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(Chicago Sun-Times)   Farrakhan wants proof Bin Laden to blame   ( divider line
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5176 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Oct 2001 at 2:47 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-17 04:10:28 PM  
Popo Bawa

you are right... everyone is just rolling by your post. lets try this:

2001-10-17 04:11:48 PM  
Proof or not!!! Someone must pay!!!
2001-10-17 04:12:00 PM  
Religion has really screwed up this world...
2001-10-17 04:13:10 PM  
I thought that video tape where bin laden threatened everyone with further violence was a pretty good indication that he was involved. But that's just me.

Maybe we can get him to release a confession signed and witnessed by representatives from every country of the World? That should be able to convice a couple more of those with their heads stuck in dark crevices.
2001-10-17 04:13:18 PM  
Popo Bawa : Excellent research!
2001-10-17 04:15:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-17 04:16:03 PM  
"OH MY GOD! They're DOGS! and they're playing POKER!"
2001-10-17 04:16:05 PM  
How about Osama's own words. He declared War on the US publically. He insights people to kill Americans where ever they find Americans. He is committed to killing me and my countrymen, therefore he is my enemy. Those of you who are Americans, he is your enemy too. Your swarn and hated enemy does not deserve justice, fair play any of that farking shiat from you. He only deserves your wrath!!! In closing let me say, KILL THE ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!
2001-10-17 04:18:27 PM  
Well, who gives a shiat if he wasn't behind september 11th??We KNOW he was behind the USS Cole attack, and we should kill him for that
2001-10-17 04:19:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This thread gets the FCA!

Now, where's MojoMonkey with that Hindenburg photo?
2001-10-17 04:20:23 PM  
Okay, my turn.

Farrakhan is a farking idiot who is dividing this nation for no reason. You want your proof? Bin Laden and Al'qaeda (sp?) took responsibility for those embassy bombings, and basically admitted to being behind the USS Cole thing. Isn't that enough to get rid of them? This is a war on TERRORISM, not just retaliation for the WTC. Sept. 11 was just a wake up call for the US to say "holy shiat, it's time we do something about this once and for all." Osama bin Laden has told his people to kill all Westerners. Is that what you want? He isn't our only target, though. Maybe he wasn't behind the WTC, but has been behind many acts of terror. So fark you who are asking for proof - open a farking newspaper. Go America, go Britain, go whoever's fighting for good to prevail! Die, Farrakhan, die.

Sorry, but I hate that guy. And I hate people who are questioning this war as if it's wrong. When your family dies because of terror, just try to sit back and say "oh, let's have proof..." Just try. Now try harder.
2001-10-17 04:22:02 PM  
I think it bears repeating that followers of the nation of islam are not muslims. It has a crazy mythology centered on spaceships and aliens. It's closer to scientology than Islam. Look into it. It's true.
2001-10-17 04:22:10 PM  
The reason that not everything can be revealed publically, at this time, is that some of the evidence is first hand (that is, from spies). If we release a photocopied document that could only have been gotten from one place, then our contact there is killed immediately. That said, there is a responsibility to show some evidence. Of course, they've done that. The popular news hasn't really carried it because few Americans are worried about the details.

At this point, I'm getting the impression that some farkers are saying stuff just to get rises out of people (Fb?).

"Proof or not!!! Someone must pay!!!"? Um, it's pretty reasonable to try to make the party responsible pay, rather than just picking someone at random. Well argued, though.
2001-10-17 04:23:02 PM  
obviously there is no definitive authority on christianity, how can you have authority on something that is made up? anti-religionism aside, can YOU tell ME a higher level of authority in christianity then the pope? many sects of christianity still look towards and follow somewhat, the pope. or were you just trying to disagree with something?
2001-10-17 04:25:02 PM  
Who cares?

We have bin Laden for other terrorists acts (working backwards from the USS Cole).

This is a war on terrorism. He's a terrorist.

Do the math.

And please do not attempt to extend the courtesies of our Constitution to those who would destroy it.

2001-10-17 04:27:30 PM  
Big words for a man believed to have been involved in assasination plots in the past...........besides regardless of whether or not Bin Laden was behind the September 11th attacks or not he's commited numerous other terrorist attacks as well.........
2001-10-17 04:36:10 PM  
Hey Fb-
what do you mean, "typical muslims"? just admit that you're a racist and judgemental piece of shiat who doesn't know what the fark you're talking about
2001-10-17 04:37:04 PM  
Additionally, his entire inspiration for the "Million Man March" is based on his alleged, "vision of being swept into a UFO that took him to a larger mothership." While in the UFO, he claims to have spoken to the late Elijah Muhammad before being beamed back to earth.
Did I hear that right? Maybe Farakhan is behind George Clinton.

