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(Miami Herald)   The phenomenon "Rent-A-Dread" is sweeping the beaches of Jamaica   ( divider line
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9621 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Jul 2003 at 2:23 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-20 08:08:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-20 10:40:59 AM  
You want to smoke?

Your lips look so soft.

Just practicing.
2003-07-20 11:06:25 AM  
I read something once about early-teen boys from Jamaica being shipped off to upper class Asian women. It's different from this of course since these males are usually of age(?) but Jamaican guys are apparently high in demand..
2003-07-20 02:36:17 PM  
Whatever...sounds good to me...keep it up.
2003-07-20 02:44:14 PM  
I was in Jamaica once. I saw Elvis! He was shorter, older & Jamaican, but I'm sure it was him!
2003-07-20 02:45:12 PM  
Jamaica must be a pretty crappy place to live for a man to stick his wiggle pole into a overweight fourty year old housewife you know what I'm saying?
2003-07-20 02:49:55 PM  
You mean I get paid to have sex with women? Im gonna kill my guidance councilor.

Forgot what movie this line is from, but I think it may apply in this case.
2003-07-20 02:50:30 PM  
The whole reason we have Jamaica is so our fat ugly women can go somewhere else to get laid and leave us alone.
2003-07-20 02:54:51 PM  
I've been to Jamaica before. It sucks. Hard. That's all there is to it.
2003-07-20 03:02:58 PM  
I am so there!
2003-07-20 03:04:58 PM  
'Twas ever thus in Negril. I'm a guy, but within five minutes of stepping into the sea there for the first time I was hailed by a dreadlocked dude on the beach. I was travelling alone and he acted as my tour guide for the week, took me to Reggae Sunsplash and eventually cashed one of my travellers cheques to bail me out of jail ("possesion de ganja, mon, we fine you 10 J...") when he could have taken off with all the cash and no worries. And if I'd listened to him in the first place I never would have been busted (3 o'clock road block...)

Ah, Jamaica.

Terrence, I remember him fondly and was happy to pay his bills for a week. Wonder how he's doin' with the ladies these days. :)
2003-07-20 03:08:58 PM  
I was born a poor black child.
2003-07-20 03:26:07 PM  
Ah, the double standard. Because it's perfectly acceptable for balding, middle-aged, overweight men to go to foreign countries where nubile young women in search of a green card fall all over them, but it's "weird" when women do the same thing.
2003-07-20 03:32:27 PM  
crap. i thought you'd be able to rent dreadlock wigs in various hair colours judging from the tagline. oh well....
2003-07-20 03:52:40 PM  
What paht o' Jamaica are ya from?

Right neer da beech...boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

/got nut'ing an' lovin' it mon, ireeee
2003-07-20 03:59:12 PM  
Zoobtro, ROFLOL!
2003-07-20 04:09:23 PM  
Pope, thats just mean.
2003-07-20 04:17:50 PM  
hell no, that's not alright at all either.
2003-07-20 04:28:41 PM  
-I be from Jamaica man
-What part?
-Right near the beach.
2003-07-20 04:45:17 PM  
Negril is the best place I've ever been on vacation. Friendly people, cheap beer, cheap reefer, nude beaches. What more could a man ask for?
2003-07-20 05:54:13 PM  
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. These boys are nothing but the dregs of society, and yet foreigners look on them as gold. Maybe this is another instance of the 'garage sale mentality', when the unwashed grub through each other's soiled belongings looking for a bargain. One man's trash is another man's treasure...
2003-07-20 06:51:06 PM  
"And what's a pretty girl like you doing here on the beach all alone?"
*whoosh - throws d*ck over shoulder*

"And then your woman comes back all smilin and humming Bob Marley..."

/eddie murphy
2003-07-20 07:08:41 PM  
I worked on Carnival Cruise Ships that frequented Jamaica every week. It sucks ass. Many crew members decided to stay on board rather than venture into that shiatty hell hole for some rest away from work. Yes, it is run down and poor, and full of really annoying people pushing weed and trying to get a dollar for sod all. Beautiful island ravaged by poverty, with all money going into the major hotels owned by those beautiful US corporations that need the money more than the hundreds of poor throughout the streets.
We were docked in Montego Bay on Xmas Day, and I stayed on the ship all day rather than go into Jamaica as it blew.
As all above have said before me, the women who do go with these guys are fat old hags who've always fantasised about a bit of Barry White like meat. The 20 somethings in Jamaica will touch them because they can get money, and as the young men back in the home of the old wenches would rather touch a 20,000 volt fence with their schlong than those badly packed kebabs of the desperate.
2003-07-20 09:14:25 PM  
People that don't like Jamaica are usually people that don't enjoy weed. And I've always wondered why the hell you would go there if you didn't like to smoke up. Go to Maine or something. Sheesh. I've been three times. Three glorious, drunken, ganja-filled times.
2003-07-20 11:11:34 PM  
Remember Stella, and how she ``got her groove back?''

No, and I was hoping that I would never have to remember it ever again. Thanks a lot, assholes. Actually, I never saw it, but I just don't really want to remember the commercials.
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