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(WQAD-TV)   I must be getting old, because I'm sick of ESPN   ( divider line
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10363 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Jul 2003 at 12:52 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-20 12:29:41 PM  
This dude isn't getting old. ESPN is really starting to suck. They are branching out into "reality" television, making shiatty movies and don't get me started on the hack sports announcers trying to be funny on Sportscenter. Stick to sports and none of this extra garbage. Bring back on Olbermann and put him back with Dan Patrick for god sakes.
2003-07-20 12:56:07 PM  
But feel free to devote 38% of your cable bill to it.
2003-07-20 12:56:36 PM  
The only sports that matter involve swords.
2003-07-20 12:56:49 PM  
Thats because sports right now sucks.

Wait until football season. College on Saturday, Pros on Sunday, NFL Countdown, Sunday night, Monday night, Thursday night...

Damn I'm jonesin....
2003-07-20 12:57:53 PM  
I am king of the diamond! Let there be a mighty post game feast. The finest meats and cheeses in all the land!

Now that was when sports center was fun

The Dead Guy
2003-07-20 12:59:10 PM  
The only cool reality series is "streetball: the and1 mix tape tour." Too bad only insomniacs get to see it.
2003-07-20 01:01:37 PM  
Sports are lame. Except for that one thing we used to play in high school, smear the queer I think. They need to have smear the queer tournaments.
2003-07-20 01:02:43 PM  
Their magazine is the worst. A friend of mine who was a huge sports fan got it, and didn't even read it after the first issue. He kept trying to get me to take it, because he didn't want it in his house. It can't even be compared to SI in the same sentence. What a joke.
2003-07-20 01:02:44 PM  
sports suck... bring on the competitive chess tournaments!
2003-07-20 01:02:51 PM  
I hate ESPN. Long Live FSW. But ESPN did show some clips of Donovan's goals last night. . so that impressed me. ESPN just needs more soccer/football/footy, whatever you wish to call the sport, and it needs more of it NOW.
2003-07-20 01:04:24 PM  
My sentiments exactly.
2003-07-20 01:08:47 PM  
This guy hit it on the nose.
2003-07-20 01:10:41 PM  
Shut......UP - I feel your pain.

/runs to play another game of NCAA 2004 on PS2
2003-07-20 01:11:11 PM  
I enjoy ESPN for the football and hockey....
2003-07-20 01:17:01 PM  
Their baseball coverage is awesome, but I want them to bring Kenny Mayne back. He doesn't do Sportcenter nearly enough anymore.
2003-07-20 01:17:52 PM  
And they need to put kickboxing back on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, until football season starts again.
2003-07-20 01:17:58 PM  
I'm a terminal prep.
I get my news of the world from sports illustrated.
2003-07-20 01:20:53 PM  
ESPN jumped the shark when Tom Mees died.
2003-07-20 01:22:16 PM  
When you start airing Magic and Poker Tourneys You Blow!
2003-07-20 01:23:11 PM  
crazyjim-->Sports Illustrated sucks as well.
2003-07-20 01:24:53 PM  
"ESPN may be branching out for more of the audience, but they're losing thier core (and I mean hardcore)audience."

"thier core"?

I agree. Not only is ESPN getting sickening, but he's getting old too. That or his editors don't know how to spell 'their'.
2003-07-20 01:27:09 PM  
most sports suck, therefore espn sux. They need to have more Paintballing and X=Games sort of sports. Or just give them thier own channel. That would pwn.
2003-07-20 01:31:47 PM  
I'm only 15 and I think it sucks.

Age knows no boundries in the realm of shiat cable sports networks.
2003-07-20 01:32:50 PM  
And make sure to fire that ole washed up bastard Chris Berman.

Go sale nicknames somewhere else you washed up fat body.
2003-07-20 01:33:31 PM  
probally? Are you kidding me?