I wonder, does Xenu have a mothership? Maybe that's where Kirstie Alley beamed back from.

No, wait, that was her CAREER.
2001-10-17 04:37:04 PM  
I hereby declare myself the last true prophet of the Nation of Esteban.

The new rules are:
1. No free orange juice anymore
2. All followers have to wear an ascot
2001-10-17 04:38:09 PM  
Defhermit: I'm disagreeing with your arbitrary choice of
one sect to be the "authority" on christianity. You don't need an authority. You simply need to examine a person's actions, and see if they abide by the tenants of the particular religion they profess to be a member of.

The point is moot, however, since *all* religions are a bunch of bullshiat anyway.
2001-10-17 04:40:19 PM  

do you have your own compound?
2001-10-17 04:40:40 PM  
He has to be somebody who has been here, since he recalls CC.

You do know that IPs are recorded for posts on Fark. ;-)
2001-10-17 04:41:53 PM  
awwwwwwwwwwwww shiat! i hate ascots! how bout a cardigan?
2001-10-17 04:47:27 PM  
Shouldn't that be Farah-CON?
What an ignorant, self motivated, race abusing, hypocritical, self-serving, racists asshole.
Who the Fark is he to make demands of the world leadership?
Who is he to assume he knows the level at which national security should be public information.
Ignorant puss-wad.
2001-10-17 04:47:38 PM  
So lets see... we have a man who funds and organizes multiple terrorist groups. He has stated that he hates Americans, has blown up the USS Cole and some of our embassies, and has admitted to committing countless other crimes against the US and the rest of the world.

S11 happens. It is the most horrible act many have ever seen. I am still in shock.

Our government states a couple weeks after the heinous event that they have proof regarding who did it.

Osama says he did not do it. So does Saddam. Why does our government choose to go after Osama? To bomb the poorest country in this world? Where is this proof?

Oh right, we're only citizens - it's for our own good that we don't see any factual evidence of who did it. We should be good little Americans and take what our leaders say as the truth - because they would never lie. They would never cover up or distort or bury any information, especially some that would tell us for sure what bastard really did it.

Osama is a deranged maniac who needs to be stopped. But being a known terrorist does not make one responsible for all subsequent terrorist acts.

You people need to formulate your own ideas instead of repeating what these for-profit media outlets say...

Question your freedom.
2001-10-17 04:48:29 PM  
It wasn't the Germans who attacked Pearl Harbor and yet America had an overwhelming need to stop the cruelty and insanity taking place there. This situation is similar, and I have every reason to believe that the Taliban were behind the Sept 11th attacks, I mean they don't they have a painfully obivous violent history with the twin towers already?

Bush has no obligation to give out information which would put his informats at risk, especially to someone with so much obvious contempt for modern America and a seeming sympathy towards Osama.

And might I add that that over all his ranting. My fellow black Americans have it much better off here in America now than their cousins who remain in Africa.
2001-10-17 04:50:47 PM  
*sigh* much better after ranting :)
2001-10-17 04:51:09 PM  
People who say that Americans should not extend the rights of the United States Constitution to non-Americans, even those who are vocally against it, don't put much faith in the document. If this nation cannot extend its core principles to its foreign policy, then it may as well discard the Constitution all together. Obviously the principles contained within do not apply to all people, regardless of national origin. Should we allow cruel and unusual punishment to captured terrorists? Torture? Public execution?
2001-10-17 04:53:38 PM  
Sightseer: not to mention that Germany declared war on the US first.
2001-10-17 04:55:13 PM  
Farrakan is a lowlife scumbag but he is a US citizen and entitled to ask for the proof.

"When your family dies because of terror, just try to sit back and say "oh, let's have proof..."

Amazingly enough, that's just what the Taliban and the rest have been saying about the US all along.

Proof? I suppose the government saying it's true is good enough, right? Just like Hitler was right about the Jews.

There's a point where NOT questioning what your government is doing is just being a mindless sheep. I'm not saying bin Laden didn't do it because he essentially admitted he was behind it in that taped statement. On the other hand, conspiracy theorists would say "it's absolutely amazing what video special effects can do".

