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3437 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Oct 2001 at 3:07 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-18 03:12:14 PM  
this is good?

the post after the fark one is

"Women are like dog sh*t, the older they get the easier they are to pick up."
2001-10-18 03:13:35 PM  
OMFG, check out the e-bay links, the bachelorette party one is reusable (parties, briss, etc.)!
2001-10-18 03:14:33 PM  
not to gloat, but im the one who e-mailed rob and told him that most people mailing in links were just stealing them from fark, by the way, i told him not to post he mail in the section...
2001-10-18 03:16:07 PM  
Off topic: I just installed IE6, and it asks me every time if I want a cookie... This link would have gotten me three (!) cookies in one click.
2001-10-18 03:17:28 PM  
I want a cookie.
2001-10-18 03:17:29 PM  
Mailinois.. for ebay links just check out:

All the weird stuff there, and you don't have to wait until I love Bacon picks it up.

2001-10-18 03:18:45 PM  
It's been on their before, though...
2001-10-18 03:19:09 PM  
oooh, bad me! There!
2001-10-18 03:20:04 PM  
yes it has Kenh.... yes it has... im proof!
2001-10-18 03:27:21 PM  
3M TA3, one of is confused....
2001-10-18 03:31:43 PM  
Bacon mentioned on Fark.
2001-10-18 03:32:51 PM  
Flakeloaf, quick alert the media!
2001-10-18 03:35:40 PM  
Thanks 3M TA3, I already knew about them, but hadn't checked them in a couple of weeks. Someone else probably didn't know about it, though, cool :)

PS: If you go the site, be sure to check out the daily section!
2001-10-18 03:40:47 PM  
PPS: Bacon, great pic!

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-18 03:52:35 PM  
I quit looking at Bacon when they quit showing boobies. Other than their nude pics, the web site is boring.
2001-10-18 04:01:41 PM  
Bacon rocks, I love that site.
2001-10-18 04:03:48 PM  
Dido: Ha! I've been using Cookie Jar for the past 2 years to catch cookies. My "Never Accept from these sites" list is at LEAST 500 strong and growing. IE finally integrated something useful into itself.
2001-10-18 04:14:18 PM  
Drew, what's so great about it? Maybe I'm missing something. Of course, I quit looking at it a few months ago.
2001-10-18 04:48:06 PM  
OMFG?!??! quit showing boobies??!??! What is this world coming to?!?!??!?! That's it - I'm contacting the world's best lawyer, Leonard "J" Crabs on this matter. He'll see to it that people start running scared into the hills.

-he who stacks pork
2001-10-18 07:50:32 PM  
Are they going to change their name from "I Love Bacon" to "We Used To Have Bacon"?
2001-10-18 09:00:22 PM  
whose women are like dog shet? what does that say about the men...
2001-10-18 09:20:11 PM  
#1. they changed the boobies to Here

#2. theres even more boobs there, and an archive.

#3. sorry if i farked up the html on #1. you get the idea...
2001-10-18 09:47:47 PM  
That site is OK. It used to be better though, I have to agree.

x---X--The Filthy Sanchez--X---x
2001-10-18 09:53:07 PM  

So it's 'bacon on the side?'

HAH! I kill me!
2001-10-18 10:58:21 PM  
I wouldn't be too worried about bacon stealing fark links - I've posted links on fark from bacon.
2001-10-19 07:12:28 AM  
From The Bloodhoud Gang:

Women are like dog do
Hear me through don't interrupt
It's just the older that they are
The easier they get to pick up
I've filled the generation gap
Cleaned the cobwebs from her rafters
Old hens would rather put out
Than be put out to the pasture

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