At least ESPN can spell.
2003-07-20 01:34:17 PM  
ESPN is turning into MTV. Bye-bye sports!
2003-07-20 01:36:03 PM  
It's all been downhill for ESPN since they decided that their sportscasters are the entertainment instead of the sports they're covering. I remember the good old days when it was all college baseball, pro bowling, fishing, and crap like that. Not that I liked those sports, mind you, but at least their SportsCenter coverage was simple and good. I blame Stuart Scott. Boo yeah, my ass.
2003-07-20 01:37:13 PM  
They need to have more Paintballing and X=Games sort of sports. Or just give them thier own channel. That would pwn.

you know how utterly boring it is to watch paintball? with good players, you'd spend most of the time watching an empty field, and then all of a sudden see someone walk off with paint on their face. in terms of entertainment value for the spectators, pool is more interesting.
2003-07-20 01:37:20 PM  
My link. I'm now a member of the five-timer's club.

Dan's one of our local sportscasters. He's done a lot of radio in the area, too. Can't hold his liquer, though.

The ESPY'S were the worst. Watching a montoge of unsportsmanlike conduct set to the tune of the lastest hip-hop tunes made me sick. Anything to promote some good footage for Sportscenter.

Oh yeah, around here, they call Dan "The Wildman".
2003-07-20 01:44:12 PM  
I think my our house cat has ESPN. She always seems to know when we are going to the vet. Then she pulls her vanishing act. It's kinda fun to watch her try to exit through the kitty door with the block in place...
2003-07-20 01:44:40 PM  
I remember when he (Dan Patrick) did radio on the UD radio and then was the morning guy on WTUE (Dan Pugh in those days).
2003-07-20 01:48:22 PM  
I couldn't agree more. ESPN has been going downhill for a while now. The only things I watch on it now are PTI and a game I might be interested that they're broadcasting that night.

Outside of that I refuse to watch it anymore, especially Sportscenter and the innane crew they have reading the prompters.
2003-07-20 01:53:17 PM  
stebain: I was actually referring to Dan Burich, the guy who wrote the article.

Dan Patrick's radio show this week was nothing but a kiss-up to the ESPY's. He must have played the Serena Williams song a thousand times.

...I wanna be your tennis ball...

2003-07-20 01:56:09 PM  
Good story until the guy blasted Jim Rome. Rome is the best sports talk host in the country.
2003-07-20 01:57:16 PM  
ESPN the Magazine ==== teh suck. Journalism brought lower
Around the Horn ==== teh suck. 'nuff said
PTI ==== you say anything bad about my PTI and I kill you!
oh, and by the way, I hate you Stuart Scott. You ruined SportsCenter
2003-07-20 02:05:25 PM  
Yup, this guy is getting old. But that's not the real reason. The reason is because HE HAS NO SHIAT TO WRITE ABOUT RIGHT NOW. That's right. There is absolutely no sports going on except baseball and sports writers are left to writing about stupid shiat like how bored they are. LOL. C'mon man, this is a desperate cry for help by a sports writer!

And please. Sports is still sports. How the hell do you blame a sports network for covering sports? It's like blaming CNN for the world's problems.

And I admit, the ESPYs were pretty lame (they are every year) but I still watched it. Well, except when they showed that retarded kid's story, then I flipped the channel for a while and came back later.
2003-07-20 02:35:39 PM  
Dan Burich (the guy who wrote this article) is a moron. He got in trouble awhile back when he bit some dude that stole his girlfriend. He is right about ESPN though.
2003-07-20 02:35:52 PM  
ESPN and ABC were bought by Disney.

Enough said.
2003-07-20 02:36:41 PM  

Stuart Scott is just the result of guys trying to be bigger than the show. For that I blame Dan and Keith.


Jim Rome sucks shiat. He is nothing but a poser and a big mouthed idiot. Kudos to Jim Everett for the head punches.

Can someone on Sportscenter please -- PLEASE -- read the frikkin scores and show some highlights. That is all the entertainment I want from that show. If I want to laugh, I watch Comedy Central.
2003-07-20 02:40:41 PM  
Sports are stupid. Why doncha learn a real hobby that takes talent and brains. Monkey-male asshats.
2003-07-20 02:50:19 PM  
Burrito_bob: Monkey-male asshats is a weird hobby.