I'd like to see more proof than twig saying "'Cuz I sed so".
2001-10-17 04:57:53 PM  
I took a nice, long, healthy, Farrakahan this morning. Made sure I wiped my Jessie when I finished.
2001-10-17 04:58:30 PM  
No dice BaconFarker! Esteban came to me in a vision and told me that a cardigan is simply no substitute for the Holy Ascot. He also told me that I have a "lovely musk." Then he screamed, "Proof, you can't handle the proof!" So it was screamed, so it shall be. Praise Esteban!
2001-10-17 05:00:58 PM  
hey dr. dave, that's REALLY clever, but why are you talking about your shiatting habits on
2001-10-17 05:03:57 PM  
And why are you responding to an obvious troll Dr. Sodomy? And why am I responding to your response of an obvious troll? And why will someone respond to my response? It's just total insanity!

2001-10-17 05:05:43 PM  
Farrakahn is very skeptical. He thinks gravity is just a plot from jews to make people drop spare change.
2001-10-17 05:06:55 PM  
All you people saying "WE DON'T NEED PROOF" should remember what happened back during the Oklahoma city bombing. Everyone pointed their judgemental little fingers at Muslim terrorists then too. But guess what??? A homegrown U.S. marine ended up being the guilty one. How 'bout that? WHODA THUNK IT???

Not necessarily saying bin Laden's innocent, but don't let your bloodlust interfere with your abilities to THINK.
2001-10-17 05:18:13 PM  
don't insult screwy louie, he's one of the best stand-up comedians
2001-10-17 05:25:12 PM  
"Osama Bin Laden has claimed credit for the attack on US soldiers in Somalia in October 1993, which killed 18; for the attack on the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in August 1998 which killed 224 and injured nearly 5000; and were linked to the attack on the USS Cole on 12 October 2000, in which 17 crew members were killed and 40 others injured."

We are at war with all terrorists and their abettors.
Osama bin Ladin has confessed to his envolvement in attacks on U.S. citizens.
He and his co-conspiritors are valid targets of attack.

(Logic is undoubtedly wasted on Racists From Outer Space)
2001-10-17 05:41:20 PM  
The US legal system and Constitution says you can't be prosecuted for crimes you didn't commit. The government has convicted people many times for lesser crimes when they didn't have absolute proof for the larger crime they wanted. Same here. If they really don't have proof for the WTC, then bust his ass for the others but don't claim it's "just because he deserves it". If the US Constitution doesn't apply to foreigners, then that makes US citizens no better than what's being fought. Freedom and equality means for ALL, not just the chosen.
2001-10-17 05:41:25 PM  
BaconFarker: Chill on the images, ok? I think you've filled your quota for this thread.
2001-10-17 05:42:27 PM  
btw, Mathnet r0xx0rs!@#
2001-10-17 05:49:05 PM  
Sweet Sanity! This entire thread has gone straight out the window and far past the threshold of openminded debate. Everyone involved is at this point merely stating what they believe over and over and refusing to even consider anything anyone else has to say. It's like Congress.

Be open to other people's opinions. That's all I'm gonna say. There's too many other things in this topic for me to comment on, so I'll wait until they pop up again. In the meantime let's bury this thread and move on to more productive tasks, like scratching our asses.
2001-10-17 05:52:45 PM  
Walkman, it's a war. Should Europe have put Hitler on trial before defending themselves from the Nazis? Yeah, didn't think so. Additionally, Laden has declared that anyone not believing has he does is an "infidel" (meaning they should be killed). Besides, if we catch Laden alive, he'll be put on trial anyway.

Of course, that doesn't really solve the problem that the CIA/US Military regularly screws up and lies.
2001-10-17 05:55:44 PM  
Once again.........


The truth is out there, but sometimes you need to get up off your ass and get it your own damn self instead of expecting Peter Jennings to yammer on about it for 1/2 an hour when they could be airing a much more sensational news story.
2001-10-17 05:59:39 PM  
There is no proof in that article - so quit posting it you dork.

All it says is what a terrible pisswad Bin Laden is - that doesn't prove he did it.
2001-10-17 06:00:32 PM  
And the BBC isn't some independent *unbiased* news agency either, now is it?
2001-10-17 06:04:11 PM  
WOW Fb- my respect for you has risen dramatically. GREAT GREAT PICS!!

I have to laugh..
2001-10-17 06:05:41 PM  
Pull your head out of your ass and read it again.
This time use your brain in conjunction with your eyes.
You will NOT - as is clearly stated in the article - get SPECIFIC evidence that could clearly put operatives in the field in jeopardy.
See if that sinks in this time.
2001-10-17 06:11:37 PM  
just because hitler was guilty doesn't mean bin laden is too. asking for evidence before killing someone should not be that big of a deal.
2001-10-17 06:17:56 PM  

LMFAO -- You are the one true God!!

We should be partitioning the virgin islands into the home of (now certain) one true religion -- ummm.. Fubbites! yeah - that'll work.

Now magically get me some beer with your omnipotent self -- pretty please?
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