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8213 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Oct 2001 at 9:08 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-18 01:20:09 AM  
Personally, I could care less about the articles being good or bad. I click on about half of them over the course of the day just to see what they are about. I love the stupid flash games and animations. I love the news articles because they are interesting. I love the photoshops, because most of the time I laugh out loud at at least a few of them. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. So I think there is no fault by any who run fark.

The place I have noticed a difference, at least it seems to me, is in the threads. A lot more confrontation, and a lot less joking around. I guess we are all at fault in one way or another for getting drawn into a debate. I know I have a number of times. Can't we all just fark around and make each other laugh again?
2001-10-18 02:22:29 AM  
"A little corruption cleans the scum off the gears of life." - jeff

"And Flux go on your power trip" - mr. happy

thanks guys, that felt good.
2001-10-18 07:05:11 AM  
Out of interest, how many links are submitted on an average day ?
We get to see, 40 ? Yesterday was about 40-50. Which I think is about right. Although maybe slightly too many.
I also agree with BigP, a regular timeslot for PS would be a great idea. Alternatively, I suggested to Drew (when he had the poll on what we would pay for) afterwards that we might pay for an e-mail alert service, which sent an automated mail when PS was in.
2001-10-18 07:40:08 AM  
I think y'all need to get a life. We're all here to waste time, usually at work. Drew and the mods do all this for free, including top notch hosting (see 9/11). So what if a link turns out to be a waste of time wasting!

And B0rg9 The Icy Hot Stuntaz were hilarious.
2001-10-18 08:14:42 AM  
LMAO!!!!!! oh everyone has to check-out that link to "The Icy Hot Stuntaz" - Cheers Meepmeep and Borg9...... this thread wasnt a complete waste of time ha ha.
2001-10-18 08:50:38 AM  
for claiming that this thread was a complete waste of time, you've spent an awful lot of time here. i'm not following your logic. if you hate it so much why do you keep coming back?
2001-10-18 09:06:00 AM  
B0rg9: The Icy Hot Stuntaz site is unbelievable! What a bunch of immature idiots! It was great reading - very entertaining!
2001-10-18 09:36:57 AM  
I see those cute little rabbits caused quite a commotion here last night. Nothing wrong with a couple silly articles. Can't have 45 articles on bin Laden and anthrax.
2001-10-18 10:45:51 AM  
(sob) (sob)

my.. my bunny... has.. (whisper) discovered it's sexuality! (wail)

christ.. working in a pet store was an odd experience..
2001-10-18 01:14:45 PM  
In re: Icy Hot Stuntaz, they claim on their site that

"we iz takin ova"

None of those boys looks like a qualified gynecologist to me.
2001-10-18 09:59:58 PM  
even after the evening dose of guinness and sleeping pills, that wasn't funny.

anyone else notice that the images were off-center?

it's hard to type.
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