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(Metafilter)   Active duty 'Conscientious Objectors' on the rise   ( divider line
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3403 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Oct 2001 at 8:08 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-18 08:09:47 AM  
i object. :P
2001-10-18 08:09:57 AM  
Good. Put them in a miliraty prison. I have no problem with this.
2001-10-18 08:16:34 AM  
"Many of the enlisted personnel who are now seeking honorable discharges argue they didn't sign up to defend America; they just wanted to learn a trade or earn money for college."

WTF!? That is the risk you take when you join the military. The purpose of the military is to DEFEND. Am I wrong here?
2001-10-18 08:16:48 AM  

Oh my god, I can't describe how mad I am. Yeah, I'm basically here to earn money for college, too. But you know how I'm going to earn it?


2001-10-18 08:19:21 AM  
Many of the enlisted personnel who are now seeking honorable discharges argue they didn't sign up to defend America; they just wanted to learn a trade or earn money for college.

Holy shiat! I thought this was about people who were (or would be) drafted. It's guys that have nothing better to do, so join the army, and when they have to do what the army does, they quit????

Don't get me wrong, I'm not generally very pro-military, but isn't this like getting a job at a butcher's and then complain because you're an idealist vegetarian?
2001-10-18 08:21:06 AM  
That's classic!
2001-10-18 08:22:05 AM  
Well, hell. They shouldn't have to do any fighting. It is senseless trying and make them fight if they don't want to.

But we can always use them in engineering units to clear mines and I'm certain that EOD untis need people to take shiat apart. No need to carry a gun for that ;-)

"I joined the Navy to learn a trade and see the world. Now I can shoot off a gnats balls at 8000 metres and I see a reticle on everything. But I like it like that."


Distributing Lake City products the world over, 168 grains at a time.
2001-10-18 08:22:15 AM  

I joined during a period of peace and wound up in a combat situation. I was scared, sure..but I took it like a man.

Every enlistee learns how to use light arms, they should have "objected" or got the idea at that point that they may have to fight.

Put these maggots on the front lines!
2001-10-18 08:25:09 AM  
More evidence of the dumbing down and pussification of America. Come on... are these morons seriously using the arguement that they didn't know that they may have to fight if they joined? How utterly ridiculous is this?

A pacifist being drafted is one thing, but volunteering to join is another. They better damn well not grant status to any of these asswipes.
2001-10-18 08:25:25 AM  
Me too, Gururich. I had a bunkmate who went CO on us as soon as the shiat hit the fan in Iraq. He got "Most hated soldier" status reeeeeal quick.

We should use these farkers as human sheilds for our frontline troops.
2001-10-18 08:26:43 AM  
dont these m0r0ns realize they joined the farkling MILITARY? i mean.. yea.. the recruiter gave me a pretty picture of it too, but I knew it was the damn Marines. This just shows the way this generation has been brought up... responsibilities don't seem to exist to these brain surgeons. *shrug* ok - enough trolling for this morning.... </b|tch>
2001-10-18 08:27:29 AM  
Also, I'm certain that we could send them to Kabul on Peace Missions with flowers and gifts.

"No weapons needed boys, we want you to make friends with the Taliwankers."

The more I think about this, the madder it makes me. fark them. Discharge 'em without benefits. farking biatches. Male or female.
2001-10-18 08:29:15 AM  
I feel really bad for these folks. I am going through a similar situation.

I recently took a job because they offered me a great salary and 401K. Then out of the blue, they tell me they expect me to come there EVERY DAY and maintain their networks. Hey, I didn't sign up for that. I just wanted the paycheck and benefits. The nerve of some people.
2001-10-18 08:30:03 AM  
OK, Here goes, WHATTHEfarkYOUSTUPIDIGNORANTWHININGSISSYNINTENDOGENERATIONASSES WHAT? WHAT? You did not read the contract, what? what? The prison idea suonds good, but so does charging them with mutiny or treason, derriliction of duty...etc. The time has come to grow up, and take responcibility for your own decisions. Isn't that what being an adult is all about.