Does this hobby involve collecting hats or making them.
2003-07-20 02:55:47 PM  
It just annoys me that they devote about 25% or so of the hours when people are awake (8am - 2am) to sports, and 75% to talking about sports. I realize I might be in the minority here, but I'd rather watch a baseball game and then see 30 minutes of news about other baseball games than watch 12 hours of sports 'news' then maybe a game. Some nights. Leave the tearjerker 'Outside the Lines' stories about some third string cornerback's grandmother to CNN where they belong, give us some sports on this sports channel! Ugh.
2003-07-20 02:59:02 PM  
Baseball Tonight and the baseball games on ESPN are really good. I think for the most part, they get it right. The football shows are pretty good too. I would much rather watch ESPNs studio football shows over the networks.

Say what you want about Rome (he's lost his edge a bit), but when it comes to interviews, he is pretty good. Sure he tones it down a bit and kisses up to the athletes at times, but when a question needs to be asked, he's not afraid to ask it.

There are some decent writers in the magazine (Bill Simmons, Tim Kurtjin (sp)) but it does come off like a Rolling Stone for sports. The radio network is cool, cause the Dan Patrick show is great.

The ESPYs suck. I watch ESPN alot, and I tell you what, I seem to skip that show every year. Thank gawd that ESPN2 had the AAA all-star game on that night and Classic had something good on too (forget what it was, but it was more watchable than the ESPYs).
2003-07-20 03:00:06 PM  
ESPN should bring back Australian Rules Football, the CFL, expand PTI to an hour, and dump the comedian announcers. That would bring the connect the best of the old ESPN with the best of the new.
2003-07-20 03:12:11 PM  
Isn't it interesting that the people who don't like sports automatically raise their IQs in these threads?

Yup, gotta be dumb to like sports I reckon, yup.

2003-07-20 03:18:02 PM  
2003-07-20 03:20:43 PM  
Sportscenter used to be more like a news program but I think they gave that responsibility to ESPNews. The show has become the entertainment itself. Aaron Sorkin once said that sportscenter was the "best written show" on TV.

I agree 100% that the ESPY's is self-serving but at least Sportscenter barely mentions the awards. And aren't all award-shows self-serving? The only mention of the ESPY's I think was about Kobe's attendance.

PTI Tony Kornheiser and Wilbon crack me up all the time. rapid fire, I love it.

Baseball Tonight is on of the best shows on the network. good highlights and analysis.

NBA 2night PLEASE GET rid of Fred Carter. Uh-huh..uh-huh big fella. take out the funk and be a legitimate.

all the football studio shows, except NFL Edge, suck. . Too much jibba jabba.
drink you school
2003-07-20 03:25:31 PM  
"Stuart Scott is just the result of guys trying to be bigger than the show"

Wrong. Stuart Scott is the result of the ESPN brass deciding they wanted to "jazz" the show up a notch so they could start drawing the "urban" demographic. And as controversial as that might look typed out in a FARK forum, it's actually just good business sense.

BTW: I loathe Stuart Scott and his lame booyah-ass. Stick to sports Scott. A comedian you ain't.
2003-07-20 03:28:29 PM  
I'll bet this guy doesn't even know what ESPN stands for. "It's like `sports' in Spanish, right?"

Actually, it's the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.
2003-07-20 03:36:59 PM  
Burrito_bob: Monkey-male asshats is a weird hobby.

ROFL. Please stop making fun of monkey-male asshat collectors!

On the other point, hey I like ESPN because it's funny. spongyfungy, you yourself mentioned PTI cracks you up all the time. Yes it's because that show is hilarious. Good cop, bad cop? Miss Cleo? Role play with heads on sticks? That shiat is funny and yet people also complain that the rest of ESPN is crap due to its entertainment value?

Look sausage gate wouldn't have been so damn overblown by the media if there were any other damn sports going on right now other than baseball. ESPN has 24 hours to cover with over three channels. And only baseball is being played. Right now is the time when they have to fill SportsCenter with stupid stories in order to fill their hour. This same kind of shiat happens every year so what's the big deal?
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