traded off in the name of "team building." When does this "team building" show results? So far we've gotten rid of every decent player we had, usually trading for players we don't need... like when we picked up our FOURTH first-baseman. That was a trade so stupid that the players were openly questioning it in the media.

So yes, part of the solution is to drop the money needed on name players. It might not be the sole solution, but it's a big part of the solution.
2003-07-28 12:52:01 AM  
go red sox!
2003-07-28 02:11:00 AM  

Hahaha, I watched that game, and laughed and laughed because of that. I was actually waiting for Yzerman to strap on some pads and launch the bomb, heh.

I don't even think a Barry Sanders comeback could help out the Lions. Oh wait, this thread was about the Tigers. Both teams are interchangable, right? I don't think it would hurt to have them play each other's sport for a season. I don't think any less fans would come to the games as much as they are now, heh :)
2003-07-28 02:33:44 AM  
almost 20 years since 1984...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-28 03:10:09 AM  

Ah...Buckner Bashing... a cherished pasttime of Bostonians. Too bad the team (like the fans) worried too much about the error and not enough about the GAME SEVEN that could've won them the series.

I swear... the two biggest Boston moments of the last 75 years have been very late in World Series game 6 games, in series' that the Sox lose. Coincidence?
2003-07-28 06:02:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

w3wt w3wt!
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