And yes I did serve, and I am a vet.
2001-10-18 08:35:03 AM  
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2001-10-18 08:35:50 AM  
This isn't really new. Every time America has gone to war there have been individuals who had signed up prior to the war who didn't want to participate. However, a hundred years ago it was a lot easier to desert and not get caught than it is today. Now soldiers must claim "'Conscientious Objectors" status to get out without being prosecuted. It really isn't the "pussification of America". There have always been and there will always be individuals who only care about themselves.
2001-10-18 08:39:43 AM  
For those of you who don't know, recruiter generally do lie and tell people what they want them to hear to sign em up. I don't doubt this people at least some of them were lied to.
2001-10-18 08:41:28 AM  
What's far more amusing is the strength of reaction to it, the energies of which would surely be more constructively employed in fighting the enemy.
2001-10-18 08:41:42 AM  
I thought that if you join the military there's an understanding that if we go to war you will have to fight? I think the military should strap these fairies to the bombs we're dropping. That'll end this real quick.
2001-10-18 08:45:14 AM  
'Conscientious Objectors.' Fine return payment for education, training and all army expenses payed on your behalf - with interest - or face jailtime. also get a big 'C' branded on the middle of your forehead
2001-10-18 08:49:57 AM  
Damn... if hot air was a weapon, the Fark Patriot Troll Regiment would have already won the war. How many of you fine citizens have already signed up to replace them?

"Remember, service guarantees citizenship"
2001-10-18 08:52:34 AM  
Yeah but they've seen TV and movies. Movies glorify stuff and even then the military seems like a pretty shiat hard job.

What kinda money do they 18 year old kids get anyway?
2001-10-18 08:54:14 AM  
A job is a job and you got to suck it up! I wonder how of the Consientious Objectors applied for the Navy Seals assignment?
2001-10-18 08:54:46 AM  
For anyone who takes the soldier's sides on this, remember it was your tax dollars that went to train and pay these ass clowns and now it's going to be wasted if they get their way.

farking pussies, you signed on the dotted line and took an oath, you honorless bastiches.
2001-10-18 08:54:46 AM  
Lick my sweaty nutsack, Ra. And then look at my profile.

I'd bet good money that every person frothing at the mouth over this article is either serving or a vet. fark off.
2001-10-18 08:56:14 AM  
This looks like terribly partial reporting. I'm sure a lot of these guys have good reasons: like, they signed up with full expectation of being asked to fight in decent actions, not in pointless amuse-the-yahoos idiot raids on innocent people.

But conscience is a thing that seems to evade a lot of Farkers. Ho hum.
2001-10-18 08:57:09 AM  
Deus: Fair enough, when are you shipping out? I'd bet otherwise.
2001-10-18 08:57:29 AM  
Oh REALLY????? Well, it sure as fark seemed like a good deal when you signed up to get the training, money for college, room and board, free medical and all that other wonderful shiat, didn't it? Now you want out because you might be placed in danger defending your country. I think these little piss ants should be placed on the front line of any ground forces. 'Conscientious objectors' my ass, they're motherfarking con artists wanting something for nothing. They thought they'd enlist, get the goodies and get out before they actually had to do something to pay for the benefits they were getting. BASTARDS.
Bottom line, they signed a contract. They're liable.
fark THEM.
2001-10-18 09:01:08 AM  
haha.. being in the military sucks
2001-10-18 09:02:19 AM  
I'm shipping out whenever they tell me to get on the plane. Just because I follow orders doesn't mean I have to volunteer for them.
2001-10-18 09:02:32 AM  
Apparently these people had the army confused for a civilian job. I mean, WTF.
2001-10-18 09:02:33 AM  
Ra: No, I haven't signed up. Nor will I. For a couple of reasons. One of them is that I'm not in the US, nor am I American.
The point is I wouldn't sign up to serve even in peace time because I have a number of issues with the army as an institution.
Now I do get pissed off wih people who do sign up, and when the excrement hits the airconditioning bail out. If you have a problem with fighting, don't join in the first place.
Deus Sorry... you lost your bet.
2001-10-18 09:04:41 AM  
Ra: I think you'd better realize that there are a slew of different people here on fark, including active military. where's your enlistment papers? you're probably posting from Mommy and Daddy's computer, in their house, using their money for the bag of Doritos you just bought. from experience I tell you - trolling takes practice, and you've obviously had your share. but then again, that's just my opinion, so take it or leave it....
2001-10-18 09:05:30 AM  
Hey, my boss tricked me with stories of high pay, medical benefits, and employee bonuses... They didn't play up the hard work, mindless repetition, and drudgery when I applied! What a scam!
2001-10-18 09:06:57 AM  


I don't think so.

2001-10-18 09:09:12 AM  
Well it's nice to get past the Farks, What the Farks, etc.

