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(Channel4000)   Cat with kittens found alive in WTC rubble   ( divider line
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7254 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Oct 2001 at 5:41 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-18 05:43:39 PM  
Lots of pussy in the news here on FARK.CALM today.

-he who stacks pork
2001-10-18 05:44:11 PM  
cats farking rule
2001-10-18 05:45:17 PM  
So they found cats in a restaurant. Peculiar...I wonder if it was a Chineese restaurant.
2001-10-18 05:46:22 PM  
Yay ^-^
2001-10-18 05:46:23 PM  
agrees w/Amorphis
2001-10-18 05:46:36 PM  
2001-10-18 05:47:33 PM  
And yeah, they do rule. Got 3, myself.
2001-10-18 05:48:07 PM  
This is still pretty cool.
2001-10-18 05:49:20 PM  
Mom has been christened "Hope." The babies are being called "Freedom," "Amber" and "Flag."

Okay, I get Hope, Freedom and Flag, but what's with Amber?
2001-10-18 05:49:33 PM  
Yay kitties!
2001-10-18 05:49:56 PM  
Flag? They named a cat flag? Come one, even Liberty would have been better than Flag. "Come here Flag. Pretty Flag."
2001-10-18 05:50:07 PM  
Yay kitties...
2001-10-18 05:51:06 PM  
Not to be unpatriotic, but 'Flag' *is* a pretty stupid name for a cat.
2001-10-18 05:51:11 PM  
Amber waves of grain
2001-10-18 05:51:31 PM  
"Amber waves of grain."

isn't that a line from America the Beautiful?

I probably farked up that line but I remember something like that. Would explain the "Amber."
2001-10-18 05:52:02 PM  
Caboozy, are you serious? All I can think of when I hear Amber is beer.
2001-10-18 05:52:20 PM  
Amber, as in amber waves of grain?
2001-10-18 05:52:23 PM  
This sucks and it needs a "Sappy" tag.
2001-10-18 05:52:34 PM  
Jakjak: For Amber waves of grain, I imagine.
2001-10-18 05:52:38 PM  
Good call, Ogre!

This is very, very cool...
2001-10-18 05:52:49 PM  
*shakes fist*

That Caboozy thinks he soooo quick. Well you've won this battle, but you certainly have not won the war. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAA.

I haven't slept in 38 hours.
2001-10-18 05:52:53 PM  
Serious like a heart attack
2001-10-18 05:53:00 PM  
And cats suck catnip.
2001-10-18 05:53:03 PM  
Perhaps "Liberty" would have been a better name (Lunatic).
2001-10-18 05:53:19 PM  
...and the same to everyone else :)
2001-10-18 05:53:26 PM  
Awww... Those kitties are sooo cute!
2001-10-18 05:54:07 PM  
Prepare to be 0wnz0r3d by my 1337 Ultima n00b cannon.
Tell me where I got that?
2001-10-18 05:55:13 PM  
Liberty, or Justice would have been better names than Flag. Heh.
2001-10-18 05:57:09 PM  
Weird, there's a Fark User named Ambercat
2001-10-18 05:59:42 PM  
CaptMorgan, you can be so proud of yourself by copying that from my description.
In stupidly watered down video game talk, shove that up your tailpipe and afterburn it.
2001-10-18 06:01:20 PM  
Amorphis - I agree, cats do farking rule. They should have thier own country of Catastan.
2001-10-18 06:03:20 PM  
Cats are a Chink communist plot to subjugate and render impure our precious bodily fluids.
2001-10-18 06:04:20 PM  
That story totally made my day!!! Cats are awesome creatures!!!! CATS RULE!!! Dogs drool! (but I still love dogs too!!
2001-10-18 06:04:54 PM  
I think Amber is a tribute to some of America's greatest citizens- our porn stars.
2001-10-18 06:05:13 PM  
If anyone wants to adopt one of these 3 kittens,forget about it,they are long gone.
However there are plenty of stray cats and/or dogs that could use a good loving family to take care of them.
Visit an animal shelter near your home and save a life.A loved pet returns the love in ways you could never imagine(unless you have one,then you know what I'm talking about).
2001-10-18 06:05:40 PM  
Cats rock! I bet Amber is gonna grow up to be a stripper.
2001-10-18 06:06:03 PM  
my mother got a new kitten on the day of the attack... she named it "goodness" stupidest name EVER
2001-10-18 06:06:16 PM  
amber as in amber waves of grain used to brew BEER.
2001-10-18 06:07:29 PM  
Beer rocks! I'm going to grow up to be a stripper!
2001-10-18 06:07:59 PM  
amber should be sent to the bonsai kitten people.
2001-10-18 06:08:05 PM  
More like amber waves of migraine.
2001-10-18 06:08:48 PM  
heh heh..."goodness". I can just imagine- "goodness- get your ass in here!" or "who ate that salmon i was saving? fuqing goodness..."
2001-10-18 06:11:02 PM  
Every time I submit a decent link, it never goes through, it's always beaten by FARKING CRAP like this!
2001-10-18 06:11:40 PM  
Okay, so it's sappy, but speaking as a cat lover this story made my day. Frankly I think we could use all the happy/sappy stories we can get re: the WTC.
2001-10-18 06:12:32 PM  
Sappy is good. I haven't thought about anthrax for at least 30 seconds...
2001-10-18 06:13:12 PM  
I think they should name it Banjo
2001-10-18 06:14:22 PM  
awww... i'm not even a cat person and I thought that was sweet.
2001-10-18 06:20:08 PM  
I guess being named after "amber waves of grain" is better than "the fruited plain."
2001-10-18 06:21:54 PM  
or Purple Mountain
2001-10-18 06:23:19 PM  
The first thing I thought of when I saw Amber was the girl from Survivor. Now, there's somebody I wouldn't mind stroking.
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