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(Seattle Times)   Woman tired of men staring at her chest founds society for legible name tags   ( divider line
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22382 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jul 2003 at 12:47 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-24 03:49:17 PM  
I can't believe what I'm reading lol:)
Biggies!!! NSFW
2003-07-24 04:00:27 PM  
Hell gorgor those are bigger than my head. I believe I parked my car inside of her also.
2003-07-24 04:02:23 PM  
wow those make me look small, gorgor.
2003-07-24 04:07:25 PM  
hahaha, if I help you find your car keys will you drive us outta here and to the store for some more beer?:)
2003-07-24 04:11:47 PM  
Wow Vixxen,
Those are a spectacular specimen you got there if I may say;)
2003-07-24 04:18:04 PM  
Can hear the clicking from hear...people madly checking profiles looking for booby pics in profiles...heh heh - found some...

There goes the server again...
2003-07-24 04:18:07 PM  
Bad, very bad.
That's beyond NSFW - that's right into DLIYJEL
(Don't Look If You've Just Eaten Lunch)

/excuses self to throw up
2003-07-24 04:25:08 PM  
Hee hee :-)

Seriously though, the larger they are, the more likely they are to have folds and creases that create sweat.
2003-07-24 04:26:20 PM  
Well some of us men don't even give boobs a first, let alone second, glance.

'Cuz we're staring at some other guy's package.

Not being a boob fan (Bottle fed, go figure)I am still surprised that I MUST take a gander at a nice rack in my vacinity. It must be hardwired into men's brains to look. Please ladies, take no offense, we can't help it.
2003-07-24 04:28:06 PM  
Nice Vixen like I say real is much better. BTW you look like a girl I used to date in Texas. Keep on Farking.
2003-07-24 04:30:10 PM  
So luke you like to check out the guy's package. I now wonder if the guy has had implants would you look then?
2003-07-24 04:32:21 PM  
Implants like a zuchinni covered in tinfoil?

Reference? Anybody? :-)
2003-07-24 04:35:29 PM  

2003-07-24 04:18:07 PM GGracie

Bad, very bad.
That's beyond NSFW - that's right into DLIYJEL
(Don't Look If You've Just Eaten Lunch)

/excuses self to throw up

'feeder' and 'eating' in the URL should have been a clue.
Thankfully it's blocked by my work proxy.
2003-07-24 04:36:25 PM  
Jaclyn: If us men want to stare at your chest, 72 point type ain't gonna stop us. You could pin on a tag 3 feet square, and we'd still try and find a good angle.
2003-07-24 04:48:15 PM  
Off topic question: why do men always favor one breast over the other? Is there a preference for left vs. right/right vs. left?

My theory is it is a Republican/Democrat thing. Republicans go for the right, Dems to the left. Be thankful you don't just have one in the middle, they'd be fighting over it.

/Because that's what every Fark thread comes down to in the end.
2003-07-24 04:52:24 PM  
No implants in a mans chest as in a man who has had breast implants. luke said he did not give boobs a glance so I was wondering if he would like it if a guy has had implants. Have you never seen a She-Beast?
2003-07-24 04:55:37 PM  
So milkman what would a Independent or Libertarian or a Green Party member do?

2003-07-24 05:16:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-24 05:17:47 PM  
Ah, the populists' ideal woman.
2003-07-24 05:18:22 PM  
Well I guess one is better than none. I remember some cheap porno rag some time ago did some photoshop magic and gave a woman one in the center. Some asshats wrote in wanting to meet her.
2003-07-24 05:22:50 PM  
Ifn you're into taking a nap on them like me, I can see myself falling off of that and hurting something. Need two to stay centered:)
2003-07-24 05:34:25 PM  
With just one boob where would she put her name tag?
2003-07-24 05:38:43 PM  
Maybe on a headband? Better yet, on a headband with handlebars lol:)
2003-07-24 05:47:43 PM  
If you don't like men looking your boobs, turn around so we can see your ass.
2003-07-24 05:52:09 PM  
Actually Milkman a former DJ in my town once said "That the perfect woman would be 3 feet tall with no teeth big ears and a flat head to put her drink."

2003-07-24 05:56:36 PM  
I'm guessing you're a sensitive man? With no real care where a name tag is... because Who cares what their name is anyway!
2003-07-24 07:47:50 PM  
i asked my hubby why he wanted to look at my boobs sag into my arm pits. he said, 'because they're all mine!' kinda sweet in his own dirty old man way . . .
2003-07-24 09:06:21 PM  
GGracie, haw haw haw! Yep, you know me don't you?!
2003-07-25 12:42:57 AM  
Just adding to the discussion, I dislike large boobies as well. A good handful works for me, or even a little smaller depending on shape. Big tits are a huge turn-off.

/maybe I'm weird
2003-07-25 01:21:49 AM  
What's this? So many posts abouts staring at breasts, and not one single mention of Eccentrica Gallumbits?
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