My opinion is that I'd rather have a professionally trained, _motivated_ force on the front line rather than a mix with people who don't want to be there. Better separate the wheat from the chaf. A few tax dollars is insignificant in comparison to the loss of life caused by someone who is poorly trained or motivated causing damage to our own side.
2001-10-18 09:09:34 AM  
Wait a minute. I thought conscientious objection could only be declared if you were drafted. And there, it is justified. Exactly what did these kids think when they signed up for the military.

Just when you start to have faith in the youth of America, this comes along.
2001-10-18 09:10:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

fark them. There's nothing like a sandbag that carries itself where you need it.
2001-10-18 09:10:35 AM  
I must say that I'm really enjoying the self-righteous indignation people are biliously spitting out here. It's almost as if all of them are perfect!
2001-10-18 09:12:19 AM  
I don't doubt this people at least some of them were lied to.

Guy: So, what's this I hear that if I sign up, we might have to go to war and I may be killed?

Recruiter: No way... That's all fake. All those bodybags in Veitnam? Filled with mannequins! All those tombstones in Arlington? You think someone's really buried there? Who in their right mind would "die" for the US?

Guy: Not me that's for sure. Sign me up!

Sounds like we have some prime frontline troop candidates.
2001-10-18 09:14:18 AM  
Send them first to the front !

I was a CO, but a real one. I wouldn't come close to the army whatever they have to teach or how much money they can give.

Those guys are pathetic
2001-10-18 09:17:58 AM  
This is an act of cowardice. Deserting you country in a time where they depend on you the most. fark discharge, deport. Revoke their citizenship just for even suggesting the idea. Exile them to Cuba or some god awful place and let them forever regret their decision to turn their back on the United States.
2001-10-18 09:19:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-18 09:19:56 AM  
Goatman , what are you goofy? Obviously no one's perfect, does that mean we cede the right to voice our annoyance? If anyone ever deserved getting dissed it's the pissant who didn't know joining the military meant the possibility of having to fight.
2001-10-18 09:23:48 AM  
Exile them to Cuba or some god awful place

2001-10-18 09:24:05 AM  
Well isn't that just the bee's farking knees.

This country went through this during Desert Storm as I recall. Married couples had joined the reserves for an extra income, then biatched and moaned about how they had to leave their children behind.

"Among other things in the oath, military personnel promise to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Some people just don't have any principles, I guess.
2001-10-18 09:24:17 AM  
Yeah Goatman, I'd say those of us that joined the military, did (or are doing) our time are pretty farking perfect compared to these farks.

The last time I checked, we'd been in the Balkans for several years, before that Somalia, Haiti, Desert Shield/Storm, Panama, Grenada...All of those involved members of the military being shot at and shooting at people. I don't care what kind of shiat the recruiter tells you, if you don't realize that the Dept of Defense involves DEFENDING, then you're a complete moron.

These assholes are just looking for any excuse they can to get out of the military. I saw the same thing when I was in the Navy, I'll put odds that most of them have tried various schemes to get out before, and simply view this is a way to not only get a free ride back to civie-land, but to get a Honorable Discharge as well. fark 'em, give 'em the Bad Chicken Dinner and a free stay in Kansas for the duration of the war. Then, force them to look at every casualty that returns.

2001-10-18 09:28:14 AM  
I don't know about the other services, but in the Marine Corps, no one is "just" a mechanic, network admin, etc..
they are fighters just like the infantry above all else.

They teach you combat skills for a reason.
2001-10-18 09:28:51 AM  
If Ra is looking for a force composed of *motivated* troops, he's obviouslly not had any military experience. There is a minority of people who like being stuck out in the wilderness without a shower for months on end. At an assumed rention rate of under 50% for first term servicemen, a majority of them are just doing what they have to do to get through the contract.

These little CO's screwing over the units that they serve in, which are probably undermaned to begin with.

"What do you mean my troops are going to have to go without a warm meal!?!"
"Sorry Sir, the cook is a contientious objector, along with the armorer and 3rd platoon."
2001-10-18 09:29:39 AM  
I ma totally shocked at some of this piss poor comments....if a man or woman does not want to fight then so be it....freedom of choice it is called...and yes I know these people joined of their own free will,but they did join during times of peace and now the shiat hashiat the fan they are scared...sending a person that is scared is not only wrong but think of the problems they could cause for the other soldiers that are there fighting for your country..they could very well get killed due to sending these people that are scared...
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