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2001-10-19 12:15:47 AM  
Timothy McVeigh started growing Boobies in jail... That and a gaping arsehole.

The Butt-raping pirates in jail must of loved the supple buding breasts on that piece of white meat. I hope he got rammed.
2001-10-19 12:46:04 AM  
I can't help remembering about that prison tape of Richard Speck and his really enlarged breasts doing a large mound of coke and getting butt rammed in prison. It went on for years and Speck even said what a great time he was having. Prison officials knew about it and did nothing.

Maybe that was McVeigh's reasoning. They'll be writing about these nutcases for years to come. Regardless I'm glad there both gone. They will not be missed. This justified capital punishment and its continuation. I hope he had the remorse to answer that mother's questions. All those good people gone yet we'll remember MvVeigh. G-dammit.
2001-10-19 01:13:13 AM  
Forget it. McVeigh considered himself a martyr. I think they should have attached small bombs to each of his limbs and detonated them at random. Then he might have had some idea of what people went through.
2001-10-19 03:07:26 AM  
Alexa: Yes, what he got was FAR more merciful than he deserved.
2001-10-19 05:49:56 AM  
OK, notes to self. If ever on death row:

1) Do not be concerned about growing breasts
2) Forget about flu shots
3) Dental hygene least of worries
4) If I don't smoke... START!!
2001-10-19 08:39:30 AM  
Remember when they found out that the FBI screwed up some evidence right before his execution? They were going to postpone the execution and give him another trial. But he said he just wanted to die and get it overwith. He's obviously better off dead than in prison and he knows it.
2001-10-19 02:23:57 PM  
I think the sickest thing is all the media trying to get exclusive interviews.
2001-10-19 04:52:12 PM  
Richard Speck's man boobs.
2001-10-19 04:52:55 PM  
If it doesn't work, go here:
2001-10-19 07:00:46 PM  
ON the supervisor states that TMcV was interested in seeing "Saving Private Ryan" because he had been in Vietnam and was interested in "how the movie depicted the events of that era."

Three Questions:
1) Wasn't TMcV in the Gulf War, not Vietnam?
2) Wasn't "Saving Private Ryan" about WW2?
3) Given questions 1 and 2,how competent is the person who is evaluating McV's sanity at his/her own job?

Just wondering.
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